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It's six weeks since the devastating so it's goodbye from me.


fire at Grenfell Tower and today it's been confirmed


that the building will be demolished by the end of next year.


In the meantime, the charred remains will be covered


in protective plastic from next month while forensic


It's as a memorial service for five victims


We will start with the covering of the building, what can you tell us?


For many, the sight of what is left of the Grenfell Tower is a terrible


reminder of what happened. The knowledge that are still bodies


inside it. There have been calls by inside it. There have been calls by


some for it to be covered up. The site manager revealed last night a


protective wrap and scaffolding will be put up and it should help the


forensic investigators with their work. Recently the pictures released


by the Met Police showing the inside of the building, they are trying to


recover bodies and sift through evidence which could potentially be


used in a criminal investigation. They said the process could take


until January next year. As for what happens to the building itself, he


stressed it does depend on what the local community want. He expects it


will start to be taken down, but that work will not take place until


the end of next year. He revealed around 33 flats in the block are


completely untouched by fire. He hopes they may be able to go in in


the next week or so and retrieve possessions for the people who lived


there. There will be a memorial service later. The Archbishop of


York will be attending. It is a memorial service for five of the


victims who died including Isaac, just five years old, one of the


victims of the fire, and 24-year-old artist Khadija Saye. It will take


place at the church in around half an hour. Thank you.


Police have released new CCTV footage of two suspects


they would like to speak to over the murder of a man who was shot


and stabbed for his Rolex watch in south-east London.


31-year-old Danny Pearce was killed in Greenwich earlier this month


while on a night out with his girlfriend.


These pictures show the suspects just minutes before the attack,


at a Texaco petrol station on Creek Road in Deptford.


It's exactly five years since the London Olympics began


and we've been catching up with one of its stand-out stars.


Now, you might remember Gemma Gibbons.


Her tears in the judo semifinal touched millions


Well, the silver medallist from Greenwich has decided to retire


and is about to start a whole new chapter in her life,


as Ian Williams has been finding out.


These were the moments in 2012 that made Gemma Gibbons famous.


Silver medal and the tears to go with it.


"Love you, Mum," was the message to her mother, Jeanette,


who died of leukaemia when Gemma was 17.


So, how do you feel, now, when you watch this?


It was a moment that obviously came in a couple of seconds,


but it was a lifetime of hard work for me and I really


You can see in the background, it goes on to the British team


and everyone in the British team, there you go, they are all so happy.


Gemma's life has revolved around judo since she was six.


Now she is swapping the mat for the classroom.


When I first went to secondary school when I was about 11, 12,


I fell in love with getting to play all different sports and from a very


and from a very early age, even then, I knew that once my judo,


however far that took me, once that was over, I wanted to be


Gemma has already had some practice teaching children


here at her old club, Metro Judo, in Greenwich, where


I think she will make a fantastic teacher.


I think the school that get her will be very lucky.


Winning an Olympic medal has already made Gemma an inspiration


But what about the challenge of inspiring children every day?


Is that as tight as you can possibly get?


It sounds quite weird, but I think every teacher out there,


that is one of the reasons for becoming a teacher...


Yeah, it is a massive reason of why they do that job,


to inspire the kids to try and strive for their best.


Her coming from the same club as me, it made me realise that if I work


hard enough and went and did what she did, then


maybe I could come out as successful as Gemma as well.


What is more nerve-racking, Olympic final or having to stand


in front of a classroom full of children?


Just like in judo, as soon as I started in the gym,


as soon as I started competing, those nerves just went away


and you are just in the zone of teaching or competing.


Judo has taught Gemma Gibbons many things down the years, now


Great to see her inspiring other judo stars.


Grime artist Stormzy has been nominated for this


The Croydon artist is just one of a number


of Londoners leading the way, including Loyle Carner


He's hoping to follow in the footsteps of


fellow London grime artist Skepta who won the award last year.


But he's got stiff competition though.


Ed Sheeran is among the 11 other musicians nominated.


Latin America's largest sailing ship is visiting


The Union is on its first European tour and will be moored


in West India Docks until Sunday, giving Londoners, and Ayshea Buksh,


I am on-board the ship which is second tallest in the world. It


failed in the London as part of a diplomatic mission, but it is not


just a floating embassy, it is a training ship for cadets in the


Peruvian and the crew is 246 people. This is the second-largest ship in


the world, from Russia. It is 53.5 metres high and when you climb up to


the top, you see the ship is really small and it is fantastic to climb


up so high. A ship is like a small city. Here you have to do


everything. Laundry, barbershop, kitchen, doctors, dentists,


everything. The ship has to move all over the world and has to do all of


the things. Normally we are awake at six o'clock in the morning, do some


work, we maintain the ship, we paint the ship, we work with sales,


everything like this. The ship is open for members of the public to


come on board and have a look. It will be here well into the weekend.


It was to call the sale further into the city because it will not go


through Tower Bridge -- too tall. It will be staying in Canary Wharf.


OK, let's get you across how the weather's looking today


A little bit cool for July. We have seen showers already. Not brilliant


for the cricket. It is going to stay quite unsettled for the rest of the


week. We will be talking about further sunny spells, but also


showers at times and some longer spells of rain, particularly on


Friday night and through Saturday possibly. Quite cool for July.


Normally temperatures in the low 20s. Instead, today, we have got 20,


21, some places stuck in the high teens. Still got a south-westerly


breeze for many and it will feel cooler than the numbers suggest in


that. Showers around, possibly heavy ones. Bright and sunny spells for


the rest of the day and the showers will fade this evening and


overnight. We are expecting a dry night to come, clear spells, quite a


pretty sunrise again tomorrow morning probably, with just the


right amount of cloud. Bright start. There will be some sunshine around


tomorrow morning. The cloud will start to thicken and the breeze will


pick up again as we head into late afternoon. Rain on the way for


Friday night. Temperature is a little bit higher tomorrow. Expect


to see some wet weather Saturday night and also for much of Sunday


too. North-western areas possibly staying dry. On Sunday, sunny spells


and showers. Alica Bhandhukravi will be


here with a special programme at 6.30pm tonight, live


from the Olympic Park. But for now, from myself amd


the rest of the lunchtime team,


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