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That's all from the BBC News at One, so it's goodbye from me.


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


BBC London has learnt that parts of the flagship Crossrail


Five station upgrades in the west of the capital won't now be


Our transport correspondent, Tom Edwards, has this exclusive report.


Welcome to west Ealing cross-rail station. It's meant to have a new


footbridge, new lifts and new public legal am. It's meant to be finished


by the end of next month. This is what has been built so far, this


station has been delayed. Four other stations Acton, Ealing Broadway,


Southall and Hayes and harring ton will be put back as well. Most were


meant to be finished by the end of the year. We're expecting to have,


by next month, a new station, with all associated works around it.


Residents say they're bitterly disappointed and have been told very


little by the developers, Network Rail. They've been hiding and citing


minor delays and not answering our questions. Doesn't look like minor


delays. No. I mean, this is supposed to open next movement that's clearly


not going to happen. There'll be a huge knock-on effect. In the way the


project was meant to run is that the work local to the station would be


completed before we got the massive increase in passengers. Now they're


going to be trying to build a new station, new roads, redirect traffic


at the peak of demand from new passengers. It's going to be crazy.


85% of cross-rail, the largest engineering project in Europe, has


been completed, including stations like Canary Wharf. New trains will


start using this section in west London next summer. But the stations


won't be ready. The local council says these delays will put back


their work time prove the area. Real frustration. Some degree of anger.


We were told that we would actually get Ealing Broadway delivered early,


in the initial planning stages. Now we're looking to have a considerable


delay and that is going to have real impacts in terms of health and


safety issues in the - from May 2018, trains will be running but the


new station buildings won't be there. Cross-rail says all the


stations will be finished by the time its full service opens in 2019.


Not everyone, though, believes that. Cross-rail's much repeated mantra,


being on time and on budget, no longary plies here.


-- no longer applies here. A damning report of Feltham Prison


and Young Offenders Institution has discovered unpredictable


and reckless violence, with one prison officer actually


being attacked while the inspection The Middlesex jail has


been found to be unsafe Ayshea Buksh has been looking


through the details. Well, this report was carried out by


Her Majesty's Inspectorate, which is an independent scrutiny of the


prison system. Feltham has boys between 15 and 18 and also young men


aged between 18 and 21. The report said that safety and inactivity has


sunk to its lowest level. They do point out there is good work being


done by staff, but in very challenging environments. What seems


to be happening is there's more violence between inmates and towards


staff so what's happening is they're getting locked up for longer,


creating more frustration and hindering attempts at


rehabilitation. Unfortunately, in terms of trying to manage this


really disruptive and violent behaviour has put itself into a


negative cycle which is punitive and just involves more and more


restrictions on the ability of the boys to move around, to get into the


fresh air at all, to get exercise and most importantly, to get to


school. Less than half of the boys in Feltham are getting to school.


You've been speaking to campaigners, what's been the reaction from them?


The Howard league for penal reform say this isn't the first time


they've seen such problems at Feltham. They're dealing with legal


challenges by a number of boys at the moment, one of which was in


solitary confinement for many hours. The National Offender Management


Service say they are determined to improve safety and purposeful


regimes and there will be a new youth custody service. Thank you.


A charity - concerned about the long-term impact


of the Grenfell Tower fire on the local community -


is offering free counselling to those who need it.


Yesterday it was a local teacher who sought their help,


I've got a child who asked me, you know,


that he lost his friend, so he


is not seeing him any more, you know, in the class.


The painful realities of life after Grenfell Tower.


Mohammed Taranweh teaches children Islamic studies.


He is now learning how to school them in grief.


Ask them, describe them, ask them what are you going through?


What exactly is it that is troubling you?


We must bring their fears onto the table.


Bring everything out as much as possible.


Even if they cry, let them cry as well.


Dr Shamandar Talwar is a psychologist providing the answers


He's put together what he is calling a task force of councillors to


For Mohammed, with pupils in his class who have lost best


friends, that support helps answer their difficult questions.


What is their understanding of it, how do


they interpret it when they talk to you?


All of the children were saying, you know, was it because of


the fridge, that all these people got killed?


You know, that is why, they get kind of terrified even by


just the concept of the fridge at home.


For those directly affected, when I see and hear their stories.


social worker to help and said that educational psychologists are


providing support but Dr Talwar still astonished at the


It is strange because you know, one would expect in London,


2017, things would be put in place but that is the reason we are


God forbid we have another crisis like


this but at least we will be ready to have a task force, a group of


people, a group of psychologists that will go in and support people


Now, though, that crisis is Grenfell and


A 15-year-old boy has been found guilty of murdering


the teenager Quamari Barnes - who was stabbed to death outside his


Quamari - who was also 15- was attacked outside


the Capital City Academy in Willesden in January.


The court heard his killer can't be named because of his age.


New figures suggest the rise in rough sleepers in London has more or


less stopped for the first time since 2009. Records show more than


8,000 people were seen sleeping rough on the streets last year.


That's just 12 more than the previous year.


The world's oldest emergency phone service was launched


The first 999 calls were made here in the capital, and it wasn't


until after the Second World War that the system was rolled out


Time for a look at the weather now - here's Elizabeth Rizzini.


We started off today with some sunshine but since then it has


Still some bright spells, some spells of sunshine I think


In those, it will feel pleasantly warm but there will also be


a few showers around, too, mostly towards southern


Home Counties, parts of Kent and Surrey, maybe even Essex.


Heavy downpours to be expected, slow-moving and possibly quite a lot


of rain within a short space of time.


But for the rest of us, it is going to stay dry.


The showers will fade away through the afternoon.


Top temperatures of 22 or 23 degrees.


If you are going out this evening, it should


be dry for most of us, I think.


And then through the early hours, we've got some outbreaks of rain


Most of this rain will be quite light and patchy and won't amount


It could still be around for early risers tomorrow morning


but a mild start to the day, 14 or 15 degrees.


Quite a cloudy morning really tomorrow but we will see the cloud


thin and break and we will get sunshine coming through.


It will feel a touch warmer tomorrow and a touch breezy,


but with highs of 23 or 24 Celsius, it will feel quite


Sunday not quite so good, some showers around through the morning.


They will clear to give us some sunny spells by the time


Wimbledon fortnight starts next week.


Possibly a few showers at times but also a lot of dry weather.


Well, that's it from us on the lunchtime team.


Louisa Preston will be back with more at 6.30pm.


There's plenty more news, travel and weather on our website


at bbc.co.uk/london and on BBC Radio London.


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