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Buying a knife over the internet will become more


difficult if new government proposals become law.


It aims to restrict children's access to weapons,


and it comes as knife crime in London continues to rise.


In a moment, I'll be discussing if the proposals go far enough,


but first, this report from Tom Symonds.


This is the sharp end of the battle against knife crime in Britain.


Without good reason, it is illegal to carry anything


But these are the sorts of knives police in London have


found or had handed in, including a so-called zombie knife,


It is illegal to buy a knife if you are under 18,


but some young people are getting them delivered.


The plan is to change the law so knives purchased have to be


Some types of knives can't even be sold or passed around.


Police may also get stronger powers to seize them.


We want to make sure we extend the power of police to take away


these dangerous knives and to make them less available to young people,


so we can start to break that cycle of danger and of violence


After all, police reported knife crime has started rising.


This young man did not suffer a serious injury,


despite being stabbed, but every knife on the streets can


Joining me now is Patrick Green from the Ben Kinsella Trust.


This is all happening after what I understand


are so-called trend of "safe stabbings".


It is a term I personally dislike because I don't think you can use


the word safe and stabbing in the same sentence. This comes about as


we have learned through our work with young people many of them carry


the misconception that you can stab somebody in a certain part of the


body and it causes no effects, usually on your backside, that is


what they say. What we point out in terms of the education work we do,


there is no safe place to stab somebody. If you stab somebody, you


are beloved veins and nerve endings and it can cause death or serious


disability to somebody. What we are seeing lately is the term being used


around young people, usually those who are authentic, to warn of other


young people and they stab them in certain areas of their body.


Clearly, the Government want to take action. Amber Rudd saying she wants


to clamp down on internet sales of knives. Do you think this is going


far enough, that there is enough being done to dry down the number of


knife crimes? This is an important announcement from the Home


Secretary. Most of the legislation the police use was drawn up in the


1950s or the 1980s, so it is time that legislation moved on. Many


young people have been able to buy some horrendous night over the


internet through online shopping. What this announcement means is that


the police will have additional powers to deal with that. Young


people have been using loopholes to get these nice and this will address


many of those. So it is welcomed and a welcome announcement from the Home


Secretary. We understand that knife crime is on the rise in London, due


to police figures. Why do you think that is? What is causing it to


rocket? We have been looking at what has been happening historically


around night crying. Shortly ago, we had three years of knife crime is


falling. What is different from 2012 to now, we have to take into account


the austerity cuts and the youth services cuts that they have


endured. Youth services provide a great benefit to young people in


terms of positive mentoring and support and diversion away from


crime. And also police numbers. Police numbers have fallen as well


and I think that is restricting the ability of the police to deal with


knife crime. Patrick Green, thank you very much. It is an ongoing


subject. Thank you very much. Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has


reiterated his opposition to US President Donald Trump being allowed


a State visit when he comes to Britain.


In an interview with CNN, Mr Khan said the President had


policies that 'many in the UK disagree with,' and therefore


he didn't think it was appropriate to 'roll out the red carpet.' Last


week, the White House confirmed Mr Trump's visit here has been


delayed until next year. Footage has emerged of a group


of bystanders in South London intervening when some thieves tried


steal a scooter that was Two muggers pushed the rider off


the saddle after coming up One attempted to drive the scooter


away, but members of the public ran to help and even stood in the way


of the stolen bike. It forced the man


to abandon the theft. The number of European workers


registering to work in London has fallen by around 10% in the year


following the EU Referendum. The Centre for London says


it's because of Brexit, claiming it's also leading


to a slowdown in job creation. It suggests London's economy


is beginning to wobble, while others point to continued


large-scale investment Train passengers will


soon be able to judge the punctuality of their journeys


with much greater accuracy. It's because punctuality statistics


will be given to the nearest minute instead of to the nearest five


or ten minutes. Each train operator will publish


the results from next spring. Archaeologists have


discovered a rare Roman The ancient grave was found a short


distance from Elephant Castle and its excavation has taken


over six months. The next step is to have


its contents exhumed. Well, I'm on this construction


site here in Borough, where this Roman sarcophagus


has been found. We can speak now to one


of the archaeologists here. You think this is a significant


find, don't you? This really is an incredibly


remarkable find for Southwark. There have only been two


sarcophagus found in London. And it was buried within a mausoleum


and alongside the Roman road, We know that during the


post-mediaeval period it was robbed, so some of the treasure was probably


taken at that time. So grave-robbers found


it before you did? But it had already been about 1,000


years old by that time. So we're hoping that some


of the less shiny things will still be preserved


in the bottom of the coffin. Because this is quite a significant


sarcophagus, someone important. It must be someone of great


wealth and social status because the majority


of Roman Londoners would not be And it is very prestigious,


beside the Roman road. We have already run the metal


detector over it, so it is reading that there are metal objects inside,


but we just don't know what they are We shall soon see what treasures


and stories the sarcophagus holds. It will, of course, take several


months to find that out, though. Well, it's another warm


day across the board. We have seen quite a bit


of cloud and you can see here in our Weather Watchers'


pictures, first thing this morning it was quite grey,


but the cloud has been starting to break up, brighter spells


emerging and sunny spells as well, and that continues


through the afternoon. It will continue


to feel warm as well. We have an easterly breeze blowing


down the Thames Estuary so further east perhaps feeling a bit cooler


than it did yesterday. Further west, though,


temperatures getting up to 26 or 27. UV levels very high,


as is the pollen count. The Met Office has issued a yellow


weather warning for heavy rain for the evening in the form


of thundery showers. Many places won't see them


but if you do get these showers, Quite a lot of rain in a short space


of time, frequent lightning as well. The minimum temperature will be


quite warm and sticky, quite uncomfortable for sleeping -


between 18 and 20. The storms clearing out of the way


tomorrow in the early hours and then plenty of sunny spells around


with a bit more cloud The chance of one or two


isolated thundery showers Another warm night Wednesday


into Thursday but a cold front moves through and that brings some cooler


air, so turning fresher with some Riz is here later with our


next news on BBC One. Plenty more on our website


and Facebook pages. Whatever you're doing this


afternoon, have a good afternoon. Gay Britannia - a new season marking


the 1967 Sexual Offences Act. ordinary people can make


a big difference. When I think of the world


we inhabit, everyone will think, Yeah. And it wasn't,


it was done by hand over days and weeks


and months and years.


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