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Ireland - there's a slight rise in the top grades for the first time in


six years. -- six The wait for the capital's students,


and their parents, is over. And while many will be talking


about which university they might be off to,


there's concern that here in London, there's a low take-up


of apprenticeships, even though demand for young


apprentices has rocketed. The nervous faces, the shuffle


through, and finally


the waiting is over. These scenes are playing out


at colleges Of course, attention now turns


to where these guys are going next. Many will go on to further


and higher education. But the government wants to see more


and more going for apprenticeships. It has launched its Apprenticeship


Levy on big companies and will use that money to fund three million


apprenticeships by 2020. There has been big growth across


the country in the past few years. But in London the growth


in apprenticeships At the moment, it is


not going to plan. It is perhaps more difficult


than expected, convincing high performing students to consider


an apprenticeship as a better Having got her grades,


Anna is to uni. But another student,


also with top marks, has decided They will be training me


and giving me invaluable experience. And I believe that all of that


experience will set me a head when it is time for me


to join the workforce. I got four As and I'm going to


Oxford University to do psychology. Yes, because in the future,


I think I want to do research. Resus, the University for me. --


resus, so university for me. For these students, it has


been a long and winding Once the joy or shock


of the day passes, there A south London hospital trust


has been told it needs to improve patient care,


for the third time in three years. An inspection of Lewisham


and Greenwich NHS Trust by the Care Quality Commission has


again identified numerous failings. The report found there were poor


standards of cleanliness and patients with TB were not


being properly isolated. There are some real basic things


that just aren't happening. It is not what we


would expect to see. We pulled the trust up on it,


certainly last year. On medical services


and the emergency department and it is disappointing


that we are still seeing We obviously apologise to all those


patients who haven't got the level of care that we would expect


them to have. And those individual patients


who have had that very, Now, for the third part


of our series exploring life Prompted by the Grenfell fire


in June, BBC London has spent a week meeting people who live


in tower blocks. We've been hearing from


residents of Trellick Tower, which was built by Erno


Goldfinger in the 1970s. Today, we meet those


who are learning and teaching skills in the factory


underneath the block. We put the effort in to make


sure that it looks good. My name is Oliver and I am the CEO


of the Goldfinger factory. The name, Goldfinger factory,


comes from the architect that The reason for being here


is to try and empower people to turn waste into gold,


and that basically means training people to become craftspeople,


so that they can use The basic elements of the Goldfinger


factory are a community cafe, and downstairs we have


a school and a workshop. We try to engage as much


as possible with the people, most local to us, who live


above us, in Trellick. We have got a trainee


on at the moment called Jase, Olly helped me get a scholarship


fund and just be able to do what I want to do from here,


and learn these little techniques Some talented people


who for some reason or another cannot escape


this chicken and egg situation were,


if you are a craftsperson, you need money to start a workshop


but you need a workshop Or, if you are a young person


and you need experience to get the job, but you need a job


to get experience. I think the biggest, like,


impact that we have is to help For some,


living on a canal boat is an opportunity to live


life at a slower pace, but for others it's a way to escape


rising property prices. With more and more houseboats


on London's waterways, the Canal and River Trust is asking


anyone thinking of swapping bricks before considering


a life on the river. After years of neglect,


many canals are busy once more. And those who look after them say


that canal users, especially those new to all this, need to ensure


that they know what they are doing. Well, one of the issues that we have


is the sheer popularity of canals means they're used by more


and more people. The Canal and River Trust manages


2,000 miles of waterways in England. The boom in canal use


has many downsides. What you have here is two widebeam


boats moored next to each other, which is effectively


quadruple mooring. The Trust records


incidents when it can. But in London, where


the problems are the most Boat numbers here have risen by 72%


since 2012, to more than 4000. Just moved out of a flat in Brixton


because I can't afford to live there any more


and here there's a boat. Nick is typical of many that


are new to the canals, We don't have a toilet on-board.


We don't have a shower. You prefer it to paying


a lot of money on a flat? Sarah Emmings manages a private


mooring site and believes many canal newcomers haven't


thought things through. There's nothing in place to say,


right, you need to know this Three quarters of the boats


moored in the capital are now being lived in,


according to A transport system built to carry


goods Yes, certainly. Not an inspiring


start to the day. Quite a lot of cloud around and some showers. You


can see them on the map. They have been making their way to the east.


As we move through this morning and into this afternoon we are seeing


improvements pushing in from the West and generally brightening up.


That is how it will save the rest of the day. Good spells of sunshine.


Plenty bright weather around. The chance of an isolated shower, but


they will be quite scarce. Temperatures not doing too badly


with a maximum of 25 Celsius. This evening and overnight, again, the


chance of the Ord, isolated shower, particularly further north. Not


everyone will see one. We will see some clear skies. Overnight lows of


around 15 Celsius. Tomorrow, we start bright. Looking at another day


of sunny spells and shallots. They will paying to double up as we move


through the day. Not everyone catching one, but where you do, they


could be fairly heavy with temperatures around 21 Celsius.


Tomorrow, we will see the breeze picking up. Quite a gusty wind


coming from the South West means that it will not feel quite as warm.


The weekend has a fairly promising start. This area of low pressure


pushing in on the second part of the weekend is causing a little bit of


uncertainty. And some wet weather depending exactly where this


position, but tomorrow looking like a lovely day of sunny spells and


showers. I believe you with a forecast for the weekend. -- I will


leave you with. That's all from us


on the luncthime team. Victoria Hollins will be back


at 6.30 with our evening programme.


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