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Welcome to BBC London News. I'm Claudia-Liza Armah.


Thousands of Londoners face weeks of severe disruption, as major


engineering work begins at one of the UK's busiest stations.


From tonight, 10 platforms at Waterloo will close for nearly


a month, causing a huge reduction in trains.


South West Trains and Network Rail admit it will cause


Paul Clifton explains what's about to happen, and why.


You don't close half of Britain's busiest station


These platforms, one to four, are shorter than Waterloo's other


platforms across there. So these ones will be dug up, the tracks


removed and the platforms extended. As ten of the 19 platforms close,


five others will open. The former Eurostar platforms will


briefly be brought back into use. So we are just advising passengers


to plan ahead, consider travelling at quieter times of the day and to


prepare FRIC use at stations. -- for Hughes.


Out of sight of passengers, this is a monumental challenge


for the train planners in the control centre at Basingstoke.


What happens between tonight and the 28th of August has


There is contingency in terms of what we can provide for passengers,


whether that is extra staff at stations, water, ice creams, spare


trains on the route which we can bring in at short notice. But it is


a very challenging project. When it's finished,


there will be longer platforms for new, longer trains,


carrying 45,000 more But in the meantime,


hardly anyone is seriously expecting Today is the deadline for people


to have their say over the public The consultation on what should be


looked into closes tonight, but there's already been anger


and distrust about the inquiry The BBC's Michael Cowan has been


hearing from one survivor about her own difficult journey


over the past 7 weeks. We first met you the day after the


fire. We then met you a week after the fire. How far do you think you


have moved on from that? I'm still not in a good place. I wouldn't call


it a good place. I'm on medication. I've gotten help through


counselling. So that is good. One thing you have told me that has been


worrying you is the abuse that Grenfell survivors are getting from


certain members of the public. What sort of abuse are we talking about?


It is Internet abuse, very nasty comments, some of them I wouldn't


repeat. Very nasty comments. People thinking we are having a free ride.


We are not having a free ride. We didn't want to be in the fire. We


didn't burn the tower by ourselves. No. It is something that happened.


We didn't ask for it. We are now living in hotels. Nobody wants to


live in a hotel for a month or more than a month. It would happen to you


tomorrow and I would be the one trying to hold you up. Lift you up


out of your tragedy. So please, stop, whoever they are, stop. Just


stop. That was Lillian, one of the


survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire talking to our reporter.


The family of a black man who died in East London


after being restrained by police are calling for "openness


It comes after it was confirmed that the object removed


from Rashan Charles' throat was a mixture of paracetamol


The 20-year-old's death sparked protests on the streets.


A leading children's charity is calling on London councils to do


more to support young people when they leave the care system,


to stop them becoming unemployed or even homeless.


Five London councils have now made care leavers exempt from paying


But the Children's Society says more needs to be done.


They are quite vulnerable, so there are facing things like teenage


pregnancy. At just eight years old, the local council begin this man's


parents. When he was old enough to leave care, the council moved into


his own flat. After five years in my own place, I had to move. I have


never been as trusting since. Just a few months later, bailiffs weren't


knocking at his door. They said police when they knocked on the


door. That was scary in itself. I wondered what I had done. When they


said it was for council tax and the amount, I was dismayed. Many young


people struggle leaving home to live in the wrong. But for young people


leaving social care it is harder. For those living in London, one of


the UK's most expensive cities, it is even worse. That is why Fife


councils have scrap council tax for De Jong care leavers under the age


of 25. Tower Hamlets houses around 300 young care leavers. They are one


of the councils exempting them from council tax. It is not a massive


amount out of the council budget and it will make a massive difference to


those young people until the age of 25. We showed a leading charity some


of the experiences of the young care leavers who spoke to us. 50% of


cancers are providing financial education. -- councils. If you are


managing a household budget at 18, responsible for council tax, you


need more support to make that happen. He hopes care leavers across


the capital will benefit in the same way that he has. Be little hope that


you do for them, it will really benefit them and put a smile on


those young faces. Women at risk of breast


cancer returning could be identified in the future,


following new tests The Institute of Cancer Research


says women with large numbers of immune cells in and around


tumours, are 25% more likely to relapse than women with more


evenly dispersed cells. Charities hope that it could be


added to existing prognosis tests. Now, after months of preparation,


the World Athletics Championship kicks off right here


in London tonight. Of course, most eyes


are on Usain Bolt's But among those who could find


themselves lining up against him is 21-year-old Reece Prescod


from Waltham Forest, who qualified thanks


to his surprise win at the British I'm not going in under pressure to


win or might get to the final. I don't like to put that pressure on


myself. As long as I can do the best I can do and I am happy, that is all


I can do. Good luck. Well, we might be in


August but the weather Good afternoon. It feels a lot more


like August today. Lovely sunny start. We have seen more cloud


developer. But still some brightness and sunny spells around. Through the


rest of the afternoon, the chance of some showers. Most of us will stay


dry Mac. The winds lighter. Top temperatures 23 or 24. There will be


more sunny spells around this evening. Some late brightness. And


overnight tonight, we will see clear spells. For the most part, staying


dry. Early risers should start of the day with some sunshine. It will


feel cooler over the course of the weekend. Through the late morning


into the afternoon, the risk of heavy thundery downpours,


particularly north of the M4 corridor towards the Home Counties.


They could be anywhere. Expect heavy showers. Sunny spells in between. 21


Celsius. A nice evening on Saturday. It will feel quite cool.


Temperatures could dip back into single figures. A chilly start for


this time of the year to Sunday morning. Sunday dry, spells of


sunshine. Top temperatures of 23.


That's about it from the lunch time team.


Louisa Preston will be here with our evening


But for now, from all of us, have a very good afternoon.


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