10/07/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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And on BBC One, we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Welcome to BBC London News. I'm Victoria Hollins.


Traders say they've lost everything in the fire at Camden Lock Market.


As we've been hearing, it took 70 firefighters to get


the blaze under control in the early hours of this morning.


Sarah Harris is there for us this lunchtime.


Millions of visitors come to Camden market every year. This is what some


of them would have seen just after midnight last night. The central


market Hall, four stories, three of them on fire. That was last night.


This is a hub, the centre also of hundreds of small businesses, 30


stallholders were based in this market Hall. I spoke to one do stay


few minutes after she was taken to what was left of her school by


firefighters. They called me at 12


o'clock and I was sleeping. I thought it was an emergency call


so I took the phone up And she said, "Camden


Lock is on fire". How long have you had it?


It's a silver jewellery stall. Probably 15 years.


15 years. Will you be able


to retrieve anything? Everything gone,


that is what I saw now. London Fire Brigade reasonably happy


with how they have managed to tackle this fire. They were here just after


12 o'clock, within two hours, they contained it. Behind me, they are


trying to save what stock they can to stallholders. Obviously, there is


a lot of flammable material, which is why so many people have lost so


much. Most of the market remains open, and an investigation is


underway into what caused the fire. Sarah, thank you very much.


Zane Gbangbola was just seven when he died in his home.


It was during the Chertsey floods, three years ago.


An inquest said it was because of petrol pumps


being used in the basement to remove floodwater.


His parents have always disagreed blaming a landfill site


by their home for releasing toxic fumes when it flooded.


Now, this programme has seen letters from the council offering


to pay others nearby, to protect their homes


from the landfill. Alex Bushill reports.


As you can see from Zane's pictures, a very beautiful boy.


He was always smiling, always having fun.


Our life is destroyed as you would expect,


For Zane's family, there are still so many questions.


It may not look it, but this is a historic landfill site.


Now, Zane's parents have always maintained that there their son died


as a result of toxic gases released from there when the family home


and other properties here in Chertsey were flooded in 2014.


But that theory was rejected by an inquest last year,


which ruled instead that Zane died from carbon monoxide poisoning


from a petrol pump his parents were using in the basement


Surrey County Council has written to nearby properties.


Specifically replacing any sealed air bricks that might prevent any


The letter raises concerns for any properties in proximity to landfill,


advising them that there will be migrating landfill gases.


That will build up beneath properties.


This is essentially what we've been saying all along.


The letter came after Zane's inquest.


And of course, now it's quite clear that what we've been saying has been


In response, Surrey County Council released a statement.


And the local District Council also underlined how this


was merely a precaution, relating to potential risks


from landfill in general, and not specifically this site.


It is of no comfort to Zane's father who is now calling


for an independent public inquiry for the answers he still seeks.


Police investigating an acid attack in Beckton last month


Resham Khan and her cousin Jameel Muhktar suffered face


and neck injuries when the acid was thrown through their car window


24-year-old John Tomlin handed himself in to an East London


He's been looking after 2,500 acres for over


30 years, but now the Richmond Park gamekeeper is retiring.


He's written a book about his time there,


calling it the best job in the world.


Gareth Furby's been to meet him, and be warned,


you may find a few of the images in this report upsetting.


After 30 years, John Bartram is saying goodbye to


Best job in the world. It's a job that everybody wanted.


John Bartram has spent most of his life as gamekeeper in Richmond Park.


All 2500 acres of it. And no one knows the place better.


Every day, he's checked on the 600 deer and every year searched


I have done it sometimes and the baby thinks I'm mum.


And I've gone to walk away and he's running behind me.


But as well as new life, John has had to deal


While we were filming, another call came in.


What's that? A dead deer.


If you find the sight of dead animals upsetting


But for John, this is just part of the job.


I don't know what's happened here. Could have been hit by a car.


I mean, there's been times when it's been hit by a car


still alive but it's in serious trouble.


And it needs dealing with. So you might have to shoot it.


And as gamekeeper, John was also tasked with the annual cull


where for three months of the year selected deer are shot to keep


You're going for the worst animal every time.


You're looking for one that, you think, in the natural world,


And until the policy change, John would prepare venison


meat from the cull, for Buckingham Palace


They would all get a free haunch, which was a back


leg to the first rib. No one gets a free haunch now.


Tony Blair stopped it, and the Labour Party.


Not even the Queen? No.


Some things may have changed, but in many ways, Richmond Park


is still the place it was when first established in 1637.


And now it's saying farewell to a gamekeeper who gave it


the best years of his life. Gareth Furby, BBC London News.


Now the weather with Wendy Hurrell at Wimbledon.


We are on cloud what at the moment, because today, we have seen


thunderstorms path up across Hertfordshire and Essex. It is not


out of the question that we will get one here as well. For the rest of


this afternoon, for most of us, it will be warm sunshine. As the heat


rises, there is the chance of a shower building up. The Met office


has a weather warning in place for Kent and Sussex, and Essex


especially today, because the showers are developing. Through the


Ming, the first part of tonight, one or two heavy thundery showers


around. Not quite as muggy as previous night, but temperatures


around 15 at the lowest. Tomorrow will have a different feel, not much


sunshine, quite leaden skies with outbreaks of rain, it might be stop


and start here, and in the afternoon, a huge area of rain is


moving in towards the end of the day, and it will be fresher as well.


Temperature is 20 or 21. Rain will continue overnight into Wednesday.


Big puddles by then. Wednesday afternoon will brighten up and dry


out, temperatures around normal for the time of year. The outlook is for


a fine day on Thursday, perhaps with a outbreak of rain through the


evening, and Friday will be mostly dry as well. Rain for the gardens


throughout tomorrow afternoon, that is the shore.


Riz Lateef will be here with our 630 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


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