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injuries. I knew she was gone. That is all from


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


The capital's night tube service is to be extended to part


of the London Overground, with trains running


From December, there'll be a 24 hour service on Fridays and Saturdays


between Dalston Junction and New Cross Gate - via Hoxton,


Here's our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards.


Shoreditch, one of the areas that will benefit from 24-hour train


One of the things that's kind of grown the south-east and east,


has been the arts community and stuff like that,


and anything that helps that grow is just a good thing.


From December, on Fridays and Saturday nights,


there will be four trains an hour right through the night


The service will extend to Highbury next year.


We have been experiencing traffic jams in the middle of the night.


There is huge traffic congestion in the evenings


It's very important that where possible we do shift people


from car traffic into cleaner public transport services.


I think if you look around the world, many world cities


London, too, has its own night tube service now of course.


They are very important for the night-time economy,


for people who live in London and people who work in London.


According to the mayor, the night tube has already boosted


Now there are also calls for licensing restrictions to be eased.


We still have a climate where we don't have


In some areas people are nervous about granting licences to bars


Rashid has had a stall here for two years.


He thinks better transport will benefit the area.


It makes it more attractive and busier, for sure.


And this will not be the last service to run through the night.


Transport for London says it's already looking to introduce


More than 160 people who witnessed last month's terror attack


on London Bridge and Borough Market, have turned to a support


Eight people died, and dozens of others were injured,


when three men drove a van into pedestrians and then


Mark Castle is the Chief Executive of Victim Support and joins me now.


More than 160 people turning to you for help.


Some people might be quite surprised at how high that number is.


I know it sounds like a large number, but looking at it in the


context of Borough Market, London Bridge, in and around the area that


evening, we believe there will be far more people who might have been


affected in some way by those tragic events, either they witnessed


something or they know somebody involved. Maybe they feel guilt


because they didn't do something they feel they should have done at


the time, so we are trying to encourage them to contact us now.


What sort of support can you offer? We will be able to provide them


either with psychological trauma support, our staff are trained in


that. Give them a sense that what they are experiencing is maybe


normal behaviour. We can also sign post them to specialist support


services. We can also help them understand what support services are


available to them and help them navigate through the system. And


maybe more practical things, if that is what is required. What we will


say this, don't suffer in silence, don't keep it to yourself. Sharing


it really does make a big difference. This sort of early


intervention can help. Do you find people are sometimes reluctant to


seek support if they know others have died or been injured, they


might feel they are not the real victims. But we know how seriously


they can be effected. We know from experience of supporting people from


Tunisia and the Bataclan, it can take time for people to think, I


need to talk to somebody. They might experience sleeplessness,


hypervigilance, flashbacks. We want to tell them that's normal, and we


can also give them a sense through our support if they are going to


require anything that is more in depth. Thank you for joining us.


A woman's died following a fire at a maisonette in east London.


Eyewitnesses reported she had been trying to escape by jumping


from a window at the home in Mile End early this morning.


Three other people were taken to hospital, and around 50


The British Airline Pilots' Association has called


for the compulsory registration of drone users


after the runway at Gatwick Airport had to be closed yesterday evening.


Four EasyJet flights and one BA service were diverted


Now, coffee is one of the world's favourite drinks-


but scientists are warning that- because of climate change-


we could be paying more in future- and it may not taste so good.


So could researchers at Kew Gardens help find a solution?


55 million cups of it are drunk every day in the UK,


but could coffee be under threat because of climate change?


Ethiopian is the birthplace of coffee, but farmers have noticed


If temperatures continue to rise, the amount of coffee produce


But there might be a solution, and it's come from London.


Researchers at Kew Gardens have been mapping the conditions


When they combine that with predictions about climate


change they can find the best places to plant it.


Our studies show if we don't do something about it,


Actually, the potential for the environment


in Ethiopia is almost fourfold for what it presently is.


They could, with enough investment, make four times more


The herbarium at Kew Gardens has over 7 million plant specimens.


This was one of the projects that got us started


Kew have been researching coffee for decades.


Coffee is an immensely important global commodity.


But I think more than that, worldwide, 100 million people


gain their livelihoods from growing coffee - just in the


In a country like Ethiopia it's probably 12 to 15 million people


With so many people relying on it, perhaps this research could be one


less thing keeping the coffee industry awake at night.


Now it's time for the weather- and we can join Wendy Hurrell


Looking rather nice with lots of short sleeves and people enjoying


their picnic. I'm here among the beautiful purple


and green flowers with Henman Hill, or Murray Mount behind me. Also one


or two dark looking clouds, but we haven't had to worry about them too


much. For the rest of this afternoon, it looks like it will be


largely dry across London and the Home Counties. Quite a lot of


moisture in the atmosphere, so it could be one or two showers set off


north of London across Hertfordshire and Essex, but mostly dry today with


sunny spells and feeling increasingly warm and humid in those


sunny spells with temperatures reaching 25 degrees in some parts of


London today. Into the evening and overnight, a mixture of cloud and


clear sky breaking through from time to time. Much less breeze than over


the weekend, temperatures settling at 14 or 15 later in the night. It


will be a bit muggy later in the night. Tomorrow we start with a fair


amount of cloud again but it will break through the afternoon for


sunny spells coming through. Again, not much of a breeze, and


increasingly humid with temperatures reaching 25 or 26 throughout


tomorrow afternoon. That trend for rising temperatures continues into


the middle part of the week so by Wednesday with a fine day of


sunshine we could hit 28 degrees, perhaps even above that. Then there


is the risk we could see heavy showers. That's for the outlook


though, because on Thursday it looks like it could go pot with heavy


showers and I think the Centre Court roof will be on. It looks like it


will freshen up towards the weekend. It's glorious to be back at


Wimbledon. Join us later for the evening


programme at 6:30pm. Have a lovely afternoon and goodbye.


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