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On BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News.


The gas supply to hundreds of homes in four tower blocks in South


London has been cut due to safety fears.


Residents are being evacuated to temporary accommodation


The issue with the gas supply was discovered during


an investigation into safety prompted by the Grenfell Fire.


Simon Jones is there - Simon, what have residents been told?


Yes, after they were told this by Southwark council they discovered


potentially another big problem. Gas was supplied to these buildings when


they were constructed from about 1968 until 1970 but in new and there


had been a nearby tower block where there had been a gas explosion and


that cause part of the building to collapse on top of each other and


that led to four deaths. In the week that -- wake of that gas was fitted


in buildings like these ones and there are needed to be improvements


to the structure of the building. Southwark council believed that had


actually happened. But now they have done further checks and they are not


convinced this building was actually strengthened as it was supposed to


be, so potentially if there were a gas explosion it could be very


serious. So that is why they have decided to turn off the gas supplies


for these four buildings straightaway. Residents have been


sent a letter saying in the coming weeks they will need to be evacuated


as the work is due to be carried out. The council says it recognises


this will cause a big problem for a lot of people but they say the


safety for the public has to be the number one priority.


I totally understand residents are worried,


and I really understand why they are worried.


What I would like to see to reassure residents is that as soon as we knew


about the issue with the gas, we have turned that gas supply off


to make sure residents are safe as they possibly can be.


There will be an inconvenience unfortunately as a consequence


of that, but we are working round the clock to get


a more permanent fix in around this as well.


I've been speaking to some of the residents and some of them are very


upset that potentially they have been living in these buildings for


years when they have not been safe. In the meantime the council is


giving people a electrical hot plates so they can carry on cooking,


but they save people need a hot shower they will need to go to


nearby leisure centres, so it will be a big inconvenience for people.


Some are very concerned about it but the council is stressing it has to


put safety first. That was Simon with that report.


Four people have been treated for breathing in smoke


following a fire on a Bakerloo line train this morning.


Oxford Circus station was evacuated.


The fire was caused by an electrical fault under one of the carriages.


Transport for London says it's investigating,


A 16-year-old boy and an 18-year-old woman have been arrested


over the murder of a schoolboy in Croydon, who was attacked


Jermaine Goupall, who was 15, was with his friends


in Thornton Heath on Tuesday night, when they were confronted by three


A post mortem's revealed he died of a stab wound to his leg.


It's been billed as the ultimate experience for Abba superfans -


a new restaurant in Waterloo - where else?


Where diners will be entertained with songs


But some local residents aren't happy, saying it's being built


on land that's supposed to be set aside for social housing.


Well, I'm at the edge of the Coin Street residential development just


between the IMAX and Oxo Tower near the South Bank.


The plans are for this car park to be turned into a


restaurant and nightclub, based on the Abba Mamma Mia musical.


The resident as you can see I'm not a


I'm joined by one of them here this morning.


This land has been empty for almost 20 years and in that 20 is not one


single flat or house has been built for social housing which is the


remit of the developers group, so they have decided to build a


nightclub, which is wholly unacceptable, bearing in mind that


could be 4000 or 5000 people per week pouring out onto our local


street and causing noise pollution. They say they will be mindful of


local residents. There is no longer line that can tell people how to get


home so when they leave here it will be uncontrollable, to control 500


people per night seven nights a week, drinking for up to five hours.


If you look around you we are completely surrounded by residents,


up to 2000 students at at Kings College, flats down luggage rack, so


the main entrance to this place could be 50 yards from my bedroom


window, my daughter's bedroom window and start secondary school in


August. Thank you. The developers say they believe it is an exciting


development and it will have some impact on locals, but in a positive


way, and the developers believe this will also be positive for the local


community and they will be mindful of local residents.


Now, think of National Parks in this country


and you might be picturing somewhere like the Lake District...


Rather than here in our busy, congested capital.


But today plans have been unveiled aimed at making London the world's


first National Park City - that is, greener,


Our environment correspondent Tom Edwards explains.


This Woodbury weapons in Hackney, hidden gem. London is one of the


greenest cities on the planet, but for how long? -- this is Woodbury


wetlands in Hackney. Today the mayor is promoting more green spaces and


will do that by making London and national Park city. Part of it is


bringing it all together but part of it is making sure we give this area


of policy the gravitas it deserves, and I want developers, counsellors,


Londoners, tourists, to recognise London pays a huge attention to


green spaces, and us being a National Park city will be


important. I send the message today that the direction of travel is that


way. London's green spaces support 14,000 species and the city has 3.8


million gardens. 47% of the area of the capital is made up of green


space and waterways. The mayor wants that to rise to 50%. Making cities


greener is not new. This is well and garden city, built in 1920. A


National Park city would mean tightening planning and making green


space polity priority. Has been described as a turbo economy,


jostling for position amongst other world cities. For those of us who


work and live in the city, perhaps you want a city which is greener,


slower, and the National Park city I think gives an idea that London


could be very different for those who live, work and play here. These


are very early days. The criteria to become a National Park city haven't


even been decided yet. The big challenge will be protecting green


space and also meeting increasing the man's for more housing. Tom


Edwards, BBC London News. Film footage of the so-called


"Battle of Lewisham" - that was lost for decades -


has been rediscovered. It shows the National Front march


that took place in South London Up to 5000 local people


and activists stopped the march The footage features


in an exhibition at Let's get the weather with Lucy.


Good afternoon. A dry and bright start with plenty of sunshine around


and our weather watchers have been capturing the scene is local to


them. This one from Rebecca. Into the afternoon it will become


increasingly cloudy. And next front pushing and from the north-west,


which will introduce some cloud but also some drizzle. You can see the


best of the brightness has certainly been in the south-east this morning.


And there is this front you can see in the charts making its way that


will introduce the cloud and sherry outbreaks of rain overnight. We will


then start to see that cloud edging in and I think the further east you


are is holding on to the best of staying at a maximum of about 22


Celsius. Through this evening and overnight, we will see the rest of


that cloud pushing, some sherry outbreaks of rain and a breeze


starting to pick slightly as well. -- some sherry outbreaks. It will be


a fairly cloudy start tomorrow. Some bits of rain and Russell first


thing. Then becoming drier into the afternoon. Some good spells of


sunshine developing and it will feel pleasant in any sunshine with highs


of 22 Celsius. Sunday looks decent again, staying dry with plenty of


brightness and sunny spells. That is it for now.


Being on stage or screen doesn't faze these celebrities.


But how will they manage on MasterChef?


You need a bigger toaster. Do you think?


It will be tasty. Are you telling me?


Are you letting me loose with a blowtorch? Argh!


You guys can throw anything you want at me and I'm ready for it.


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