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and on BBC One we now join the BBC's news teams where you are.


Good afternoon. Welcome to BBC London News.


Three teenagers have appeared in court charged with the murder


15-year-old Jermaine Goupall died


after being stabbed in Thornton Heath.


A week on from his murder, police say


many in the community are still silent.


Today his sister appealed for help in catching his killer


Messages to a sweet, loving young man.


15-year-old Jermaine Goupall, stabbed to death at this spot,


He was just happy, very happy all the time.


And very homely as well. He was a big kid.


Jermaine's sister Talisha tells me he was attacked after


He was targeted by three men wearing balaclavas,


Talisha says that her family are still in shock.


If someone was in that lifestyle, then you kind of expected,


but when they are not, you just think, you just don't


understand, I just don't understand the question,


And that is how we are feeling at the moment.


Today, two boys aged 16 and 17 and an 18-year-old woman appeared


at the Old Bailey charged with Jermaine's murder.


Police say they need more information about what happened.


There is concern that some of Jermaine's friends,


who were there with him that night may be too scared to come forward.


I understand that they may have fear in terms of making


But it is important that they do, because I don't want my brother


to die in vain and for what has happened to him to be in vain.


This area has unfortunately suffered from an increase in youth violence.


We have done a lot of work around this with the local authority.


We just want the information that is going to help in this inquiry.


And to try and find out why this has happened to Jermaine.


It is the question that Jermaine's family also want answered.


Why this 15-year-old, remembered for his friendly smile,


became yet another young victim to knife crime in London.


A disabled TV star has been attacked by a man with scissors


Silent Witness star Liz Carr was taken to hospital


Police say a man has been detained under the Mental Health Act.


Ms Carr, who's now out of hospital, is recovering from a slash wound.


NHS patients are calling for Private Ambulance Service


to be stripped of its contract after cancer and kidney


dialysis patients missed crucial appointments.


PAS, which is paid ?1 million a month,


has admitted letting down dozens of sick people


in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire and has apologised.


It's now been given four weeks to improve.


83-year-old David Gower has a severe neurological condition


He's been relying on the Private Ambulance Service to get


to crucial appointments, but the former railways manager


has been left waiting at his home in Luton


I've been let down four or five times.


And this being at the back of the queue, I'm asking myself


what I've done to deserve this and the last time I was let down,


going to the foot clinic I'm afraid, and I have a stress tremor.


And it lasted for about two and a half weeks.


Since March, the Private Ambulance Service has been


contracted to carry out 17,000 patient journeys every month across


But, in just four months, more than 100 people


including cancer and kidney dialysis patients.


The company says it hasn't had enough ambulances and some


It admits that significant delays in picking up and dropping


off patients and problems for people trying to get through


Luton Clinical Commissioning Group has told the Private


Ambulance Service that it now has got just a month to dramatically


improve its performance or it will face a heavy fine.


The company says it is very sorry for letting down so many sick


patients but it says improvements are already being made,


including increasing the number of ambulances and staff available


and improving response times


at the company's call centre in Basildon.


David Gower says so far he hasn't seen any improvement.


And long queues to get through to the Private


I think their contract should be terminated at the end of this month.


Now a house for sale in north London has got Art Deco fans buzzing.


It's gone on the market virtually untouched


The semidetached house on Willow Road in Enfield


has been described as a time capsule, with its original features


Back then it would have fetched around ?350.


Today it's being sold for more than half a million.


BBC London has spent a week meeting the residents


of one of the capital's first council blocks.


Trellick Tower, which is within sight of Grenfell.


As part of our series exploring what it's


who's lived there her whole life, with her mother, Deborah.


I come home from work and this is my forgetting about work time.


I'm Molly, I've lived in Trellick Tower for 21 years,


I've lived here with my mum, my older brother.


My name is Deborah, I've lived here for 22 years.


Both my kids have lived their whole lives in tower blocks.


And really don't know anything different.


There is less interruptions and you can be more free


When we first moved in there had been quite a bad drug problem here.


Cabs wouldn't even go past the bridge down there.


In the summer I can sleep with the curtains open and not worry


You can walk around the house naked and not worry


Overcrowded here, there three of us so I have the lounge as my bedroom.


And I have sort of made moves to try and move away from the area


and into maybe a three- bed tower block.


And I love the area, this is my area, all my friends,


I'm going to try to start saving up money to put down on a flat.


And hopefully my brother will join in and we can


Molly and her mother Deborah there ending that report.


Now the weather with Georgina Burnett.


It has been so far, so good this week. How is the rest of the week


looking? We have got rain on the way. Don't we need that in the


garden? Beautiful Sunrise captured by many of our Weather Watchers.


This was taken by Sue, in Teddington. This afternoon we are


seeing more cloud with that south-westerly wind increasing as we


head through this evening. Temperatures reaching 24 Celsius


today. Into the night after dark, rain comes in from the West. It will


probably feel a little uncomfortable. Temperatures reaching


16 Celsius. And it is rain that we wake -- wake up to tomorrow.


Equities through the morning. But in the afternoon we will see breaks


with sunny spells and some showers trailing behind. A fairly pleasant


afternoon, if somewhat breezy with temperatures around 23 Celsius.


Lastly dry on Friday, Saturday and Sunday but showers never too far


away. It is also going to be breezy all the way through until the


weekend. Thank you very much, Georgina.


Alice Bhandhukravi will be here with our 6:30 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


Phone went, and it was my sister, Jane,


and she said, "It's looking quite serious, really serious."


A short while ago, Buckingham Palace confirmed


the death of Diana, Princess of Wales.


because of the tears that they'd just wiped away.


My sister's dying has provoked this national,


It was one of the hardest things I've ever done was that walk.


I felt like she was almost walking along beside us,


They'd tell us how they crossed continents and centuries...


It's a story that's been put into paint.


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