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Wel head come to BBC London News. regulations.


An investigation into a computer failure in the London Ambulance


Service control room on New Year's Eve has blamed it


On the busiest night of the year calls took up to 25 minutes to be


Calls had to be recorded by pen and paper for nearly five hours.


One person died after waiting 48 minutes for an ambulance.


Here's our Political Correspondent Karl Mercer.


Thousands on the streets and the ambulance service preparing


But half an hour after this, its computer system crashed,


leaving staff to resort to pen and paper to despatch ambulances.


A whistleblower told BBC London in February what the problems meant.


the people of London were failed on New Year's Eve.


They were watching their loved ones and their friends


Not knowing if or when help would arrive.


Do think there was a chance people might have died as a result of this


computer failure? Without a doubt. Today's report confirms one person


did die after waiting 48 minutes for an ambulance


despite being conscious and breathing when the ambulance


was first called. Undoubtedly patients would have


waited longer for an ambulance on New Year's Eve than the otherwise


would have because the systems are naturally slower manually. For that,


we do apologise. Between 3 and 4 in the morning


it was taking 25 minutes Some less serious cases had to wait


seven hours for an ambulance. And nearly 500 calls were dealt


with by other services. Today's report blames management


and technology failings. Essentially the problem


was that the computer's had clogged with information that should


have been deleted. There were seven cases with


technical systems and problems were raised before the incident, why on


earth were not dealt with? As I've said previously, we accept the


findings of the report that there were failings in terms of our


governance and our process management. We have put in place


measures to fix that, to improve that. You are confident it won't


happen again? I'm very confident this particular failure won't happen


again because we found a fault and we have eliminated the ability for


it to happen again. Despite the problems frontline staff


were praised for their efforts The Mayor of London has announced


new plans which he says will reduce He's putting an extra half a million


pounds into projects which deal with gangs,


increasing checks for weapons in schools and backing


the Met Police to use more stop On Monday, three men were stabbed


to death in separate The Mayor's been talking to our Home


Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake We have published today


a comprehensive plan, to coin a phrase, a plan


that is tough on knife crime, That means we're going to get rid


of dangerous people and dangerous We've got now, a specialist


team of 18 officers, who will target areas of high knife


crime, who are going to take action against those selling illegal knives


or those who are selling to underage We're also going to make sure


if a school wants a metal detector for a school,


they can have one. We are going to make sure that


young people know, look, if you carry a knife,


you're more likely to be a victim We are going to support young


people across London. All of us, not just the police,


all of us working together to stop young people been the victims


of knife crime. He's held the world record


for travelling to all Underground stations


in the fastest time possible. Now Londoner Geoff Marshall along


with his partner Vicki Pipe They're spending their summer


visiting every single It will take them 14 weeks to travel


to all 2,563 of them. And it's the perfect combination


of railways and romance, as David Sillito has


been finding out. We are travelling to all 2,563


railway stations in Great Britain. It's the cutest train


I've ever seen. Geoff and Vicki in Stourbridge


on a class 139 Parry people mover. So we both have an interest


in railways, coming from very How are you enjoying Skegness


and the weather so far? I can't really blame


Skegness for the weather. Shippey Hill is Britain's


least used station. 12 people used Shippey


request stop last year. Geoff and Vicki managed


to gather 19 for their visit. We've got Victoria sponge cake,


which is amazing and some tea. And, as you can see, they've already


required acquired some fans. Should be talk about


the Peterborough incident? We can talk about the


Peterborough incident. I lost track of time


inside the cathedral. Every day I edge towards


that line of doubt. As Ernest Hemingway once famously


said, "Do not travel A mother has given her baby the name


Bobby after he was born outside Rebecca Fox was on her way home


from hospital last Thursday She pulled up at the police station


and called for help. PC Holly Foran was on hand to help


deliver the newborn. We've enjoyed some very warm


sunny weather recently. We have seen a lot more cloud around


as you can see here. We've barely seen any brightness


this morning and we have seen some rain as well and that rain


is going to continue to arrive as we head


through the afternoon in the form These showers becoming more


prolonged so turning very wet. Lots of rain arriving


through the course of the afternoon and into the evening


so it is going to It could cause some surface spray


on larger roads and a standing water And maximum temperatures,


18-20, maybe a bit higher. The Met Office has issued a yellow


weather warning for heavy rain. The latter stages of the afternoon


into the rush-hour and overnight, We could hear a rumble or two


of thunder, a flash or two A damp start first thing tomorrow


morning but gradually that rain will start to break up and start


to move away so we will get some drier spells through the course


of the day and the maximum It is going to stay fairly unsettled


through much of this week. Heavy showers expected


through Thursday. We could get a rumble


of thunder mixed in there Temperatures stay quite


humid though as we head Katharine Carpenter will be here


with our 6.30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. MUSIC: Fight For Your Right


by Beastie Boys I want to, like, hang out with


you guys. You put on a show. MUSIC: Let's Get This Party Started


by Pink Across the country,


11 million people


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