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Good afternoon, welcome to BBC London News.


There are claims that the number of people who could contract cancer


from asbestos poisoning in the capital's hospitals


of hospitals contain asbestos - which is deemed safe,


But the Unite Union - and a legal expert - disagree,


claiming an increasing number of people are dying from lung


It seems there may have been a lot of in the corridors of Guy 's


Hospital where I spent six years training. Everyone used the tunnels.


Of the four doctors who trained there and who subsequently developed


cancer in the last five years, I'm the only one left alive.


Doctor Andrew Lawson wrote about his condition in 2010. Four years later,


he died. He had been suffering from me is a kind of lung cancer caused


by reading in asbestos dust. It is terrible that somebody is


cheated of their life and their future, he was only halfway through


his life. He says he contracted it while training at Guy 's Hospital, a


claim that the NHS Trust refuses to be drawn on. The white asbestos, the


kind used in the hospitals, is deemed safe as long as it isn't


disturbed. Experts disagree and say its


presence in hospitals need to be addressed. If the ticking time bomb,


the number of people developing this kind of cancer in the country


continues to rise and the expected peak has been exceeded several times


already. So, the prediction of when numbers of these cases are going to


peak has been moved forward several times since I've been doing this


work. There are now calls for the government to urgently remove


asbestos from all NHS hospitals. We know that asbestos kills people and


we know the longer it stays in the building, the higher the chance of


it being disturbed and therefore we know that it is likely that some


time in the future, it will be responsible for the deaths of


members of the public and workers alike. According to the latest


figures... 1000 people in London died from the


disease between 2011-2015. Seven nurses or doctors died, but it


is believed that more NHS workers died from it.


After a Freedom of information request, the BBC found that 94% of


hospitals still contain asbestos. Andrew was typical of a sufferer of


this kind of cancer. It took years for these symptoms to show. Once


diagnosed, it's only thought that people survive between 12-21 months.


They all knew, they all knew about the dangers of asbestos but they did


not take enough action to remove the risk for those who worked there.


Charlotte franks, BBC News. We were provided with a statement


which said that it is safe as long as it is not disturbed.


The Met Police Commissioner says five terrorist attacks have been


foiled in the last few weeks, some of which were "very close"


Cressida Dick says in addition there've been "hundreds


and hundreds" of arrests of people who are radicalised,


and are either spreading hatred, supporting terrorism


The Mayor has joined the family and friends of one of the youngest


victims of the Grenfell Tower fire s his funeral took


A service for five-year-old Isaac Paulos was held


Isaac - who lived on the 18th floor - died after reportedly


becoming separated from his family as he tried to escape.


Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire is probably the most famous secure


hospital in the world, but the Victorian building


It'll be replaced by a brand new hospital -


being built at a cost of nearly 250 million pounds.


Some of the most notorious criminals in history have been detained in


pawn -- in Broadmoor's Victorian walls


but after 250 years, the institution has been completely rebuilt. These


are the first pictures of the new ?242 million hospital. It will be


run in a completely modern way. We went to the three bridges secure


unit in London, to find out just how different life for patients will be.


We promote movement here, yes, there are locked doors but they are free


to move around and that is a difference from the old building.


This hospital may look 5-star but it is secure. 80 male patients,


considered a danger, live here. But it isn't all about locking people


up. There are three aspects here, physical security, doors, locks,


fences, that kind of thing. Procedural security, procedures


coming through, but also relational security, the professional and


therapeutic relationship between staff and the men that they look


after. The new Broadmoor Hospital will officially open in the autumn.


Then more, BBC The World Para Athletics


Championships begins Among those going for a medal


for Great Britain on the opening night is former Surrey schoolgirl


Abbie Hunnisett. this is the iPad app that helps


Abbie communicate. My main hope for the championships is to have fun,


relax and enjoy the experience. I would like to throw a new personal


best. We sent out questions before meeting her, she typed out her


answers which she played by hitting the corresponding button. What will


it be like to compete in a World Championships in your own country? I


think it is going to be incredible, I've competed there before at the


Anniversary Games with about 30,000 people. She's been training for her


event, the F32 club throw, for athletes with cerebral palsy and


other impairments. What is the highlight of your career? The first


time I competed at the Anniversary Games at the Olympic Stadium, also


going to Rio and the whole experience of becoming a


Paralympian. At the age of 21, she has achieved so much already.


Now, her parents will be getting ready to cheer her on again in


London... I threatened to buy a megaphone. They say that I don't


need one! To call her a Paralympian is fantastic. It's great to go back


to some of the special schools I have tended to speak to students and


show that if they do their best, they can do whatever they want in


life. If all goes well, Abbie will have another career highlight to


talk about. Let's go over to Wimbledon now for a


look at the weather. Elizabeth is there, looking like good weather for


tennis? It certainly is today, it's a cloudy picture at the moment.


A cool, fairly moderate light moderate Midwest elite degrees


around -- Midwest breeze around. It's important to remember just


because British singles players have gone out, it doesn't mean they've


gone out in the doubles. Heather Watson and Jamie Murray will play


with their partners later this afternoon. It's brilliant weather


for tennis this afternoon, it's going to stay dry, breaks in the


cloud giving sunny spells. Temperatures lower than yesterday at


around 22 or 23 degrees. There will be brightness through the evening. A


nice evening to be watching the tennis. Overnight, cloud will


thicken, fresh and comfortable for sleeping at this time of year. Lows


of 14 degrees. Into tomorrow morning, it will fill increasingly


warm and humid. We get off to a nice and bright start but cloud amounts


increase. Some spots of rain for the middle part of the day but otherwise


it should stay dry tomorrow and in any sunshine. Then, we are looking


at highs of up to 25 degrees. A similar story on Sunday. In any


sunshine it will feel increasingly warm, quite humid, there is the risk


of light showers through the afternoon on Sunday. Then, turning


caller on Monday with temperatures hotting up once more into the start


of next week. STUDIO: That sounds good, Elizabeth,


thank you. That's all from us-


Alice Bhandhukravi will be here From all of us this lunchtime, have


a great afternoon. Goodbye. When I think of the world


we inhabit, everyone will think, Yeah. And it wasn't,


it was done by hand over days and weeks


and months and years.


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