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of Japan and the North Korean leader watched as it was launched.


That's all from the BBC News at One so it's goodbye from me


A manhunt's under way for a dangerous prisoner


just a few months into a nine-year sentence for stabbing


25-year-old Ralston Dodd knifed his victim three times


Our home affairs correspondent, Nick Beake, is here.


This is an embarrassing blunder by the courts because Ralston Dodd was


on the run for nearly a month after the attack last year. Eventually, he


was caught and Blackfriars Crown Court in November, he was sentenced


to nine years in prison. The Met Police have described it as an


appalling act of violence, the victim nearly died. However, the


court apparently recorded the judge's sentence as being nine


months, rather than nine years. In line with the way the system works,


after serving half of the nine-month sentence, he was apparently


released. Now Ralston Dodd was being held at HMP Thamesside in the


borough of Greenwich. The Ministry of Justice which runs the courts and


prisons says it is urgently investigating. In a statement, it


said releases in error are extremely rare but we take any case very


seriously, we are urgently investigating so we learn the


lessons to prevent it happening again, and they went on to say,


public protection is our priority. You mentioned the investigation,


what happens now? The police try to find him again? Absolutely. A


warrant for his arrest has again been issued. The Met say they


want any information to find him. His picture is there, 5'9" tall,


medium build, brown eyes. It is not known what he was wearing when he


was released. If you look at the way it works, the timeline, he has


probably been out for at least ten days. The Met are saying if people


spot him, they should call 909. Do not approach him, he is a violent


man. The Sun reports the victim has spotted him since he has been out,


imagine, the victim is not at all imagine, the victim is not


one man hunt they should not be pleased with this. The Met


having to carry out and it is down having to carry out and it is


to this blunder at court. Thanks to this blunder at court. Thanks


very much. The family of a murdered schoolboy


say his killer showed no remorse as he was found guilty


of murder last week. Quamari Serunkuma-Barnes was stabbed


in Willesden in January by a 15-year-old with a string


of convictions for If he showed any form of remorse


of what he had done, I would still be feeling that,


do you know what, this boy has been let down somewhere


along the line, terrible, but he didn't show that, no


compassion whatsoever. It would have given us a sense


of relief if he was sorry for what he had done, but it doesn't


seem like he was sorry, so it makes The RSPCA is urging the public


to help find those responsible for dumping a dying dog which had


suffered some of the worst in Hertfordshire, emaciated,


infected and unable to walk. Her nails were so overgrown,


some had curled round three times Vets say it's amazing


she's survived. Rail passengers that use Thameslink


and Great Northern services will now be able to get automatic


compensation for delays It will only apply to those


who use the key smartcard. The system will also be rolled out


onto Southern and Gatwick Express She recruited a million women


to help with the war effort in World War Two,


changing they way they were Now Lady Stella Reading has been


honoured in Westminster for founding Victoria Hollins has been speaking


to the charity's ambassador, And she inspired all these women


to set to and help during the war. And she said that voluntary service


really meant that women would give their skill,


time and energy to a Why is it, do you think, important


to recognise her with a blue plaque, like we have seen today,


with your head Well, it's thrilling to see the blue


plaque up, it's about time. Next year, they celebrate 80 years,


which is quite something. The tradition that really


was inspired by Lady Stella Well, playing at Wimbledon in front


of thousands of people and millions more on TV is probably


nerve-wracking enough, but what about being one


of the ball boys or girls? Each year, around 250


youngsters from London Chris Slegg has been to see them


in training for their big moment. Wimbledon would not be Wimbledon


without the ball boys and four girls. -- ball girls. The training


begins months before the tournament itself. More than 800 apply and


around 250 make it through the Wimbledon. They have been training


for two and a half hours a week since February. The key quality they


need to show is concentration. I found they found it quite difficult


in training. The training is really rigorous, so we make sure they are


focusing purely on what is going on, they are not watching the game,


using their peripheral vision to know when they are supposed to be


fielding. Because the training is so tough, it prepares them. Around


three quarters are newcomers. Some have even had the honour of not just


working on Wimbledon but on the final itself. I was told on the


morning of the final, it was an amazing feeling. I knew my hard work


had paid off. You obviously pretty good at this. Have you ever made a


mistake? I have made a few mistakes, mistake? I have made a few mistakes,


yes. Before I go on court, they are nerves, but I tried to turn it into


inspiring excitement. We get put into teams of six and you really get


to know them and work well together. If the pressure was not already on,


some of them got to meet the Duchess of Cambridge yesterday and


praised them for their praised them for


professionalism. Walking around, it professionalism. Walking


posture and presence on court, some posture and


of them are slouching at the start of them are slouching


of training, quite a proud moment. of training, quite a proud moment.


Time to put all they have learnt into action. What a moment for them!


Someone else is at Wimbledon today. Overlooking Henman hill,


Mount. Whatever we call it these Mount. Whatever we call it these


days! It is looking very nice. A bit of cloud in the sky. We're not


today because is going to be a today because is going to be a


largely dry day here and increasingly sunny. This afternoon


at SW19 and elsewhere across London and the house counties, there will


should get up to 25, maybe 26 should get up to 25, maybe


degrees. Not much of a breeze. This degrees. Not much of a breeze. This


evening and overnight, it will be quite muggy. Bits and pieces of


cloud coming and going. Dry and cloud coming and going. Dry


clear spells. Temperatures at their clear spells. Temperatures at their


lowest, 17, 18. Uncomfortable again lowest, 17, 18. Uncomfortable


for the next few nights. Tomorrow, for the next few


word go and it stays with us starts with more sunshine from the


throughout the afternoon. At throughout the afternoon.


Wimbledon, we could hit 29. Looking forward to Wednesday and


More instability by Thursday and More instability by Thursday and


rising humidity. Increasing risk of showers on Thursday. Weather warning


could be really quite heavy. That could be really quite heavy. That


outlook is for the showers to continue in the early part of


Friday, but most of Friday will be dry once again, perhaps an


with further showers then as well. with further showers then as well.


That is it 'From the heights


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