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Hello and good afternoon from BBC London News.


Our top story this lunchtime: Ten people have been injured


after a double decker bus crashed into a kitchen showroom


near Clapham Junction station this morning.


Three of them were taken to hospital, including


told a nurse he blacked out before the crash.


Ayshea, there were two people trapped on the top deck


Yes, that is right. If you look over my shoulder you can probably see the


bus is still lodged inside the shop on Lavender Hill, not far from


Clapham Junction station and it is still cordoned off to the traffic


and the public. Just before seven o'clock this morning the bus veered


off the street and into the shop front of the kitchen design showroom


and two women were trapped on board the bus on the top deck. There were


ten passengers also on the bus and one of them said what he saw.


There was an overhang and it started coming into the bus and entered a


window and crushing the bus on the top floor. It went maybe four or


five seats deep before the bus came to a stop. There was a lot of


screaming from passengers on the bus. There was a lady in the front


right seed and you could only see the upper half of her body. She was


screaming for help and there was blood.


Ten passengers were treated at the scene and those two women were


rescued by London Fire Brigade. One of them spoke to us about how they


did it. I carried on all of our front line fire appliances and our


special rescue units have a variety of tools and we used a number of


those instruments to make safe space to get the passengers out. Have you


been able to find out any more about how this happen? An eyewitness has


claimed the bus driver lost consciousness and had some sort of


fit and that is why he lost control of the bus, but that has not been


verified. Transport for London are investigating and London Fire


Brigade have been on board all morning doing their own


investigation. The shop owners, a German company, said no one was in


the shop at the time because it had not opened, but their thoughts are


with the driver and all the passengers who were injured.


The government has said it won't be providing the London Fire Brigade


with more money after it asked for help in buying extra equipment.


The request was made in the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire


and included new breathing apparatus and longer ladders.


Our Political Correspondent Karl Mercer reports.


The Grenfell fire led to calls for London's fire


It had to borrow an aerial ladder from Surrey and a drone from Kent


London's fire commissioner then drew up a list of new equipment


The Mayor has said he'll raid savings to find the six million


pounds needed but wants the government to cover the cost.


I have had an initial response from the Home Secretary which I regret to


say is not encouraging and stresses it is a matter for the GLA to manage


with its existing funding. The message is the Fire Brigade one spot


kick, City Hall will have to pay for it.


How can we afford all this without the government's help? There will be


problems in the future for the London Fire Brigade. Let's fund our


Fire Brigade properly and I ask the Home Secretary, think again. Sadiq


Khan has been elected the Mayor of London and understands the situation


in London and he has made that call and he is doing it for a reason.


The Mayor says paying for the new kit could mean scenes


like this in the coming years with the potential for fire station


closures and the loss of jobs as was seen three years ago


The Home Secretary's letter says City Hall is getting enough money


People living on the canals near Tottenham say more needs to be


done to protect them after a spate of violent attacks.


There've been at least eight thefts in just over a week -


some of which saw people threatened with knives or assaulted.


All the victims were punched and kicked whilst


they were on the floor, even after relinquishing


That shows and demonstrates the people we're dealing with here.


Next, she went from soap star to pop star, but then Martine McCutcheon


The former EastEnders actress has opened up


about her years of ill health, sometimes struggling


Now, at the age of 41, she's attempting a career comeback.


It was the last in a long line of things.


From finding fame as barmaid Tiffany in Eastenders


# This is my moment, this is my perfect moment with you...


Martine McCutcheon shot to stardom on stage and screen,


it seemed she had it all, but then she lost everything.


Things were bad, there were things I couldn't get up and move at all,


The one thing I could do that cost nothing was just


She had been diagnosed with ME and Lyme disease,


but as she wrote about the difficult times an idea for a new album


# The stars around the constellation...


Aptly titled Lost And Found the songs tell the story


Do you feel quite vulnerable putting it out there because it is all you,


it is very personal, it is very raw?


At first it is very exciting and then I went oh.


All this stuff that was so personal to me is going to be out there.


But I also think that is probably why it has connected so well


because there are a lot of people who go out as well,


pretending to have this brave, perfect face and they can sometimes


be crumbling inside and hopefully they can own the songs and make


them their own and relate to some of the stuff.


So hopefully some good has come out of the dark times, you know.


She credits her husband, songwriter Jack McManus,


Home is now in South Mawsley and she says she couldn't be happier.


I do love driving up the A3 starting to feel the softness of Surrey


It has taken a long time, but how lucky am I?


How lucky am I that I have got a lovely family and a lovely


That takes us to the weather then with Lucy Martin.


Yesterday we were receiving photos like these, some very wet scenes,


but fast forward to today and it was a much drier,


brighter picture, with even some blue skies coming in.


Here's what's going on in the charts.


High pressure pushing in from the south-west.


We're seeing the back of the weather front that brought the rain


yesterday clearing out to the south-east.


It won't be long before the next weather front


brings outbreaks of rain, but for this afternoon it looks


like it will be largely dry with good spells of sunshine.


If we put the detail onto the map, the best of the brightness always


Most people staying dry but there's the chance


where the cloud becomes thick enough.


Temperatures reaching a maximum of 21-22 Celsius.


As we move through this evening the cloud will


Overnight the cloud melting away which will allow temperatures


to fall away to an overnight low of 10-12 Celsius.


There's the chance of seeing the odd patch of mist forming first thing.


A fairly fresh but bright start to the day tomorrow,


The cloud will tend to increase as the weather front moves


in from the North West, bringing some showery outbreaks


Just one or two showers to look out for on Saturday.


Riz will be here with all the latest on our 6:30 evening programme.


For now though have a lovely afternoon.


Being on stage or screen doesn't faze these celebrities.


But how will they manage on MasterChef?


You need a bigger toaster. Do you think?


It will be tasty. Are you telling me?


Are you letting me loose with a blowtorch? Argh!


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