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More now on the government's decision to send in independent


experts to help run parts of Kensington and Chelsea council.


The Mayor of London says it's the bare minimum but some


on the ground are more positive, saying it should help the council


Our political editor Tim Donovan is at Kensington


So Tim what details do we have so far?


Very few but the housing minister is going to stand up and House of


Commons shortly and flesh this out. What we know, the new leader here


had asked quite pointedly when she was selected earlier this week, for


help from the government and help is now forthcoming. It is help in the


medium-term, help with housing and regeneration in particular, the kind


of people that will come in, local government specialists, they will


not be dealing with other services like schools and adult care, where


the authority here feels it is doing a good job, but this is not good


enough as far as the Mayor of London and others are concerned. He would


like to see a set of commissioners coming in and with a political nose


to it as well he wants that to happen until the local elections


next April. The chief executive of Southwark Council has been one of


the key players in the Grenfell response and she says it is a good


idea. We can't exist in an emergency


situation for a long time. If Kensington and Chelsea need


assistance in respect of being able to run business as usual and dealing


with this disaster, that has landed slap bang


in the heart of their community in North Kensington,


then that is absolutely the right thing to do


and they will need that support. So not a hit squad, but the council


here welcome it because it gives them a chance to restore a


relationship with that community but as well, they have to continue to


provide the normal services to all their other residents. Indeed. Many


thanks. Nearly 40 police station front


counters could close to the public by the end of October,


according to plans being Conservatives on the London Assembly


have accused Sadiq Khan of not being transparent about the plans,


but he says Government We're having to look into closing


down police stations, we're having to look into reducing


the number of front counters. We're even having to look


into cutting the number My priority is keeping London safe,


and trying to keep the number of front line officers,


but I'm afraid it's a consequence of government cuts,


there's no alternative. Almost 100 firefighters spent


the night tackling a major fire It broke out just before midnight


and the fire brigade says part of the ground floor of the building


in Stamford Hill has The cause of the blaze


is being investigated. It was an issue which defined


the 1980s and early 90s - the AIDs pandemic brought with it


fear and stigma. Now a vast collection


of video testimonies about that time is being added


to the London Metropolitan Archives. Sarah Harris has been to meet


some of those involved. Imagine getting into your 40s


and building your career and your circle of friends that


you have dinner parties And then in the space of three


years, 40 of them are just wiped off The experience of one Londoner,


having being diagnosed Danny was another who added his


voice to this unique archive. He was one of the first


in the capital to be "I would advise you to put


your affairs in order, you only have a year to 18


months to live". Which was probably the biggest


bombshell I've ever VOICEOVER: It is a deadly disease


and there is no known cure. It was a time when no one knew


what would happen next. For the producers who gathered these


interviews, the question What we've discovered is just how


much of a struggle life is, long-term medication,


chronic illness, the declining Diagnosed HIV-positive then, here


they are with no job, no pension, they might have been in social


housing, living in isolation, they have lost their lovers,


they have lost their friends, A pretty sorry situation


for these people. NEWS VOICEOVER: The visit


was designed to allay Princess Diana was one of the first


public figures to support HIV charities and to see what so many


in the gay community I made lots of friends in those days


and then saw them die. And die very painful


and traumatic deaths. I think I became overloaded


with grief, if you like. Danny's testimony is part


of the largest collection of video interviews ever compiled


about the HIV pandemic. And will be kept for future


generations in the London An award-winning creative arts


company which works with people with learning disabilities


is celebrating its 30th The charity Heart n Soul helps


people discover their talents and develop skills across the arts


as Alice Bhandhukravi reports. This is the sound of the fish


police, Dean on vocals is autistic and let the rest of the band through


Heart n Soul, the organisation which helps people with learning


difficulties express themselves through the arts. They have given me


so many things. Because I've been talking about a lot of things, like


music and sometimes I talk about movies and video games. Everyone


likes the things I talk about and they are very into it like they want


to be involved. And involvement is what Heart n Soul has been doing now


for 30 years, giving people with learning difficulties are platform


to get into the arts. Therapy it is not. People who are seeing the world


from a slightly different perspective I think are doing some


of the most interesting and ground-breaking work at the moment.


It is all about elevating and raising that talent and getting it


seen in as many different places by as many people as possible. Through


Heart n Soul, Tilly who has Asperger's joined a band and is now


a singer-songwriter and comedian. I was scared to start, but being in


that band in environment and being supported by people, who have been


doing this for years, it made all the difference. People of all


abilities are invited to get involved, whether it's music,


photography or any other creative art.


Now the weather with Kate Kinsella who's at Wimbledon.


What a glorious afternoon for tennis. It certainly is. Very very


warm, we have been playing spot the cloud because there aren't many of


those. It is relentless. It will not change, it will stay very warm and


sunny, temperatures reaching around 29 Celsius later today. At centre


court it was 35 Celsius on the thermometer, and at the moment


outside it is 26, 27, and we are expecting it to be higher by the end


of the afternoon. It will not get much cooler in the evening and


overnight ever read hot and sticky night, quite uncomfortable for


sleeping, minimum temperature 17 or 18, quite on present. Tomorrow there


will be a bit of a breakdown. -- quite on present. There is a meta-


weather morning -- Wetherall warning from the Met and you might get some


of these showers, but hopefully they will clear by the time play starts


at Wimbledon. It is a dry afternoon, lots of sunshine, and tomorrow


potentially 30 Celsius. Over the next couple of days, plenty of heat


but the bit of rain in the morning, the heavy showers, they will clear


out of the way. Still a risk in the afternoon. Friday, temperatures


against 30, maybe 31, warm and hot on Saturday, with sunshine, and then


turning fresh on Sunday. Thanks for joining us.


We will be here with our 630 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


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