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Welcome to BBC London News. - so it's goodbye from me -


A 15-year-old boy has been killed in a stabbing in Croydon.


He's the second teenager to be stabbed to death


Detectives have launched a murder investigation today.


Sonja Jessup has the latest from Thornton Heath.


Yet another police cordon in London, yet another young life lost to knife


crime, this one a schoolboy, just 15 years old. This latest stabbing


happened here in Thornton Heath late last night. Police and paramedics


rushed down here but could not say the teenager, he was pronounced dead


just before midnight. Local residents told me they are sick of


the violence and fear for their families. These are young men and


they have to go out and enjoy themselves, work, go to football,


whatever they want to do with their friends. They are supposed to be


able to do that and come home safely, but it is not happening. It


is like we are living in the wild west around here now. I was speaking


to a guy in the cafe and he said there have been about 12 stabbings


in the last three weeks. It is madness, it is silly what they are


doing to one another. Now I can see lots of changes and it is hurtful


really because a lot of it seems like black gangs and they are


fighting against each other. Why? I don't know. The murder of the


15-year-old comes just 24 hours after another stabbing, a


19-year-old man killed on Old Kent Road in south-east London. Police


have not named the 15-year-old victim here and so far no arrests


victim here and so far no arrests have been made.


The Home Secretary has backed the use of stop and search to tackle


Writing in The Times, Amber Rudd said she supports police


using stop and search to also deal with other offences,


Yesterday the Met Commissioner Cressida Dick told the BBC she's


The London Fire Brigade has drafted in 60 counsellors to help treat


traumatised firefighters who tackled the blaze at Grenfell Tower.


The figure is more than ten times the number of counsellors


Crew involved in the rescue operation have described seeing


The husband of a woman who's been imprisoned in Iran says


he won't bring their daughter back to London without


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe from Hampstead was arrested


in Tehran last April after visiting family.


Their two-year-old daughter is able to return to the UK.


But her father Richard says he had promised his wife


Now, when a British Paralympian was forced to wet herself on a train


journey, she was given a government promise that that would never happen


Nearly a year on and Anne Wafula-Strike from Harlow says that


I am a Paralympian, I have an MBE, but last year I was forced


to wet myself on a train because the accessible


It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life.


Recent research suggests as many as 40% of restaurants and 30%


of shopping centres don't have disabled loos.


The Equality Act states, businesses have a legal duty to make


reasonable adjustments to accommodate them.


And despite promises from the Rail Minister that no one


will go through what I went through, it is still happening.


Virgin Trains has since had to apologise to passenger Chris.


I booked a journey to Birmingham six weeks in advance


and they knew I was coming, but I found the toilet was out


of order when I got on the train and I ended up wetting myself


So I have decided to go to the Rail Minister


He tells me they are working on an action plan to


I am hoping when people see the accessibility action plan


they will see in it a range of ideas that not just makes sure that


passengers get a better service on the day, but that we can work


more tactically and more strategically to make sure that more


toilets are in service on trains in the first place.


The action plan is due to be rolled out later this summer,


but it is not clear yet exactly what it will contain.


Earlier this year a government committee recommended changing


places toilets should be made compulsory in all buildings


So far, no legislation has been put in place to make that happen.


So it seems for the time being some disabled people


Now, what do Ed Sheeran, Bob Geldof and Jessie J have in common?


Well, they started out busking on the Tube!


Now London Underground is giving other budding musicians


They'll have to impress a panel of expert judges


Pass that and they'll get the chance to play to thousands of commuters.


Nearly five million journeys are made on London's Underground


every day, so it is no surprise the musicians want to get


a license to busk to be heard by as many people as possible.


Transport for London don't just give out those licenses,


they hold a proper audition, so I'm with one of the people


who were successful last time round, Nicola Hogg.


The audition process was very much like any


audition that I have been to before, scary.


You really want that thing and you put your heart on the table


and you are kind of like hoping that you want to get it.


Yeah, scary but exciting at the same time.


Definitely because I love music and this was an amazing opportunity


to play on the Underground and busk and go out every day


Busking is amazing and to me it means opportunity,


it gives you that opportunity to go out and share your music.


Do you manage to make a lot of money doing it as well?


I make enough to live and, yeah, just keep progressing.


Thank you, Nicola, enjoy your experience.


The auditions are only held once every two years.


Applications are open, they close this Sunday,


and then the auditions will take place later this month.


The Thames Clipper boat service will be extended to Gravesend next


from the town's pontoon before being taken to central London


during a total journey time of one hour and ten minutes.


Passengers will be asked to fill in a survey about the service becoming


permanent. Highbury and Islington Station


was forced to close earlier today after heavy rain


flooded its ticket hall. Passengers were told trains weren't


stopping at the north London Station while work was done


to clear the water. The station eventually


reopened at around midday. Well, it has not been an especially


pleasant day so far. We have had grey skies


and scenes like this. There has been a lot


of rain around on all our Weather Watchers' pictures today,


showing puddles, raindrops. And heavy enough to cause


a few problems as well. We've had a little bit of localised


flooding here and there. This afternoon it is going to stay


rather wet and rather cool. The Met Office has a yellow weather


warning in place until tonight You can see it moving


through, you may get And a northerly breeze as well,


so with the cloud and the rain, So really not good for


the middle of August. Overnight tonight rest


assured that the rain Behind that some clearer


spells so by dawn, Temperatures between 11


and 13 degrees Celsius. So for tomorrow morning a much


better start to the day, some breaks in the cloud,


so brighter spells and some A bit more cloud perhaps


in the afternoon, the risk of a shower, but most places


managing to stay dry. It is going to feel pleasantly warm


in the sunshine as well. The temperatures making


a bit of a recovery It stays in the same vein really,


not so much in the way of rain around and still the risk


of a shower, but some brighter spells and temperatures


staying in the low 20s. Riz will be here with our


6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. The second half, Jermaine,


very much... ..this season,


the whole game in full It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. The second half, Jermaine,


very much...


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