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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


A new report's found bus drivers in the capital are struggling


with stress and exhaustion - and there are fears it's


contributing to a rise in the number of crashes on the roads.


Over the last two years, 25 people were killed


You may fine the firstel imagines make uncomfortable viewing. A bus


severely injures a pedestrian. In Ladbroke Grove a bus mounts a


pavement again people are hurt. And today reports said the capital o's


buses could be made safer. Ten years ago Sarah's mother died after being


hit by a bus. Her daughter lost her leg. She wants operator to reduce


the stress on drivers. We had a terrible incident in our family, and


it was caused by a bus driver having road rage, which is unforgivable and


it must never happen again. But, since that happened, since I have


been working on my campaign to help bus drivers, I have learned quite a


lot about the stresses and strains they are under, and I think we need


to really think about them and what they physically do, which is more


than driving a bus. 25 people have been killed on or by buses in the


last two years with 12,000 people injured. Today, a report found an


emphasis on punctuality over safety with drivers facing long hours that


compromises their ability. One thing is making sure that the contracts


centre by safety but we need to make sure Transport for London's own


management have in their bonus regime safety at the heart of it. We


need to make sure the life of drivers is better and making sure


they can have meal break, that they don't drive for 16 hours at a time.


If they are tired they may make mistakes. Compared to the Croydon


train crash the report found that incident investigation is not as


thorough. Joanne Harris has been a bus driver for ten years. Most


drivers are doing 12 hour days, and then getting forced overtime, on top


of that. So 13-and-a-half hours of all out stress with those people


onboard is not a good combination for road safety. TFL says it is


taking action to improve safety. It is aiming for no deaths by 2030.


Campaigners are calling for quirk action.


The Finsbury Park mosque, where worshippers were targeted


in a terror attack last month, says it's seen a rise in hate crime


One man died, and nine others were taken to hospital,


after a van was driven into a group leaving evening prayers.


The Mosque's chairman believes the incident has fuelled


Here at Finsbury Park Mosque the community says it is taking comfort


in these messages of support, which have arrived from local


school-children here are a book full of their hand print, messages


showing solidarity, but the Chairman of the mosque says this isn't the


only communication they have received here, in the months since


the attack. They have seen more and more threatening messages arrive.


When people send us a letter saying that this is the beginning of what's


happening, you will have a river of blood for example, and we will make


sure that you will get hurt and your community get hurt, expect a bomb


and other thing in in your centres and these sort of things which is


very nasty and worrying and we immediate to make sure our all are


protected and safe, this is what we are trying to do. Do you feel they


haven't been doing enough up to this point? I am not saying they haven't


done enough, they can do more, we can do more as well, we all need to


work together, this is a big responsibility on us, and I am sure


the police are trying their best to catch these perpetrator, it is not


easy. We are not asking to catch every perpetrator who send alert,


something like that, we know it is impossible. We expect that something


to be done about some of these letters and to get to the bottom of


letters and to get to the bottom of it and find out who is behind it.


Mohammed Kozbar ending that report speaking to Katharine Carpenter.


And we will be hearing from the Met Police about how


they are tackling hate crime in London on our 6:30pm programme.


The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, says people who carry out acid


attacks could be jailed for life, as part of a government review.


Last week, there were five acid attacks in just one


night across Islington, Stoke Newington and Hackney.


This afternoon, MPs will debate restricting the sales of corrosive


acids, and whether a licence should be required to buy them.


People living near the Grenfell Tower in Kensington are to receive


stability of the fire damaged building.


Michael Lockwood - the chief executive


of Harrow Council and a member of the Grenfell Task Force - said


letters would be sent out today- after a range of experts had


He said scaffolding may go up around the tower in the future, but only


Now you'll probably remember Levi Roots as the Dragons Den


entrepreneur who shot to fame and fortune with his spicy


But although he's been busy in the kitchen, he's not


He's been telling Alice Bhandhukravi about his latest venture.


Obviously I am the sauce guy. ? You're the sauce guy. That's all I'm


good for ebbing making the sauce this is where I would normally be,


creating the sauces. He is a reggae singer by trade but this is his


other passion, here we are in the kitchen of his Caribbean restaurant.


It was me doing it in my kitchen in Brixton with my children. That is


where it started. I would be there, like, singing songs and... Listening


to reggae. And getting involved and making the sauces and at the end of


it, here we are ten years later and I am doing the same thing but it is


great fun. His man a has been put music in the food so he has put


together a compilation of reggae hits as a soundtrack for summer


cooking. # Sun is shining


# The weather is sweet. # When I hear Sun Is Shining it


reminds me of the man who helped me change my life. And he has in turn


set about inspiring young people to achieve in business, through his


motivational courses. Giving that message if I can do it anyone can do


it. I do believe that young people, some time, especially kids that are


kind of suffering in their backgrounds like I did, you tend to


think that you are not going to make it and things are against you and


there is doors closed you can break down, so I go in and I say there is


no doors you can't get through, apart from the ones you put in place


yourselves. Wise words there.


Now let's check on the weather with Georgina.


Good afternoon, some of us enjoying some glorious blue sky out there


today and this was the scene captured by our weather watcher


Anthony. So lots of sunshine round, thank you for that picture and all


the picture, as we head through the afternoon it is looks like it is


staying dry and sunny. Not much of a breeze. Temperatures getting up to


26 or 27. As we head through this evening we will see more cloud


round. It has been feeling fresher than over the weekend. The same goes


for tomorrow, but it may be a bit sticky overnight. Temperatures


getting down 15 or 16 degrees Celsius. And then for tomorrow,


well, we will probably have pockets of cloud, not quite the wall-to-wall


sunshine some of us are having today. But still a fine bright day


with sunny spells. An easterly breeze and temperatures getting up


to the high 20, mainly for north-west London, so that is where


we will see the highest temperatures. Elsewhere getting to


the mid 20s. In the eve thing we start to see thupedry showers from


our friend on the Continent and the Met off fits has a yellow warning in


place, from 5pm until 8pm on Wednesday. Most of us clear


overnight but on Wednesday we we start to have our own home-grown


showers sparked off by the heat. So a bit of cloud round on Wednesday,


temperatures again, up in the high 20s, but becoming fresher again on


Well, that's it from us on the lunchtime team -


There is more on the website. Whatever you are up to, enjoy your


afternoon. Bye.


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