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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


Weapons - including two foot-long, serrated


"Zombie Knives" and a machete - have been found just


yards from a busy high street in East London.


They were discovered in Tower Hamlets, as part


of a new scheme that asks local people to look out for


Well, this is a new initiative in Tower Hamlets.


We know that violent gangsters, they don't always want to carry


around large weapons with them, for fear of getting caught.


So what they do is, they stash them in green spaces,


Weapons like this one, which was found in Poplar.


And this was actually found by a member of the


What the police are doing is enlisting the public's help to


search these huge areas, because they can't do it


with the officers that they have, getting the public


involved, creating awareness and taking


some of these weapons, and


these weapons here, off the streets of London.


I am joined by Detective Inspector Chris Saul,


Chris, it seems, if we look at these weapons, that it is


Yes, we are very pleased with the weapons we are finding. We are


enlisting local residents, local authorities and police, mobilising


together and accepting that it is not just a police problem or local


authority or public problem, it is all of our problem if we can


mobilise together, we can combat more effectively.


And how do you train members of the public to go out with


you and perform the sort of searches that police officers would normally


We give them a full safety briefed tint to begin with. Then we pair


them up to begin with with a police officer, they would walk through the


Open space they are searching methodically, slowly and above all


else safely. At the end, when we have found things, we get together


and we have a debriefing and make sure everyone understands what they


have found. OK, Chris Soole,


thank you very much. Well, so far, they have


conducted three searches this one of them,


off London's streets. Well, elsewhere in East London,


a man in his twenties was stabbed Police say two other people


were injured during the incident, A woman whose family was fundraising


to pay her medical bills, after she suffered a suspected heart


attack while on holiday Heather Pyke, who was 62


and from East London, Her family began a crowdfunding


campaign to bring her home because of confusion


over travel insurance. A pensioner from Essex says


he's considering giving up his life-saving hospital


treatment because he has to wait so long for transport


to and from appointments. Ronald Dean goes to hospital three


times a week for dialysis, but says he often spends hours


waiting for an ambulance. Ron Dean is ready, but will his


ambulance turn up on time? For three days a week,


this is his life. He just sits waiting for two hours


in the morning, sometimes longer, and we just have to sit


here and wait all the time Oh, I've got used to it


now, but it's terrible. His partner has tried to find out


why they're often late. Not enough ambulances,


not enough workers, Ron has diabetes and


can't drive anymore. He is reliant on the patient pick-up


service to make the 45 minute journey to Cambridge


for his dialysis. Some go by taxi and,


last year, the East of England Ambulance Service spent


over ?1 million on cabs. There will always be teething


problems, but when we look at the quality and the experience


of our patients in that service, one of the ways in which we measure


that is, what percentage of patient contacts result in a complaint


or a compliment? Now, what that tells me


is that in excess of 99% of patients actually have a really


positive experience. On time today, he needs this


dialysis to stay alive. But Ron often has to wait


when his treatment ends and has This evening, his partner Florence


gets ready for his return. Sometimes, that can


be as late as 8pm. At that time, he won't want his tea,


after nine hours away from home. A minute's silence will be held


at the Notting Hill Carnival later this month -


to remember the victims The Carnival route passes


within half a kilometre Organisers say they'll halt


the music at 3 o'clock, to show respect for their grieving


friends and neighbours. Legoland has applied


to build a large extension The plans include three new rides,


accommodation and parking. Its owner, Merlin Entertainments


Group, says it's part of a long-term Over 300 years after opening


its doors, Britain's oldest wine merchant has decided it's finally


time to modernise its 'Berry Brothers Rudd'


was founded in 1698 and, for much of that time,


it's supplied wine But as Sarah Harris has been finding


out, the shop has now had to adapt For hundreds of years,


this was the place in London to come Berry Brothers Rudd is the oldest


wine merchants in the country. Kings, Admirals and artists have


passed through its timber Centuries ago, some


believed it to be the place One of the quirks of coming to buy


you wine from your London merchant back in the 19th Century was that


customers would weigh One of the famous clients


was Lord Byron, the poet, and he was concerned


about his weight. And he went on that not-so-famous


diet of white wine and dry biscuits. But, you will be surprised to learn,


it did actually work. He started out at 13


stone, nearly 14 stone, and five years later,


he was just over nine stone. Good wine in moderation is still


known for its health benefits, even if weight loss isn't


one of them. Jordi's family have kept the best


vintages here for generations. He says most customers now


are looking to know where their wine comes from and would rather have


quality, not quantity. When people come in,


if they are buying a bottle, And that wine is important to them


and they want to be involved Online sales put many retail


outlets out of business, but a new shop here is making


tasting and buying wine They don't really come just


for buying a bottle of wine. They are looking for an experience,


to explore new regions, So for many Londoners, it seems


coming to sample your own wine in person is not so much of a chore,


but a retail experience. Though if you're expecting to lose


weight like Lord Byron, A rather grey day, not much rain so


far, but we have seen rather grey skies. They will continue to darken


through the afternoon as the rain edges closer. You will get outbreaks


of rain, but it will be wet and windy towards this evening's


rush-hour. The rain moving from the South and a strengthening southerly


breeze. It is going to become quite windy and wet through the rush hour


and it feels fairly call, the maximum temperature 17-19dC. The


rain continues this evening and overnight, but hanging onto the


breeze which its North and East and through the early hours of tomorrow


morning, the rain should clear. Clearer spells through the Thursday


morning. Not too chilly overnight. Temperature is not dropping to bar,


around 15 Celsius. Tomorrow, a drier day with sunny spells, we will see


some showers, but they will blow through quickly on a south-westerly


breeze. Riz will be here with our


6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. The latest of our Premier League


commentaries for you this season, the whole game in full


here on 5 Live. It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. One of the most sensational


Premier League games in history. This is Daniel Sturridge,


round the goalkeeper, and scores for Liverpool


what could be a crucial goal.


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