07/08/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is calling on internet providers


like YouTube to remove videos that encourage knife crime.


He says the move could save lives and wants the internet giant


to crack down on those who post material that glamorises


Our political correspondent Karl Mercer has been


Can I say I'm really angry with YouTube and Google for the stance


All of us have a role to play when it comes to


tackling knife crime and tackling gun crime, particularly in the


context where it is going that the police


There is a specialist team of 80 officers tackling the issue of knife


crime and increased use of intelligence-led stop and search.


We have invested record amounts in prevention strategies, diverting


people away from gangs and knife crime.


But actually we have specific examples of where YouTube is being


used as a platform to incite violence against others.


The police, who have the expertise and the


intelligence, have let YouTube and Google know,


and it beggars belief that they have their


head in the sand and have not taken action.


But it's not just down to the companies like


There is a parental responsibility there and


kind of taking care of what your children are watching online is part


Anybody who has got kids will recognise how hard it is


to police them 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Young people, like others, have access to the Internet


And by the way, I'm a firm believer in freedom


This is not about denying freedom of expression, this


is about the police, with their expertise


and intelligence, saying to YouTube and Google, we have these


four examples of films that have been viewed now more than 350,000


times, that could well be inciting violence.


The Mayor, Sadiq Khan, speaking to our Political Correspondent,


As we've been hearing, hundreds of thousands of people


who use Waterloo station are facing weeks of disruption while


Half the platforms have been shut, which will significantly reduce


the number of trains able to use Waterloo.


A number of other stations will be shut while the works are carried


out, and surrounding stations including Clapham Junction and


Not your regular Monday morning on the way into Waterloo.


Partly the holidays, partly people preparing for today.


Russell commutes every day from Grateley to Covent Garden.


Network Rail's advise for people not to travel over the next three weeks


My clients are in London so I have a meeting today,


I can't rearrange it so I have to go in.


Keith has commuted from Salisbury to Waterloo for over 30 years.


He has seen overcrowding become a pressing problem.


Significantly increased in volume over that period of time.


London is growing, continually growing.


The infrastructure needs to improve to actually cater for that.


But today the platforms and trains remained half full.


It is actually going a lot slower but it's very quiet.


So as a commuter, that must be quite nice, having a bit more space?


Pulling into Waterloo and work is underway.


Ten platforms closed while they are lengthened


to increase capacity by 30%, at a cost of ?800 million.


The journey was fine, slow, I'm here three quarters of an hour


So a leisurely commute but both men are late for work and unsure


what awaits them on the way out of Waterloo after work.


A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of murder


following a fatal shooting in Chelmsford on Saturday morning.


It happened at a petrol station on Baddow Road.


The victim's been named as 34-year-old John Pordage.


Three other people have been arrested on suspicion


A cabbie's shelter and a Jewish cemetery are the latest buildings


in London to be listed, 70 years after the


The shelter in Grosvenor Gardens, one of only a handful left


in London, has been given Grade 2 listed status, as have


the funeral buildings at the Willesden Jewish Cemetery.


The listings scheme was set up to protect historic buildings


after many were damaged in the Second World War.


A man has been sentenced to life in prison for setting fire


Jason Fossett was seen on CCTV piling bin bags up against a fire


exit at The Two Brewers before setting fire to them back in March.


Fossett previously served eight years for starting another


There's no suggestion that it was a hate crime.


It's thought to be London's first pub theatre since


But from the end of the year, the King's Head in Islington will no


The company that's been there since 1970 is moving


to a new development nearby, as Alice Salfield reports.


A man, a flat, a car... It's not a houseboy, it's a cleaner! He's an


actor! Make no mistake, the actor who have trod the boards here are no


joke. All of the great and good head started their career here often in


this tiny room at the back of a pub. Whether it is Joanna Lumley or Alan


Rickman. And after 47 years at its landmark location in a pub on Upper


Street, the company is set to move. And distance wise it is not very far


that they are moving. This building is the current dressing room of the


King's Head Theatre and this will be the box office entrance to the


brand-new building. From next autumn it will be housed in a purpose-built


venue in the new ?400 million Islington Square development. It


will have a 250 seat auditorium as well as a smaller studio and a bar.


You have got to do something! League night is currently performing in his


first play at the pub theatre and is looking forward to the new


opportunities -- Lee Knight. The arts are always under pressure and


having a new space is something exciting for the good and that can


only be great for actors and the work, there will be more work


created and more jobs for people behind the scenes. The executive


director of the theatre said it is about keeping the doors open. Our


history is wonderful and this building holds a lot of memories for


a lot of people. But it is not sustainable. And the truth is that


this move is means the King's Head Theatre will survive. I hope it does


not change the ambience that is in-depth because you can feel the


buzz created. We only come for the theatre. We have a drink when we


come but I don't think it will change much. The pub will remain and


the old theatre space will be turned into a dining room whilst the new


theatre hopes to continue its legacy of launching the careers of London's


actors. It rather feels as though summer has


disappeared. Now the weather with


Georgina Burnett. Fairly grumpy skies and the stubborn


cloud staying put this afternoon. This was a familiar scene captured


in Bromley this morning and thank you to our weather watchers for


their pictures. A fairly cloudy end to the date and we have this band of


showery rain coming from the West. Further south and east, more chance


of missing it, maybe one or two spots with a south-westerly breeze


and temperatures up to about 21 degrees. The rain will clear to the


east overnight and then move north and some clear spells developing but


the further north and west you are the more chance of the cloud staying


put with lows of 13 or 14. Tomorrow, another wet day, the Met office as a


yellow warning in place for rain as we are expecting some heavy and


thundery downpours from 11am to 9pm and a further yellow warning on


Wednesday the other whole day. Tomorrow, this rain band and some


rain coming up from the Channel so it might be that you are the meat in


the middle and get away with a few showers but limited brightness and


some fairly heavy rain at times with temperatures only reaching about 19


or 20 Celsius. The wind will pick up, another wet day on Wednesday


hence that warning but Thursday it had an improving picture with drier


and brighter conditions and sunny spells and similar on Friday. The


temperature is doing their best but only really making it to the high


teens. Riz Lateef will be here


with our 6.30pm evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon.