26/06/2017 London News


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I'm Victoria Hollins. so it's goodbye from me -


The former music mogul Jonathan King has appeared in court charged


with 18 sexual offences relating to nine boys aged 14 to 16.


The 72-year-old DJ is accused of carrying out the offences


Our Correspondent Lisa Hampele was at the hearing in


Mr King appeared here under the name Kenneth King, he stood in the dock


to confirm his name and his age of 72 and confirmed he lived in


Bayswater. He is accused of 18 sexual offences, three counts of


serious sexual assault, the others of sexual assault, accused of


carrying them out between 1970 and 1986 at Walton on Thames and he


nodded and smiled as he was bailed to appear before Southwark Crown


Court underlie the 24th. Afterwards he posed for photographers, smiling


and making the thumbs up sign. -- on July the 24th.


Scotland Yard says six of its officers were injured last


night during a protest in east London about the death of a man last


week, six days after he'd been stopped by police.


Bricks were thrown - and bins set on fire -


The Independent Police Complaints Commission has said


a post mortem examination on Edir Frederico Da Costa showed


that, contrary to some claims, he had no spinal injuries


Yousaf Saed, a receptionist at a local hotel,


Though was there for two hours and the police came around nine, half


past nine, they came over here and they took them from here, they were


burning a car, burning the bins at the back, burning bins over there,


averaging the walls over here, throwing bricks everywhere.


Fourteen tower blocks across London have now failed fire safety tests


following the Grenfell Tower fire, and that number


Tests on tower block cladding across the capital continues today.


The department for communities and local government says safety


measures are being taken for each individual building.


It says evacuations won't be carried out in every case.


Two cousins have been left with life changing injuries-


after acid was thrown on them through their car


Resham Khan had been celebrating her twenty first


birthday with her cousin Jameel Muhktar when they were


Sonja Jessup is here and can tell us more -


No, we don't, all we know is they were both in the car waiting at


traffic lights around 9am, a man came up to them and threw some is a


corrosive substance through the window, went round to the other side


band through some more, they tried to drive off, crashed into a fence,


the man ran off. Resch has been talking about what happened to her


on Twitter, posting pictures of her injuries, I think we should warn


viewers they may find these upsetting, she said the pain was


excruciating, I was struggling to close the window, my cousin


struggled to get us away, is my clothes burn away in front of me.


She described trying to flag other drivers to help, we understood it


took around 45 minutes for someone to stop and take them to hospital.


Howard they both? They have been left with life changing injuries,


severe injuries to their face and body, Jamil has been and had been


placed in an induced coma, he is now out of that, ration, I think we have


a picture of her before has sound two skin grafts. A fundraising page


has been set up to support them, the friend who created it says Russian


who was celebrating her 21st birthday had been due to start a new


job, she says she is devastated, and wonders if her life will ever be the


same. So far, no one has been arrested. -- Resham.


The body of a man has been found in a park in south-east London,


Lewisham Park has been cordoned off to allow detectives to investigate


the scene, the death has been described as unexplained, no arrests


have yet been made. One of the country's US terror ambulances


begins a week long tour. The Wessex and Hertfordshire ambulance has


bought the helicopter, the first it owned outright in its 20 year


history, costing ?6 million. We are going to be showing the aircraft to


the good people of ethics, showing them what they are fundraising for,


importantly it's not impacting the clinical function, normal services


being provided by the current two aircraft, landings all over Essex


and Hertfordshire, it would be great to see people supporting us.


Now to Somerset house and something that will appeal


Scented installations are showcasing the perfume


Of course, it's going to be difficult to convey the essence


of this exhibition - smell-ovision hasn't


But we've sent Wendy Hurrell to try...


Challenge accepted. Easy at first because you probably know these


ones. The rest of the exhibition is ten mysterious modern perfumes and


it's left to you to describe what they smell of. I think maybe like my


dad after he's been working on the allotment. With the herbs. Roadworks


and stuff like that. Yes, individual knows will come up with wildly


different interpretations. Could be close, I'm not really sure. It's


luxury. Making me think of orchards, something soapy as well. Soapy


orchards? Indeed. Once you've had a good sniff you can write down your


thoughts on one of these cards and compare them to do. Real beach


fragrance repealed later. Picking out the particular note is harder


than you might imagine. I don't think I've got the nose that you are


supposed to have. Some throw you off the scent completely. Kids toys, it


actually smells like plastic toys. My grannies house. Well actually


this sent by a bad boy on the perfumery block... Notes on a mill


Julie, dirty, like the scent of pyrotechnics in the air from like,


fog machines, there is a bit of a smokiness to it. An unconventional


concoction but connoisseurs are impressed by his creations, not to


mention his attire. You've totally out blink me. That's always the


goal. I like to out blink everyone. At the end of the exhibition is a


place where you can find out her perfume is made, the individual


ingredients that go into it and the ladies in lab coats are perfumers


and they explain how you'd make a cent out of these ingredients.


Perfume is personal, not everything will be to your liking. But you can


have a sniff at Somerset house until mid-September. Still wondering about


the roadworks. Now the weather with


Georgina Burnett. Best to make the most of any


sunshine throughout them -- throughout the afternoon, it will be


different for the next few days. This was captured by one of our


weather Watchers, beautiful picture of flowers basking in the sunshine,


we'll see more of that this afternoon, the sunshine baby hazy at


times, light breeze, temperatures reaching the mid-20s. Heading


through this evening we see cloud all doing through the night, feeling


quite humid as well, mostly dry but come the early hours, some showers


coming through. Temperatures rise getting down to 14 or 15 degrees,


tomorrow the temperatures down but probably feeling pretty muggy all


the same, quite a lot of cloud around, brightness confined to first


thing. Some showers and prolonged outbreaks of rain, quite heavy at


times, perhaps even thundery, temperatures subdued, were likely to


see the teams, we may scrape 20 tomorrow. Wednesday deeply have a


fair bit of wet weather in the morning, looking like it will dry up


later in the day, some showers around on Thursday, northerly wind


picking up towards the end of the day, staying with us for Friday. It


should be drier and brighter on Friday, a handful of showers around,


feeling pretty chilly with that win. Slightly better on Saturday, back to


wet and windy weather on Sunday. Riz Lateef will be here


with our 6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon.


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