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That is all. It is goodbye from me. On


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


Residents of a tower block in Camden have told the BBC that they don't


feel safe in their homes, despite urgent fire safety work


The work took place on the Chalcots estate following the Grenfell Tower


fire, but some residents feel that it's incomplete.


The council disputes this, and says it was signed off


by independent building control officers and the blocks are safe.


What was the urgent work that needed doing at the Chalcots?


Camden council invited the London Fire Brigade to carry out an


enhanced fire safety check inside these four towers. All 23 storeys,


in which around 3000 people live. What the Fire Brigade identified was


that urgent internal safety work needed to be done to the communal


areas. That work involved a range of measures that basically would stop


fire spreading from one part of a building to another. The council say


the work is done and signed off but residents have told us they don't


feel safe, that the work is shoddy and incomplete and could put lives


at risk. What did you see at the state? I was taken ruddy block


called Taplow by a resident. Camden council asked us to stop recording


but I managed to take some photographs. Here is one of a fire


door leading to the blog's only fire escape. You can see seals designed


to stop smoke and fire peeling off. That was repeated several times in


the building. The fire door doesn't shut and another one took only a


minute to close, it should take just a few seconds. In the stairwell, the


only fire escape, these stairs should have nonslip strips that are


luminous in the dark, they were either missing or degraded. And that


was repeated throughout the building. There were a host of other


problems that viewers can look at online. Inside the flat, what's


interesting is that fire safety checks don't seem to have been done


to the same extent. One resident asked me to come in and she showed


me exposed electrical cables boxed in with cardboard. Experts have told


us that that should be a metal box and that it poses a huge fire safety


risk. What have the council and Fire Brigade had to say? We put the


specific allegations to the council and invited the leader live.


Unfortunately, she declined the invitation. The council said urgent


work to contain fires was completed and signed off by independent old in


control from two other London boroughs and the council worked


closely with the Fire Brigade. A food delivery company says it's


bringing in new safety measures to protect its drivers


from being attacked It follows a series of acid attacks


where delivery drivers have been Around 450 assaults were recorded


by police in London last year. London is currently in the midst


of a moped crimewave. Three weeks ago, delivery driver


Jabeed Hussain was the first victim in a series of five acid attacks


in 90 minutes in north-east London. I was just running


on the street like a crazy. In the last year, the Met Police


recorded more than 16,000 incidents involving motorised two-wheeled


vehicles, compared with So the company is


adding new features. After I'm marked delivered,


I get the opportunity to give some feedback to the network


as to whether the delivery We have had delivery feedback


for a few weeks now, so prior to the terrible attacks,


but adding safety concerns as an explicit option


as a response to those incidents. Deliveroo drivers are all


self-employed, so not entitled They also all use their own bikes


and mopeds to deliver. Do you feel guilty at all


that they are putting themselves they don't get repairs


to bikes, things like that? As I said before, the safety


of our riders is the most important thing to us,


and it's our responsibility as a company to step up our efforts


so that they can feel safe For Jabeed, the fear


of being attacked again means he now won't work after ten o'clock


at night, and he says other The mother of Sally Anne Bowman,


who was murdered in Croydon in 2005, says her daughter's remains have had


to be exhumed after her grave Linda Bowman told a newspaper that


"cruel people" had targeted the 18-year-old's burial place four


times in six months. She said her daughter's


remains were removed An investigation into the Croydon


tram crash is likely to call for a system to be introduced


to prevent serious accidents due to travelling at excessive


speed at high-risk spots. Seven people died and 51


were injured in November last year. The Rail Accident Investigation


Branch says it's also likely its final report will call


for improvements to windows and doors to keep passengers


inside the coaches. The World Athletics Championships


get under way tomorrow - the biggest event of its kind


in the UK since London It's hoped it'll inspire the next


generation to give athletics a go. Jessica Creighton has been to meet


some of the children getting active This is not your typical


athletics venue but, for these young people,


this is their stage, London 2017 will be the biggest


athletics event this country has I'm here in west London


with these young people, who have seen their stars


on the screen and now they're going to try


the sport out for themselves. Who better to give some tips


than a European gold medallist? You can meet new friends


from the estate that you probably wouldn't have met on a normal day,


and something like this encourages them to communicate with each other,


make it fun and enjoyable. These World Championships will see


some of the biggest stars in athletics competing on the track,


and there's none bigger Normally, I think what happens


is they might watch the Olympics or they might watch Mo Farah


or Usain Bolt and then sometimes there's not somewhere for them to go


and they'll forget about it until four years later,


when it's the next Olympics We wanted to try and capture that


spirit at the right time. They've tried athletics


for themselves. Now they'll be able to watch


the pros in action live at the World Championships


through this project. And who knows how many might go


on to emulate their heroes? Now it's time for a check on the


weather with Elizabeth Rizzini. We've seen some sunny spells around


today and also some showers. What this photo doesn't show


you is how windy it is, and it's going to stay pretty


blustery for much of The south-westerly wind really


strengthening at times. Some more spells of brightness


and sunshine, but always quite a lot of cloud,


and still a small chance of one or two fleeting showers,


particularly out towards the west. Top temperatures of


around 21 or 22 Celsius. The wind still quite


gusty into this evening, some late spells of sunshine,


and overnight tonight we should stay Temperatures down to


around 14 or 15 degrees. The wind will start to ease off


as we head into tomorrow morning. We start on a nice,


bright, sunny note. We keep sunny spells


around through the day. Crucially, the winds


are going to be lighter tomorrow, so it will feel pleasantly warm


in the sunshine. Still quite breezy though,


and temperatures slightly higher as well, 23 degrees will be the peak


of the temperatures For the weekend, it will feel


a couple of degrees cooler, Some of our temperatures away


from the towns dipping back Saturday, some sunny spells,


some afternoon showers. On Sunday, it's looking


dry with some sunshine. Riz Lateef will be here at 6:30


with our evening news programme. You can also take a look at our


website at the usual address - The BBC Proms celebrates


the extraordinary film music in a concert to mark


his 85th birthday.


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