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A memorial ceremony is taking place this lunchtime


to honour the victims of the 7/7 London bombings - which took place


52 people died and hundreds of others were injured


when four suicide bombers targeted the capital's transport network.


It remains the single worst terrorist atrocity on British soil.


Let's speak to our reporter Caroline Davies


The service has just finished, you can see behind me the flowers of the


families left for the victims and for the survivors. 52 people died on


the 7th of July in 2005. Of course, as well as the people who were


killed there were hundreds injured. We spoke to one man, Sudesh, who was


just six metres away from one of the bombers. He was able to walk away


that day with cuts to his face and burst eardrums but the effect of 7/7


still lives on with him, 12 years later.


Working in the City, There's no choice but to use


the Tube and every day when it's crowded, when I can't see


everybody, if I don't have a line of sight


of everybody on the Tube,


then I do get quite nervous, especially


with 12 years ago today,


it was very hot just like ... Many of the people that I have


spoken to today, spoke about the importance of attending a ceremony


like this, that the support that they are given, says, that it makes


them feel part of a family. There are not just people from 7/7 here


but also from Tunisia, and from Paris and from the 9/11 attacks


gathering here. The message from the people here is that you are not


The Minister for London has written to the Mayor -


calling for next month's Notting Hill Carnival to be moved


Grag Hands, who's the MP for Chelsea and Fulham,


has questioned whether it would be appropriate to hold Europe's largest


street party in the shadow of the burnt out building.


A man's been describing how he was left fighting for his life


after being bitten by a spider at his home in Hertfordshire.


Paul Jory had to be put in a coma for almost a week


and underwent eight operations to stop the poison spreading.


He thinks the spider was hiding in a bunch of bananas.


He's been speaking to our reporter Sarah Harris.


It was a big spider, probably about that sort of size.


After unpacking a bunch of bananas he bought from his local shop in St


Albans, Paul Jory noticed a large arachnid crawling up his arm


It was, very, very painful, fortunately, only for a few seconds.


It was like an electric shock going through my body.


It was a browny black, not long, long, legs but


The 59-year-old father says he didn't know what kind


of spider it was, but managed to get to casualty


within 20 minutes - he ended up in a forced coma


The medics worked extremely quickly, if it wasn't for them, the NHS and


the nursing staff and the doctors, I can't thank them enough, they saved


I can't thank them enough, they saved


If I handle a spider, the first question,


is normally, why isn't it biting you?


Susie has worked with spiders for more than 20 years and


She says this kind of reaction is extremely


The only time people have a severe reaction and potentially they


can die through anaphylactic shock, so it is the same with


coconuts on the head, and the latest is selfies,


more people die in that way but it doesn't make the headlines.


The minute it is a spider bite or anything like that, it is a


They want to put it on the front page and it's sad.


She is a beautiful spider, she doesn't want


It is really, really sad that these guys have a bad


Paul is recovering at home and still has some paralysis in


He continues to use his local shop for groceries, but bananas


Sarah Harris, BBC London News, St Albans.


Theresa May has said plans for a statue of Margaret Thatcher


outside the Houses of Parliament should not be blocked...


Simply because of fears it might be defaced.


A planning application for a ten-foot statue has been


But there've been a number of objections - fears of vandalism,


as well as concerns that the idea doesn't have the backing


Well, I understand there are a number of issues


raised around the statue but what I am very clear about, is


that there is no suggestion that the threat of


vandalism should stop a statue of Margaret Thatcher


London Pride will bring thousands of people


onto the capital's streets tomorrow- in celebration of


The event started out, back in the seventies,


And some believe it should return to its roots.


With the third and final of our reports this week


on the capital's changing gay scene, here's Paul-Murphy Kasp.


A few hundred people playing games at one of London's early gay


liberation events, not a parade or a rainbow flag in sight. We are here


at Hyde Park, where Britain's first LGBT Pride ended up.


Peter Tatchell said that the peaceful event received a rather


hostile reception in the first days of the events.


There were about 700 of us, people were hostile and the police were


aggressive. In the 1980s as the events were


beginning to gather pace and more people were attending, a crisis of


epic proportions hit London's community. AIDS devastated the


London gay scene and centred it into lockdown. But the policy then sent


the Pride numbers soaring into the '90s. Over the years it is more of a


celebration of equality. Despite financial struggles and a change in


management, the event is now more popular than ever but has the


message of equality become lost in sponsorship.


It is really important for the corporations, they are a part of


this. It costs about ?900,000 to put on Pride etch year, we need to put


on the event safely and also have the entertainment that should be


surrounding it. Scrap the sponsorship, have scrap


the floats, and have a march that is a celebration, a party, and also a


claim for human rights. This year 1 million people are


expected to attend, not bad for something that started out as a few


people having a sing song. Let's see how it's


looking over at Wimbledon, It is glorious here. The sun is out


again in full force. Lots of blue sky and a little whipsy cloud


overhead. Today is not just starring the great British summertime but we


have four British stars on court. And these guys are playing in hot


and sticky weather conditions. For the rest of the afternoon it will be


warm indeed. Lots of sunny spells around. A little more in the way of


cloud and it will be dry too. Cloud is building in the west. That is


spreading through. Also cloud bubbling up here and there, a light


and a welcome westerly breeze. Temperatures not as high as


yesterday when we were at 31 Celsius, today it will be 29


Celsius, still warm. This evening and overnight it will be warm and


humid. A weak weather front coming through, the cloud will thicken and


there may abfew light showers. The weather not amounting to much at


all. Uncomfortable for sleeping, 17 Celsius the low. Tomorrow morning,


it could be cloudy and dull. There could be one or two light showers


but clearing away with sunny spells on Saturday. Top temperatures up to


24 Celsius, watch out for the showers on Sunday. There could be


place disrunted with showers on Monday.


Well, that's it from us on the lunchtime team.


You can join Riz Lateef at 6:30pm though.


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