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BBC London has discovered that hundreds of sensitive documents have


been stored in an unlocked room on a South London estate.


The paperwork included child protection and rent arrears issues -


showing names, addresses, and other confidential information.


It was left at the Gaudun Estate in Clapham, as Sarah Harris reports.


The Gaudun estate in Clapham, concerned red dent Mitchell Krishnan


contacted BBC London about what he saw as a fire hazard. On closer


inspection it was clear the documents were sensitive and


confidential. Lambeth ACPC child protection interagency protection...


Wow. Oh, my God. This is just unbelievable. This is data


protection against possibly child abuse or whatever. It's just left


here. The piles of Lambeth Council paperwork have been scored in the


unlocked ground floor storeroom as long as he can remember. They also


include names and addresses of families in rebt arrears -- rent


arrears. This is disgusting that it's just left here for anybody,


like myself, and yourself to be able to see this information and possibly


use it in an horrible, ugly way that possibly it could be used in. It's


not, it's not being protected while it's exposed like this. These


documents need to be shredded by a professional company, so that they


can never be used in the wrong way. We took some of the documents to a


leading solicitor on data protection based on Chancery Lane. This is very


serious from the council's perspective. He's worked for the


Australian Government and the Obama administration in the US, advising


on data protection issues. He says this kind of security failure is


being taken increasingly seriously by the courts under the Data


Protection Act. Organisations have very serious responsibilities around


the data they hold and the data they create. If a local council were to


just dispose of data in a way, in a basement or in a way that's


inappropriate, that would probably breach their obligations under the


act. The department for Culture, Media Sport has only changed its


name to include the word "digital". That's partly to emphasise its


commitment to data protection issues, its regulator is about to


become a whole lot tougher. In the case of this Clapham paperwork,


Lambeth council has thanked the BBC for drawing what it calls a


potential brief to its attention, a review is under way. At the very


least this will serve as a warning to all organisations. In the coming


months, fined could go from tens of thousands of pounds to millions of


pounds. Three Crossrail building contractors


have been fined more than ?1 million following the death of one


of their workers and Rene Tkacik was crushed to death


by falling concrete, while Terrence Hughes


and Alex Vizitie were seriously hurt Dan Freedman was at Southwark


Crown Court this morning. We've just heard the cross-rail


contractor BFK are going to be fined ?300,000 for their part in the death


of working RRene Thacik who died in 2014. We can speak to his mother's


lawyer. She's Slovakian and doesn't speak a lot of English. So we have


Helen Clifford here. What is her reaction to this sentence? She's


extremely disappointed in the year that BFK killed Rene, 2014, their


turnover was ?317 million. So you think the fine is too little? It's


far too low, even when you combine the three fines together. It's just


far too low. Of course, we accept that it's not intebd tended to be a


reflection -- intended to be a reflection of the value of his life,


but it feels an insult. She's been attending from Slovakia at her own


expense. We understand that the firm are going to reimburse some of those


costs. They have agreed to reimburse some of those expenses exceeding


?6,000. She said, "I don't want that blood money. I've come here to


honour my son and look after him and his memory, she would like to donate


that sum to the construction safety campaign, because she wants Renee's


death to have some meaning. She wants to prevent other deaths. There


were two other cases today, with fines of ?600,000 and ?165,000 for


each one. They all concerns exclusion zones around dangerous


areas. It seems that wasn't happening systematically despite the


accidents happening on site. That's our concern. I act on behalf of Alex


Vizitie as well. The concern that I have is that I was first instructed


by him after the inquest into Renee's death. At the time of that


inquest, we were not made aware that his accident had occurred. The


family solicitor ending that report. There


The mayor's battle against air pollution continues today.


He's pledged ?42 million to help black cab drivers


The incentives will also encourage the purchase


More than 8,000 people have signed a petition calling on Bromley


council to withdraw its plans for a new museum at


the historic RAF Chapel of Remembrance in Biggin Hill.


As it stands, the museum will be built around the building,


but the vestry will be knocked down and veterans and residents say


Built with backing from Sir Winston Churchill St George's Chapel is a


permanent memorial to the airmen who lost their lives in World War II.


Their names listed at the alter. The chapel is now at the centre a row


between the local council and campaigners. The authority has


approved plans to build a new museum around the existing chapel. But


campaigners say the design is appalling. They claim that a small


vestry would have to be demolished. They're worried that visitors to the


chapel might end up paying the museum entrance fee and veterans are


worried that they're worried, that their funerals, which currently take


place in the chapel itself, won't be able to take place whilst work is


going on. The council has defended the plans. What's most important is


about securing the future of St George's Chapel at Biggin Hill


airport, internationally renowned airport. The vision is about


remembering the few and honouring the many, not just the pilots from


the Second World War, but the local residents, that have been, not


forgotten, but can be set down in memory and on film for the future.


It is never forgotten. The opportunity for a lot of young


people to experience that for the first time ever. The stained glass


window will be saved and is safe. There will be no costs to going to


the chapel on a regular basis. We are securing the future. With regard


to the design, it's subjective, I understand why some people don't


like. It I do. I think it will be wrong to have it too ambitious. The


council say the museum will open in November next year. But it continues


to be opposed by campaigners. It's RideLondon this weekend,


a few roads will be But what's the weather going to be


like for the cyclists. Well, Sunday probably the better


looking day of the weekend actually. Let's cut to the chase. What's it


going to do? We might see heavy showers around. I think most of us


will stay dry. Top temperatures 21 or 22 degrees Celsius and there'll


be good spells of sunshine for the ride from London to Surrey, back to


London again. Good luck if you're doing it. Let's back track to this


morning. Beautiful Croydon, lovely sun rise, a lot less pretty this


afternoon, though. We have showers towards the south. Most of us dry


until this evening. Plenty of cloud around and we'll see strengthening


south-westerly wind as well. Top temperatures of 20 or 21 degrees. It


is a bit disappointing for this time in July. If you're going out this


evening, just be aware that it's going to be really rather wet. We'll


see heavy outbreaks of rain, particularly through the small hours


of tomorrow morning and some rather gusty winds across south-eastern


areas of the capital, so Kent really for early risers tomorrow morning.


Lows of around 15 or 16 Celsius. This is the start of the day


tomorrow. I think we'll see brightness and sunshine. So it's a


nice first half of the day. Then the cloud amounts increase. We get more


rain up from the south heading into Saturday afternoon. You might want


to cancel the barbeque and night out. Wet on Saturday evening, Sunday


is looking better. The chance of one or two heavy showers, but mostly dry


and there'll be sunny spells as well. Highs of around 22 Celsius.


That's it from me. We're back with our evening programme at 6. 30pm.


For now, from myself and the rest of the team, have a good afternoon


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