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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


The BBC has learned that at least one person who survived


the Grenfell Tower fire has been diagnosed with cyanide poisoning.


12-year-old Luana Gomes was treated for the effects


Her parents lost their unborn baby after the fire.


Although it's not known what caused the poisoning,


they believe it may have been the burning of insulation


This was the home of the Gomes family, on the 21st


They've been living in a hotel since their release from hospital.


Andrea Gomes was seven months pregnant and the baby was stillborn


by Caesarean section, while she and their daughters


The family allowed BBC Newsnight to film their


Their 12-year-old's diagnosis details cyanide poisoning.


Her mother and sister were also treated for the risk of cyanide.


This is the first confirmation of a cyanide poisoning diagnosis


The highly toxic gas may have been released by the burning


of insulation or plastics during the blaze.


The Gomes family direct their ire at whoever made the decision


to place cheaper fire retardant cladding on the tower.


Very angry with them, because it could all have been avoided.


And that's where the anger really stems from.


Yes, it was an accident, I'm sure it was, but it


It shouldn't have happened like this.


The residents never wanted the cladding in the first place.


I don't know if it's the right word, but you just killed so many people,


and you just killed my son because, if he was in a normal situation,


I could have gone out, and he was seven months.


There's babies that survive less but,


because of the conditions, he passed away.


The family has requested a full postmortem examination on their son


They should have been celebrating his birthday next month


and they'd already decided to name him Logan.


Businesses, universities and politicians from around


the capital have joined forces to demand London's interests


Today they've published an open letter to the Government saying it's


vital the city keeps its access to EU talent.


The letter is based on research carried out


It also recommends London's Mayor forms a coalition with mayors


from cities such as Manchester and Bristol to put pressure


We think that there's a lot of common interest there.


They have big student populations, they have big service-sector


economies, they have regional airports to depend on access


We think there's common causes to be made between the mayors


Sadiq Khan, working with those other mayors, to make a case


for an urban Brexit that works, to government.


The Queen has opened the Met Police's new headquarters.


New Scotland Yard is now based at Victoria Embankment.


The old headquarters were sold for ?300 million pounds


and will be turned into luxury flats.


Think of traditional East End dishes and perhaps smoked salmon doesn't


Well, London cure smoked salmon has just become the first product


in the capital to be awarded protected status,


just like Whitstable oysters or Cornish sardines.


This isn't just a tasty lunch, it's now a cultural artefact. This family


has been smoking and preparing salmon in east London for well over


a century, and now its products are being predicted by EU law. We are a


fourth-generation family is this that started in 1905, we've always


been based in east London and this part of town is the Home Office --


the home of salmon smoking. The smoking salmon all happened in


London. The fish itself came from Scotland. What is the award you've


been given, and why does it matter? It's the same state as that


champagne and Palmer Hamm have, so it puts London up there with those


great foods. There is an irony that you are here today celebrating an


honour given to you by the European Union, a body you have fought tooth


and nail to leave. There are a number of ironies, but we have been


a business since 1905, well before the EU came into being, and it was


an award that was going. If the British government had its own


awards scheme, we would have done that. We apply for this thing four


years ago. Nobody knew there was going to be a referendum on Europe.


The Secretary of State for the environment, Michael Gove, Saint --


came to celebrate with the foremans disabled but nobody can tell them


yet if they will -- retain their protected status. But today was


about confidence in the future and pride in the past.


She was a Hollywood star, best known for her role


as Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.


But today, fans of Vivien Leigh may get a glimpse into her life


Jewellery, paintings and furniture belonging to the actress


are going under the hammer at Sotheby's in Mayfair,


Vivien Leigh was one of those very rare British actresses who was able


to conquer Hollywood during the 1930s, most notably


when she was cast in that role that would go on to define her career.


To tell us more about that and what's happening


here at Sotheby's, I'm joined by David McDonald.


A very accomplished actress, but one role in particular


That role, of course, Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With The Wind.


I have here her own shooting script, Vivien's own script from that film.


And, of course, we have to open it to look at one line in particular,


and that is, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."


Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.


We learn that it's not just about Scarlett.


This is a woman of incredible depth, intellectually, artistically,


and obviously the ultimate actress, a woman who transcends so much.


Thank you very much for showing us around.


The family have decided to part with around 250 items that


belonged to Vivien Leigh, and some of them aren't that


This cigarette box will set you back ?400 and, if your pockets


are a little bit deeper, the script from Gone With The Wind


will set you back something around ?2500 to ?3500.


Now it's time for the weather, and Elizabeth's at Wimbledon for us.


How is it looking? Not as sunny as it has been.


Yes, a little bit cloudier today, but they looked more comfortable for


eating strawberries and cream in and last week. -- but a lot more


comfortable. The cloud hasn't put off these people on Henman hill. Now


enjoying the centre court action. Johanna Konta is second up to date,


and she'll be playing Venus Williams, and the weather going to


be kind. It would be too hot or cold and it should stay dry. For the rest


of the afternoon, some sunny spells. Always plenty of cloud, but turning


bright, I think. We'll see highs of 22-23, and only a minuscule chance


of one or two showers. Hardly worth mentioning for Wimbledon. This


evening and overnight, increased amounts of cloud. It should be a


fresh, comfortable night's sleep. Lows of around 12 or 13, but it will


turn cloudy tomorrow morning. A small chance of some drizzle, so a


grey start to the day. Tomorrow morning, plenty of cloud around and


a chance of a bit of drizzle. I don't think anything is going to


fall. The cloud will thin and break into the afternoon to give lots of


good spells of sunshine. Tomorrow, it is the men's semifinals, and it


should stay dry for all the action on centre court, and we won't need


the roof on. Temperature is a bit lower, 21-22, because of a


north-westerly wind. It will be hotting up again at the weekend. On


Saturday and Sunday, temperatures creeping up into the mid-20s, always


plenty of cloud, some sunny spells, and let's hope it's Johanna Konta


backs playing on Saturday afternoon. Fingers crossed!


Riz Lateef will be here at 6:30 with our evening programme.


There's plenty more news travel and weather on our website


at the usual address bbc.co.uk/london.


But, from all of us on the lunchtime team, have a great afternoon.


When I think of the world we inhabit, everyone will think,


Yeah. And it wasn't, it was done by hand


over days and weeks and months and years.


It was always a very, very deep love affair


between this incredible, wonderful, glorious music


and that's why we merged with the Liberals.


ordinary people can make a big difference.


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