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Plans for a Garden Bridge across the Thames have been


It follows a decision in April by the Mayor


to withdraw support for the project, after a damning report concluded


it was better value to write off the money already spent


Almost ?50 million of tax payer money has already been spent


Here's our Transport Correspondent Tom Edwards.


This was where the Garden Bridge was due to be built.


Stretching from the Temple tube station right across


But today the Garden Bridge Trust announced that it was


And they were very clear, they blame the mayor,


they said they were not getting enough support from him.


And also not enough financial guarantees going forward.


That will mean that taxpayers will have to pay


in the end ?46.4 million, that will be completely lost.


Campaigners are happy, they've always said it was going to be


It is a treasured view of London, a protected view of London


from Waterloo Bridge and other parts of the river.


We are very glad we have got it preserved now.


We hope another project does not come along to try and ruin


Not a shovel in the ground, all this money going


We need an itemised breakdown of the costs.


This project was supported by the then mayor Boris Johnson and


the then Chancellor George Osborne, both committed public money to it.


And the current mayor Sadiq Khan initially also supported the project


The Garden Bridge Trust say that cost an extra ?9 million.


In a statement today the mayor says there were systemic failings


in the procurement process and that he could not permit


a single penny more of London taxpayers money being spent on it.


He also says Londoners like me will be very angry that taxpayers


have now lost tens of millions of pounds committed


There are bound to be further questions and further scrutiny


A woman who's convinced her breast implants made her seriously ill,


is warning others to be aware of the potential risks.


Kathy Richmond, from Reading, says she had no idea her implants


could cause skin allergies, asthma and extreme tiredness.


But she's made a remarkable recovery since having them removed.


She's now trying to raise awareness of so-called


Breast Implant Illness, which is still not


When she had them put in in 2007, Cathy Richmond was delighted


But within a few years her childhood asthma have returned,


she developed awful skin allergies, infections and fatigue.


Her illnesses got progressively worse.


It was really a scary time in my life especially


when your whole system is almost like failing.


And you have just got all these terrible symptoms,


can't even get out of bed to look after your children.


When a reflexologist suggested she might have breast implant


illness she quickly decided to have them removed.


When I look at them now I cannot believe that


I thought it was safe to put them in, really.


I did not really need to do this to myself.


The speculation is that implants or perhaps the scar tissue


that the body builds around them upsets the immune


But as yet there is no research to prove it.


Breast implant illness which is the phrase often used to be


is not something recognised in medical literature


but anecdotally as plastic surgeons we hear about a small proportion


of women who have a range of symptoms


that they attribute to their breast implants.


So we are constantly striving to improve or are constantly


striving to improve all our outcomes for patients and will continue


testing any implants that are taken out in women who experienced


Cathy's whole family have benefited from a recovery as her four children


finally have a fully functioning mum again.


Cathy has now began raising money for other sick implant patients


who cannot afford to pay to have them removed themselves.


A fire engulfed a double decker bus in north London.


The blaze broke out on a 113 bus on Finchley Road in West Hampstead


just before half past seven last night.


Passers-by reported a bang followed by thick black smoke.


Transport for London is investigating what caused it.


Detectives investigating the murder of a schoolboy in south London


are trying to discover if there's a link between an


earlier incident involving a group


15-year-old Jermaine Goupall was stabbed to death


Two people have been charged with his murder.


Police say a group of teenagers - wearing balaclavas


and armed with sticks - had been at the same


Ancient carvings on Southwark Cathedral are being replaced


by students teachers at an art college in South London.


Much of the intricate detail on parts of the building dated back


to the early 19th century, and over time has


The Cathedral was recently given a grant of half


a million pounds for repairs, and it wanted to give people


learning the trade at City and Guilds Arts School this 'one off


opportunity' to put their skills into practice.


Tarah Welsh has been checking out their work.


It is an art form going back centuries and these are the next


generation of stone carvers. They're working on these carved bosses that


will go on the exterior of Southwark Cathedral, part of a wider


restoration project. The old ones are deteriorating and everyone


working on this all students. What we wanted to do was involve city and


Guilds who are based in South London so not far from Southwark Cathedral


because really it is important that we train craftworkers in these


skills such as stone masonry so that for future generations we can


continue to do the important work of restoration but also new building.


And this work, I was talking to these guys and girls this morning


and they are really excited to be doing this alongside the building


just as the medieval builders would have done. They're not off summer in


a factory producing this with machines. They're using their


individual skills to do it. And so it is bringing that medieval world


into the modern world. So this is how the stones start life, just a


big rectangular block. And they end up looking like this. But it takes


about a week to do each one and there are 44 blocks. So the stone


carvers will be year for some time to come yet.


Now let's check on the Weather with Lucy Martin.


I got excited at the weekend that summer had returned.


Is it here to stay? It does not look like it, unfortunately. We had some


settled weather through the weekend but we are likely to return to


something a bit more changeable. But today we started with some sunshine


and blue skies. But it has been a bit hazy thanks to some high-level


cloud. But this afternoon we're going to see more cloud builder


West. Looking at the visible satellite and radar, you can see


that cloud rushing across. Moving through this afternoon we start to


see that pushing from the West so an increasingly cloudy picture and the


range is creeping in as well to the far north and west. But temperatures


not doing too badly. Through this evening and overnight we have some


showers of rain, some of those quite happy as they make their way towards


the east. But temperatures holding up in the mid teens. Most of the


ring will have cleared by the time we get to tomorrow morning. Tomorrow


looks like they're sunny spells and showers. Plenty of brightness around


and not everyone will see a shower but if you catch one they could be


quite heavy especially through the late morning and early afternoon.


The best of the brightness later in the day. Temperatures at 25 degrees


maximum. A little above average for the time of year. So feeling warm in


the sunshine and as we move into Wednesday, another largely bright


day with plenty of sunshine. A little bit hazy at times. Cloud


increasing through the day from the West. But quite changeable with rain


overnight into Thursday and Thursday is the day of sunny spells and


showers. Riz Lateef will be here


with our 6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon.


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