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3 million customers. That is all. It is


The Metropolitan Police has told the BBC that stealing mopeds


and using them to commit robbery, has now become the "crime of choice"


Just last night, a man was left with facial


on a moped threw liquid at him in Knightsbridge.


In the last year, there were 50,000 deaths of motorbikes across London


and in the same year, motorcycle enabled crime troubled. Mopeds are


being stolen more regularly but also used often in acid attacks and last


night, there was what was believed to be an acid attack in


Knightsbridge. Later today, delivery riders will meet at the Mayor's


office to voice their concerns, including the victim of an acid


attack and the victim of a moped theft. On social media has a big


role to play in this? The BBC have seen inside a series of social media


accounts, locked accounts, which have been confirmed by a police


officer are showing criminality. On those accounts, you see photos of


riders with no number plates and fake plates and even what is


believed to be stolen bikes. And there is one video seemingly showing


a rider filming himself being pursued by the police. The


Metropolitan Police says it is using social media to catch those involved


in moped crime and working with owners and manufacturers to see what


more can be done. I think we will hear a lot more about this. For now,


thank you. Police had fireworks and other


missiles thrown at them as they tried to shut down a large


party in Vauxhall last night. The disturbance


was near Dorset Road, with reports that people were armed


with knives and a gun. Eight arrests were made


for violent disorder, while two women were taken


to hospital after Three police officers


suffered minor injuries. Bank of England workers


are staging their first strike in more than 50 years,


in a dispute over pay. Members of the Unite


Union working in departments including


maintenance and security have They're protesting about below


inflation pay rises of 1%. The Bank of England says it will


continue to operate as normal. Separately, the Bank of England has


been asked to provide details of the City of London's readiness


in being able to cope who's the new Chair


of the Treasury Select Committee. She also wants to know the Bank's


view on what a Brexit transition deal should look like to minimise


damage to the City. Death masks go back hundreds -


if not thousands - of years and were a way


of preserving the face Beethoven, Oliver Cromwell


and Napoleon all had them made shortly after their deaths -


and now it appears they're starting Gareth Furby has been to meet


a specialist in Highgate, who's taking orders for the masks -


from people who've lost loved-ones. So you've got the guy laying


here dead and I literally just pour it out of the bowl, and the whole


of his head is literally covered in this thick blue


moulding substance. This was the former


manager of a Soho club. The mask was commissioned


by his friends. That's exactly how he


looked when he died. And as you can see, it


picks up every detail. Nick Reynolds says he's now made


almost 100 death masks. The thing is, I only tend


to remember the famous But reminders, copies


of some of the masks, This was a guy that was executed in


Texas for a crime he didn't commit. I mean, it's the first


time I've done a corpse And in the kitchen,


which is Nick's workshop, One so recent, we've been


asked to hide the face, The last two I've


done have been young. You know, if you've got children,


and I've got two boys as well. But Nick says a death mask helps


some people deal with their grief. When somebody dies,


their loved-ones are still alive. They'll look at the photograph,


whatever, they'll have a weep. It is not three-dimensional,


it does not have any weight. Some people take the death


mask to bed with them. They wake up in the morning,


roll over and bingo, But they are tremendous cathartic


tools and they help people come I have had moments of, you know,


of just talking to it, you know. Joe Corre, who runs


the company Agent Provocateur, commissioned Nick to make


a death mask of his father, the artist and performer


Malcolm McLaren. I keep that out on top


of the cupboard with one A copy of the mask is now


in Highgate Cemetery. It was made while his body lay


in a morgue in Chalk Farm. My exact thought, I walked in,


wow, that's Malcolm, Nick's masks can cost


upwards of ?2,000. The Highgate Cemetery Trust


says if more death masks it would be good to see


more on display. Something you wear at weekends


or when you do sport? Well, thousands of footwear fanatics


- yes, footwear fanatics - are in East London this week


for Europe's biggest Buyers and sellers from around


the world are in Brick Lane to trade limited-edition footwear,


with some going for thousands. Bela Shah went down


to find out more. Here in Brick Lane, I'm surrounded


by footwear fanatics. Buyers and sellers, there's


everything from ?15 trainers to high The international market


for shoes like these So I've come to Europe's biggest


Sneaker Festival here in London to find out why this type


of footwear is so My shoe size is, like, size 13,


so I haven't found any my size yet. So I'm trying to make


myself a bit of money. Celebrity endorsements,


collaborations and limited editions have all played their part


in turning sneakers Buyers and collectors are now making


the most of the resale market. Estimated to be worth


nearly ?1 million. We have resellers here,


but the event started out for collectors who wanted to get rid


of a few pairs. Ronald Raichura co-founded the event


in 2009, when he left Social media helped massively and it


just grew from being like, 200 people to, like,


5,000 people in less than ten years. From celebrities to teenagers


and the very, very young, more and more people are cashing


in on the growing sneaker industry. And with some resellers making


thousands of pounds of profit Many of us have seen dry weather


today and plenty of sunshine. A glorious start in London, a bit of


high cloud, but some lovely blue skies and it has been quite


pleasant. However, we are starting to see a cloud bubbling up and


showers developing. This afternoon, looking at sunshine and showers. The


showers look like they will remain in the West, North West of London.


Do not be surprised if you see some across-the-board. Fewer and further


between. Further South and East, the dry and sunny it will be. The


temperature today, 23 Celsius. These showers stripped out of the way


overnight, becoming clear, the wind is light, minimum temperature,


14-16dC. A bright start tomorrow morning, but we see the cloud moving


in from the West and with that, some rain. Assistant and heavy for a


time, the wind will strengthen as well. -- persistent. Wet and windy


afternoon. You'll be able to see more


on the Death Masks story And it'll be on our Facebook page


later too so you'll be able to share On behalf of the lunchtime team,


have a very good afternoon. Experience the power


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