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and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


Police are investigating yet another suspected acid


Two men were taken to hospital after an unknown liquid was thrown at them


I'm joined in east London, close to where this incident


happened last night, by Rabina Khan.


-- She is a Tower Hamlets Councillor.


I understand you've been to see one of the victims in hospital and met


the family last night, how is he doing?


I was with both the families and both of the victims, as well.


And I have to say that both young men are very good,


The mothers have been devastated by what they have seen.


In particular one young man whose one side of his face


And they've both been referred to a burns unit.


That's Shakwat Hussain, isn't it, the 24-year-old?


Any indication as to what might have provoked this?


We understand the person police are looking for,


the person they have said they saw do this,


I think that's what the statements have stated but it is best


So that they can catch the perpetrators and make sure


that they are brought to justice, as well.


My part in this is to support the families, make sure


And often in these cases we talk about legislation,


we talk about a range of other things, but we also have to talk


about the victim and the support they and their families need.


In terms of trying to stop acid attacks in London,


and across the UK, there has been a lot of talk about greater


regulation for those who sell acid or corrosive liquids and greater


punishment for those found carrying or using it.


And how soon do you think this can happen?


Sentences need to be tougher, but at the same time,


before we even get to that stage, we need to make sure


Councils through their trading standards can also take


We need to also hold retailers who sell corrosive substances to be


far more responsible with whom they sell it to.


Thank you very much for joining us here.


Police continue to investigate this incident last night in which two


young men had a corrosive liquid thrown at them.


As it stands there have been no arrests.


A man accused of the kidnap, rape and murder of a young woman


in Kingston upon Thames is to stand trial


Celine Dookhran was found dead at a house a week ago.


Mujahid Arshid appeared at the Old Bailey today -


alongside another man, who's accused of kidnap.


One in seven women who die within a year of giving birth


Yet mental health problems for pregnant women and new mothers


is still not something many people talk about.


Now St Mary's Hospital in Paddington is trying to change this -


and make sure women across London have the support they need.


The most common side effect you can have


during pregnancy is problems with your mental health.


On the surface Pippa enjoyed two perfectly healthy pregnancies.


But she couldn't understand why things were so hard.


I always thought that being depressed was being


And I ended up going to see my gynaecologist for an appointment


And she said, I think we need to get you to see somebody.


For every five women in the UK who have a baby,


One in seven women who die in the first year of their baby's


It makes you feel like you are failing, it makes you feel


like you are not being the mum your child deserves.


And telling someone that, that is kind of hard.


Madeline leads a team at St Mary's Hospital who treat


pregnant women and new mothers who have mental health problems.


We are finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.


This centre wants to get rid of the stigma of


In a sense our society doesn't give women permission to become unwell or


to be honest about how unwell they can feel.


And many women for instance have a fear of childbirth


or may feel estranged from their babies.


And this feeling is very difficult to disclose.


Thanks to ?3 million grant, this centre can now help women across


five boroughs make their fears more normal.


The aim is to catch the problems early so that they can


safeguard a more hopeful and happy future for all the family.


A man serving a life sentence for raping and murdering the teenage


model Sally Anne Bowman in south London has admitted previously


Mark Dixie was jailed for repeatedly stabbing Miss Bowman,


He's appeared via videolink at Southwark Crown Court


and admitted raping a woman in 1987- when he was 16 and attacking


This week marks five years on from the start


And of course it all began with the torch-bearers -


who carried the flame to the stadium in east London.


Among those chosen for the honour was John Lake,


who was nominated after overcoming a brain tumour and depression.


He's been sharing his memories of that day.


In 2012 I was nominated to carry the torch with the Olympic flame.


And following the surgery from that I got a very severe depression,


and I got suicidal, and I got sectioned in 2006.


As I was waiting for the torch what went through my mind


One thing I found that really made me feel better was exercise.


Running and getting the endorphins flowing through the system


So I did the London Marathon in 2007 for the Brain Research Trust.


In the year after that I did the Ironman triathlon.


COMMENTATOR: No false starts, thank goodness.


I went to see Usain Bolt run his 200 metre heat,


So I'd been watching all of the field events,


which were quite mad, you know, the high jump and the long


And when Usain Bolt came in the whole stadium stood up.


And he won, of course, he won his heat.


It was mad to be seeing that, to be a part of that,


Looking on, five years back, I feel like I've made


I'm now a qualified mental health counsellor.


My commitment to exercise is still there because I still like to get


out and run because it makes me feel mentally better,


It feels like a real journey, if I look back to see how far I have


Great memories. What is not great is the weather. It does not feel like


July, does it? Not at the moment. He did earlier.


This was West London earlier today. A promising start with


the low 20s with some sunshine, as well.


Well that's all from us on the lunchtime team


Asad Ahmad will be here tonight though with our evening programme -


We've got a wild week of adventure planned, UK-style...


Join us to celebrate our own home-grown wilderness.


Ahead of his final race, the inside story of the fastest man.


Bolt is a shining example of the best that we can be.


A man like him is not born very often.


There's just so much work to get to that one moment,


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