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Welcome to BBC London News. and on BBC One we now join the BBC's


We start with the major travel disruption commuters faced


at the height of rush hour this morning.


The first was with that derailment at Waterloo Station.


Part of a passenger train came off the track hitting a freight train.


two people were injured when a train hit the buffers at the station.


And finally, Holborn tube station had to be evacuated after smoke


appeared on a central line train, as our transport correspondent,


Just outside the UK's busiest station, Waterloo, a passenger train


this morning partially derailed after colliding with an engineering


train. Commuters have been warned not to use the station. I was trying


to get out of London, there were no trains, cancelled or delayed. One


thing on top of another, signal failures, training programmes,


derailments, half of the platforms are closed and away, chaos. I do not


know if they have told us anything, really. Slow and taking an hour and


a bit to get into Waterloo. No one was hurt but investigators are


trying to find out why the passenger train went through the points and


was shunted off the track. Elsewhere in London, at King's Cross, platform


nine was shot after the train did not stop in time and hit the


buffers. Holborn tube station was evacuated after a train motor caught


fire. It later reopened, but for passengers, it was extremely


worrying. Before the train had stopped, a massive bang,


immediately, the carriage I was in, it filled with smoke. People rose


from their seats and try to funnel out of the doors. It was chaotic.


People were just manic in trying to get out. Waterloo is in the middle


of a huge redevelopment, ten out of 24 platforms were already closed.


Now another three cannot be used. The concern is that the planned


reopening date of the 28th of August will now slip. We are obviously very


concerned about the derailment at Waterloo, that has to be


investigated, and we are very nervous, we do not want the Waterloo


upgrade to overrun and if it does, we will be calling on Network Rail


and the Government to actually convince eight passengers. Very few


trains are running in and out of Waterloo at the moment -- compensate


passengers. The disruption could carry on until tomorrow.


The words of a mother of a woman who took her own life


32-year-old Sarah Reed had mental health issues


An inquest found a series of failings by staff


Well, her mother is calling for better protection


Sarah Reed was just 32 when she was found dead in a cell


Her family say she should never have been there.


If they'd have said a secure unit, hospital, whatever, I'd have said


In 2015, she was admitted to the Maudsley Hospital


in South London, her family claims she was sexually assaulted


Afterwards she was transferred to Holloway


Marilyn says her daughter needed care, not custody,


It needs to stop, it needs to be investigated,


we need to have things put in place, that mental health is dealt


At her inquest last month, Peter Thornton QC raised concerns


about the care Sarah received and highlighted


Holloway Prison closed last year after being branded as inadequate


Sarah's inquest revealed how some national policies


Now campaigners say Sarah is just one example of how the system


is failing prisoners with mental illness.


What we need to do is invest in quality specialist


services in the community, especially mental health services,


given that we know the majority of women who are sent to prison have


The Government say they take the mental health of prisoners


extremely seriously and have launched a suicide and self harm


Marilyn knows Sarah had a troubled past.


This is her in 2012 being assaulted by a Metropolitan Police officer


But despite this, she remembers her daughter with fondness,


and hopes her death will not have been in vain.


The Ministry of Justice says it takes the mental health


of prisoners extremely seriously and is increasing support


Since the Grenfell Tower fire, there's been lots of attention


on the estimated 700,000 Londoners who live in high-rise blocks.


BBC London's Dan Freedman has spent a week in one of the first,


and possibly most controversial, to meet some of the residents.


The Trellick Tower was supposed to be


an inspirational example of streets in the sky.


But one resident who's lived there since the '70s


says that vision hasn't really materialised.


My name is Chris Paulsen and I'm originally from Cape Town.


I've lived in Trellick Tower since '77.


One of the problems we have here is the rubbish chutes


are not built properly, there is some kind of kink in it.


It gets blocked up and it ends up with people dumping


We will have to see if we can clear it up quickly


They have way too much on their plate.


And of course, people on your own landing, taking in, say,


a parcel from the postman for your neighbour,


What was it like when you first moved in?


They expected the place to run itself, really.


There were laundry chutes, with quite expensive equipment in it.


That is what you expect with coin-operated machinery


There's never really been any serious trouble.


Just one time, a woman got raped during the carnival.


It's one of my favourite areas in London.


Chris Paulsen ending that report there. Now the weather. We are


finally getting a bit of sun. We have more sunny spells on the way


this afternoon. Already we have seen glimpses of blue sky. This was in


Bromley. Thank you for all the weather watcher pictures from today.


This afternoon, the cloud is moving to the east, showers also. We are


looking at a very pleasant afternoon, lots of brightness and


sunny spells. We could even see up to 24, 25, as we did yesterday.


South-westerly breeze through today. Tonight, the cloud melts away and we


are left with mainly clear skies. Feeling quite a bit cooler. We may


see high single figures in rural spots. Across the board, lows of 12,


13. Tomorrow, another pleasant day, looking largely dry, cloud will come


and go, a good deal of brightness and sunshine as well. Temperatures


tomorrow getting up to 22, 20 three. Slightly more of a south-westerly


breeze as well. Overnight on Wednesday into Thursday, rain coming


from the West. That takes half of Thursday to clear. By the afternoon,


some sunny spells and a few showers left behind as well. Friday, a


little bit cooler. Largely dry, one or two showers. Thank you very much.


Riz will be here tonight with our 6.30pm programme.


But for now, from all of the lunchtime team,


A brand-new series of Fake Or Fortune.


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