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their hosts in Poland. That's all from the BBC News that one. It's


goodbye from me Good afternoon, and welcome to BBC


London News, I'm Sonja Jessup. From today, parents of twins will be


able to get a much clearer idea of whether their babies


are developing properly. It's thanks to pioneering scanning


techniques at St George's Hospital It's hoped it will mean fewer twins


will have to be delivered early We measure the head,


the tummy, and the thigh bone It's good news for this expectant


mum but she had more When we found out it was twins


it was a big shock but then But thanks to a world first,


a scan using specialist twin growth charts, she knows her baby boys


are developing well. It quite reassuring to know


that the babies are growing well and having this data being used,


that everything is going fine. Until now, twins in the womb


were measured against charts meant for single babies,


so doctors were left to their own judgments


to estimate size and growth. And that meant that sometimes


it was hard to work out That's because twins are often


smaller than single babies The new charts will


reduce what is currently There is evidence that, using twins


specific charts in the case And I'm hoping that once we use


these charts that we will see a reduction in the number of early


delivery because of presumed cross problems in the twins,


and admission to the A unit. The new charts are based


on data from 10,000 scans. The research was funded by existing


parents of twins, through the Twins Half of our parents have one or more


babies in neonatal care. And often they ask the question,


is there anything I could have done And in the vast majority


of cases there isn't. But they also ask, is there any


treatment, was there anything that A big weight off some


parents' minds, I imagine? It's going to be a massive


weight off parents' minds. The charts at St George's Hospital


in Tooting are a world first but they will be available


for parents and in hospitals A woman who survived the 7/7 London


bombings says her "heart goes out" to victims of the recent terror


attacks in the capital, and she's calling for better


compensation for those affected. Martine Wright lost both her legs


in the 2005 bombings. She went on to become a Paralympian


and has now written a book She's been speaking to our


reporter Caroline Davis Yeah, it was a normal morning,


in that I was late for work, And then suddenly I just had this


white flash in front of my eyes. On the 7th of July 2005 Martine


was on the same tube as one of four suicide bombers to target


London commuters. But since then Martine has fought


to make what happened to her that You know, people say to me,


would you turn the clock back? Because I'm doing so much now that


I never ever thought possible. She wants her experience


to give hope to others, especially those coping


after the recent attacks Obviously, there are lots of things


the government needs to look at. But I do think, and this


is something I fought for very early on, is the compensation


to the victims and their families. They promised they were


going to look at that. The Ministry for Justice says


victims and their families are supported under the criminal


injuries compensation Martine has written a book


about her journey called Unbroken. I suppose Unbroken as a title,


for me, really had those connotations of, if you have that


belief, and you have that love, A teenager who drowned while working


on the Woolwich crossing is to have one of two new ferries


named after him in his memory. Ben Woollacott - who came


from a family of five generations of Thames watermen -


died in 2011 after being dragged Two men and a 17-year-old boy


have denied murdering a recruitment consultant


who was stabbed to death in Scott Kooey-bitra, who was 22,


was killed in St George's Field Park The three defendants appeared


at the Old Bailey via video link Soho has been the centre of London's


LGBT community since the 70s. But there are fears the area's gay


clubs and bars are dying out. As cafes, restaurants


and offices move in. In the second of three BBC


London films looking at the changing gay scene,


Paul Murphy-Kasp reports. You could be forgiven for thinking


that Soho has been the centre of gay life in London forever,


but that's not strictly true. It wasn't until the late 70s that


more and more venues threw open their doors


to the LGBT community. So how did Soho become London's


premier gay hotspot? Well, during a crackdown on sex


shops and establishments in the 1980s, many of the buildings


round here were left empty. A prime opportunity


for gay businesses to move London's vibrant gay scene spreads


far beyond the surrounds Vauxhall, Dalston and Camden are all


home for London's LGBT community. However, figures released today


by University College London show that over the last 11 years


the number of LGBT bars across With gay venues on the decline,


Peter and Alex are now trying If you went on any given night,


especially at the weekend, Thursday, Friday, Saturday,


go to The Two Brewers Go to The Royal Vauxhall Tavern,


which is also threatened, What about all the other people


who are members of our community? And I think that's what worries me


about the future, what's going to happen to the less


privileged members of the community 50 years after the partial


decriminalisation of homosexuality, no one's in doubt that life


for the LGBT plus community in But as society becomes more


inclusive and venues close, will the gay scene become a thing


of the past? And it's over to Elizabeth Rizzini


who's at Wimbledon. I was worried about the rain, but it


looks glorious. Yes, it is glorious. We have rising temperatures and much


more sunshine to come and for the rest of the afternoon the vast


majority will stay dry and there will be more sunny spells but there


will also be thunderstorms forming. We have a Met Office weather warning


for heavy rain because if you see the thunderstorms, there will be


thunder and lightning and quite a lot of water falling in a short


space of time, and also poor driving conditions, but they will be very


very localised. The rest of the day many of us will stay with sunny


spells, and temperatures are going to be very close to 30 degrees right


across the capital. That leads into the evening and overnight, it will


be very warm and sticky and temperatures in many towns may not


drop below 18 or 19 and that will be very uncomfortable sleeping.


Tomorrow morning, it will be a dry and bright start, we will have the


same sort of day as today but there will be more cloud and we won't have


a risk of thunderstorms. Some sunny spells into the afternoon and


temperatures in the high 20s, 28, 20 nine. All change over the weekend.


It is going to be fine on Saturday, reaching about 30, you can get your


barbecue out, but on Sunday we could start to see a few showers and


slightly cooler air, but no play here at the moment of course on


Sunday. Elizabeth, thanks. Do join Riz Lateef


though at 6.30 tonight. She'll have all the latest


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