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to get the truth as as possible. It's goodbye from me


The London Ambulance Service has made significant progress


according to a new report by the health watchdog.


Crews have also been praised for their care and compassion


during the Grenfell fire and recent terror attacks.


It's the country's biggest ambulance service and its busiest.


It was also the first to be put into special measures.


This is what it does on a daily basis.


Fabiana, a diabetic, on her first day at work had collapsed.


You haven't eaten at all and it is still that high, is that because you


have been throwing up so much? After being seen to by paramedic


David, she was off to hospital. This though is what the service has


also had to do in the past month. Dealing with the terror attack


at Borough Market and also they were sent into Borough Market


as armed police hunted That is in our job title, the


hazardous job team, to bring care to the patients who needed most, who


possibly for whatever reason cannot get out of the situation.


Unfortunately the ones I saw sadly died but I know the other people in


the team were faced with people with quite tragic injuries and severe


injuries. Today's report from the Care Quality


Commission praises what it calls the outstanding work of front line


staff, but it has kept the service Everybody wants to work in an


organisation that is recognised for doing really well, and to be told


you are outstanding is excellent but it is a journey of everybody working


together, continually improving what we do. We are seeing very definite


signs of improvement in London Ambulance Service, contrast from


2015 is marked. It is hoped the service will be out of special


measures at the end of the year. A boost for staff, who have been


tested as never before Incredibly proud, and to be one of


the team makes me incredibly proud. Police urgently want to speak


to a man in connection with a double A warning viewers may find some


of these pictures disturbing. Police say 24-year-old


John Tomlin should not be Resham Khan and her cousin have been


left with life-changing injuries after the attack in Tollgate Road


in east London. A murder investigation has been


launched following the death Police were called to a party


at a warehouse in Coronation Road with stab wounds who


later died in hospital. A pilot who was temporarily


blinded by a laser is warning that there will be


a tragedy if something It comes as police say there's been


a worrying rise in the number of incidents targeting flights


at Gatwick Airport. A warning - there are flashing


images in her report. They can dazzle and distract at the


most crucial moments, and last year there were more than three laser


attacks a day on aircraft across the UK. Just a few months ago a police


helicopter was targeted over Crawley, despite the threat to


safety people asked all shining laser pens at pilot. If this goes


on, one day there will be on aircraft accident, it's bound to be.


The lasers are getting stronger, the effects are getting worse and if you


have two pilots who cannot see where they are going there is a real


problem. Heathrow remains one of the worst hit airports for attacks on


the number at Gatwick Airport is increasing. In 2015 there were 30 --


39 incidents, last year that number increased to 55 but this year Sussex


Police has recorded another 27 cases. The British airline pilots


Association wants offenders to face a prison sentence of up to five


years, a proposal that was abandoned because of the general election but


there is hope it could reach the Commons before the summary says.


Ultimately an aircraft would crash and that would mean fatalities on


board and on the ground as well. It is important we look at updating


laws with regard to laser pen laws with regard to laser pen


matter MPs from across the house matter MPs from across the house


would agree on. At the moment it is a criminal offence to shine a laser


at an aircraft and you can be fined up to ?2500. But for some, this


isn't a strong enough deterrent. It's the first new opera house to be


built in the UK this century. Grange Park Opera is hidden


away in an orchard of Incredibly, it took just 11 months


to create partly thanks Sonja Jessup has been


talking to the woman On March the 21st, 2015, somebody


sent me a tweet from the Telegraph, saying Bamber Gascoigne had


inherited unexpectedly who was a Duchess, a beautiful


15th century house, 350 acres and he didn't know


what to do with it. I thought, I know


what to do with it! And I kind of looked it up, I tried


Google mapping it, but because nobody had been here


it was very difficult to figure out where it


was and eventually, when I saw a picture


of it, I thought, this is absolutely perfect, so within about a month of


reading about it, my trustees and I went to see Bamber and


Christina and explained to them what we could


do here, that we would build the Opera


house and ideally we'd get it ready for the 2017 season, therefore


we had to move super quickly. Martin Smith has actually built this


extraordinary structure, five Did some people think


you were slightly I think when I said it


would be ready, there was a period when I had to


have a contingency, in case it But he always said that seven months


before the festival he would tell me whether


it was possible. It became clear he was building


at such a pace it was going Right to the very end,


when we were doing tours and people saw it wasn't finished,


people were saying, I said no, no, this will be ready,


I can see it's finished. So a lot of the decorative


stuff was done very, very We were screwing seats


in on the last day. The audience arrived,


700 people arrived, for the magnificent opening,


and I literally was wearing what I'm wearing now,


because I'd been moving fire Now the weather with


Elizabeth Rizzini. That afternoon. It is very grey and


overcast today, the cloud is big and low for many of us but we have had


to see that through the afternoon to see that through the afternoon


and the vast majority should stay dry too. We haven't got the worst


weather in the country but we are weather in the country


underneath all of this cloud. If we underneath all of this cloud. If we


get any breaks in the cloud and the sunshine comes out, the temperature


will rise and this could spark off some isolated showers. Most will


stay dry, the winds are right, it feels muggy but temperatures are not


too high at 20 Celsius. Overnight it should stay dry or mostly dry with


clear spells here and there. We start of the day on a mild note at


around 14 Celsius for most places. Tomorrow looks like a better day in


terms of sunshine, there will be more of it, the cloud will break


into the afternoon but the higher temperatures again could spark off


some afternoon showers and some of them threatened to be heavy. There


will be rain as we head into Friday evening. Temperatures will be higher


through the afternoon, 21-23 Celsius. If you are heading out on


Friday night, be warned there will be some heavy rain around and that


could stick around into the early part of Saturday, but over the


weekend we should see some sunny spells and temperatures will be in


the low 20s. Riz Lateef will be here


with our 6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon.


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