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Welcome to BBC London News. I'm Alice Salfield.


Four weeks on from the Grenfell Tower disaster, a fire safety expert


claims four other blocks in London are in serious danger of fire


spreading throughout the building in "a matter of seconds".


Southwark Council says it already knows about the problems


on the Ledbury Estate in Peckham, and action is being


Gareth Furby has this exclusive report.


If there's a fire, will they have time to evacuate us?


People sleep in one room because they are scared.


See, I'm not going to burst out crying but I just don't feel safe.


The reason people who live in these four blocks are so concerned can be


A total of 28 fire wardens, brought in by Southwark council just


over a week ago on the advice of the Fire Brigade.


Such is the apparent risk of any fire spreading,


they are now on duty 24/7, to ensure the blocks can be


evacuated immediately should any fire start.


We filmed inside as a fire safety expert invited in by some residents


His conclusion is that the cracking visible on some walls and ceilings


This would mean that fire can spread rapidly from flat to flat


He also found a gap in the ceiling and holes in a floor by a gas pipe


and believes fire could spread rapidly by this route.


You have zero minutes between a fire starting in one flat


Southwark Council says there are no surprises in any of the points made


They are matters the council has been dealing with for years


and the Fire Brigade is happy with its measures


But following the events at Grenfell Tower, many


If there is a fire, it will basically spread


We asked Southwark Council for an interview but instead


a spokesperson provided us with a statement, saying:.


The head of one of the City's biggest employers has told the BBC


that Brexit could easily mean thousands of his staff


Jamie Dimon from the bank JP Morgan said there was no question that


Europe had more cards at the negotiating table and could


It's understood the majority could be relocated in Dublin,


You have to be responsible and be prepared for hard Brexit.


We'd like to keep all of our people in London but a hard Brexit means


You have seen countries argue for example, "We want our data


centres in the country", you know, "We want this".


And that will become part of the trade negotiation.


We hope it is great for the people of Britain


A para-athlete has died after being "struck by a metal pole"


during a training incident in Newham yesterday.


Abdullah Hayayei was due to represent the United Arab


Emirates in the javelin, discus and shot put


in the upcoming London World Para Athletics Championships.


Our sports reporter Chris Slegg is at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park


where a press conference about the death has


Yes, Alice, a really sombre atmosphere at the press conference


where we have learned a few more details. It has been confirmed by


the UAE official that Abdulla Hayayei was killed when the throwing


KG was training in at the new leisure centre collapsed on him. He


was struck by a metal pole and pronounced dead at the scene 20


minutes after the incident took place at 5pm yesterday. How the cage


came to collapse, if you have watched any athletics, the throwing


cages netting held by metal poles and how on earth it collapsed on an


athlete to compete in a wheelchair, so there was little he could have


done to take evasive action, is the subject of a police investigation


and the spokesman for the UAE team was clearly still in shock this


morning when he spoke to us. Abdullah is a father of five kids


and he had a lot of dreams in terms of his sports activities


within the parasports movement. Newham leisure Centre is one of two


official training venues for the world para athletics Championships


and it remained closed at the moment. They are finding alternative


training facilities for those competing. I'm sure training is not


much on the minds of the Paralympic movement, a very close family


movement and they will all have Abdulla Hayayei in their thoughts


and there will be a moment's silence at the opening ceremony on Friday


night. Absolutely, a difficult time for everyone. Thank you.


Next, selling homeless people as art.


A controversial artist who installed tracking devices on London's rough


sleepers has defended his work, saying it challenges


Ten homeless men were paid to take part in the project.


I'm doing the Hornsleth Homeless Tracker Project here in London.


We are following homeless people and we are selling


Danish artist Kristian Hornsleth was so shocked at the homelessness


he saw in London he wanted to address it through art.


My approach was to kind of, you know, stir the problem up


and turn it upside down and say, "Hey, who is exploiting


He went into business with ten rough sleepers,


paying them to be models and fitting them with tracking devices.


Customers have access to a mobile phone app


Kristian and a London-based team are also documenting the men's back


In Britain, they think privatisation is the solution for everything.


And then I thought, why not privatise them?


They are free capital, floating in the streets.


Maybe turning them into some kind of business.


We are constantly followed by Google.


At least these guys, you know, they will get


Some homeless charities have been sceptical but he maintains his


And two of the men involved say they don't feel exploited.


Let's not feel sorry for the homeless at all.


If we thought we were being exploited, I don't think...


I think we'd realise what we were getting into,


So it's more making people aware of things, you know what I mean?


I used to say, "They exploit me and I exploit them",


but it's not about exploiting in that sense.


This is not charity. This is business.


This approach may be unconventional but Kristian hopes it will shake up


how London's homeless are viewed by a wider society.


It looks like a fantastic and Kate's at Wimbledon for us.


It looks like a fantastic atmosphere.


It certainly is. As you can see behind me, lots of people enjoying


the Andy Murray match and the flowers in front of me as well look


a bit more lively today thanks to all the rain we had overnight.


Thankfully it has cleared out of the way and it is a dry afternoon at


Wimbledon with lots of sunny spells around. Some welcome clouds here and


there but on the whole, nice, pleasantly warm with temperatures


around 22 by the end of the day. Overnight, we hang onto patchy


cloud, the minimum temperature again a lot less humid than it was a few


nights ago, 13 Celsius in central London. And within the M25. Thursday


is an similar day, bright start with sunny spells, less rain, in fact, we


will get a whole day's play at Wimbledon on a sunny spells in the


afternoon, with temperatures reaching around 24. Again for


Friday, things are looking very similar. Quite a bit of cloud around


but the sun will come out here and there so pleasantly warm in the


sunny spells with temperatures again around 24 or 25. The temperature is


steadily rising and as we head into the weekend, it will still feel warm


but a bit more changeable, the chance of a potential shower for


Saturday but still lots of dry weather around. Back to you.


Enjoy the rest of your afternoon. Riz will be here later for a special


programme, four weeks For now though, from all of us


on the lunchtime team, MAN: What makes you two make


different from each other? but I don't, like,


love it as much as Lucy. Oh, Arthur lives down the hill


and I live down the hill. Good at counting


and I'm good at hiding. Join us live, and follow


the world's wildest animals... ..across the most


challenging of terrains... ..as they gather for nature's


biggest summer feast.


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