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mowing down 14 people in Barcelona. That's all from us, goodbye from me


Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London News with me, Alice Salfield.


This weekend marks the first anniversary of the night tube.


City Hall says passenger numbers have exceeded expectations


and it's brought an economic boost to the capital.


Let's talk to our political editor Tim Donovan -


one of the most used on the night tube.


Tim, after a tricky start getting this project off the ground, is this


There were disagreements at the start and the unions are not that


happy. But it was here at Brixton a year ago when the night Tube started


with the Mayor Presiding Officer ceremonials. Victoria line, Central


line, five lines in all running this on Fridays and Saturdays. 8 million


journeys have happened on the night Tube and about half of those are new


passengers, people other than those who have just shifted from using


that buses or taxis. City Hall are saying that there has been a


significant economic boost. Well, I think it felt like a success


from the first train rolling out of Brixton but,


in fact, we've got an independent report now that shows there's been


a huge boost to the economy, about 170 million this year,


and it's supporting a lot of jobs So I think it's established itself


very well, and in many ways has She talks about supporting jobs. Not


quite clear what that means, if not creating new jobs but maybe ensuring


longer hours, and more pay and so on. There had been concern among


people living on the route of some of these lines towards outer London,


particularly the Central line, about the noise through the night and


potential for legal action. City Hall insist they will be moving


ahead on this with maybe the district and Circle line in a few


years' time but before that they want to do it on the overground,


joining up places like Dawson and New Cross. -- Dalston.


The number of people falling victim to a disturbing trend


of "cyber-flashing" in public places could be higher than reported


because women are not alerting the crime to authorities.


The revelation from the police comes after a woman was sent


more than 100 sexual images to her phone


You are sitting on the tube, you're looking at your phone,


and suddenly it is filled with dozens of obscene images.


That is what happened to you wasn't it, Sophie?


I was travelling home from work on Monday evening


And when we pulled into Stockwell Tube station,


my phone automatically connected to the Wi-Fi and I got a request


I declined the request and got off at the next stop.


That must have been a huge shock for you.


It was. It was shocking.


Initially I was quite confused about what was happening.


And then I felt embarrassed, with a small child


I was a little bit worried about them seeing.


Then I just felt angry that this had happened just


It wasn't dark. I was just heading home from work.


Now whoever sent this has used the facility called AirDrop


It is common left on on people's phones.


How many women do you think this is happening to?


So, what we found when we investigated this


was that anecdotally, this is far more widespread


So I was speaking to a researcher at university


who is investigating this type of crime, and she believes


and that women aren't coming forward and reporting it


to the British Transport Police, either because they feel embarrassed


to do so or because they don't believe that it's a crime


If this has happened to you, get in touch


They have a dedicated cyber crime unit which deals


A reward is being offered for information that helps catch


the person who violently attacked an 82-year-old


woman on her doorstep, stealing ?65.


Catherine Smith was assaulted in Streatham just over three weeks ago.


She was followed home from a local park by a woman


who punched her several times before taking the money.


The charity, Crimestoppers, has put up a ?5,000 reward.


A new company will take charge of one of the busiest railways


South Western Railway, will replace South West Trains.


The operator is promising 90 new commuter trains -


designed for the driver to operate the doors -


a move which is likely to face opposition from the unions.


Next, it's been a summer like no other in London.


While the investigation continues into the fire at Grenfell Tower,


a local play centre has helped the children in North Kensington


A special performance of Bugsy Malone had its


one and only showing yesterday - and Caroline Davies went to see it.


Backstage, the cast are feeling confident.


I used to be stage fright, and now, when I did this play,


for some reason I felt like I was doing it so easily.


Bugsy Malone has only been in rehearsal for four days,


but it's already made an impact on these children,


many of whom were affected by the fire at Grenfell Tower.


It was very terrifying to watch that happen,


and it's not nice to look at Grenfell Tower ever again.


Loads of people here that are doing the play


So just people, like, they act, they express themselves


and they forget about it and they just...


# We could have been anything that we wanted to be...


It's part of a free sports and arts programme for children


Bernadette's brother Raymond died in the fire.


He lived on the 23rd floor, so it's been good for the girls


to come here, because it's been a real distraction for them.


They just needed the community understanding, really.


And I appreciate that everybody's felt what happened


at Grenfell nationwide, but to be in the community


and everybody's feeling the same pain.


And the children are all feeling the same pain,


so they can all talk to each other and comfort each other.


I think this has given children the opportunity to forget anything


that's gone on and really enjoy themselves, and that's what we've


tried to deliver this summer over the last five weeks,


and I think we've achieved that from this production


and from the smiles on the children's faces every day.


And, of course, it's hard not to smile when you've got a splurge gun.


Now Lucy's here with the weather - and it can't quite make


It is a real story of mixed fortunes today, with sunny spells and


showers. Our Weather Watchers have been out taking photos of the


weather near them. This, a Sunni scene from Twickenham and some blue


sky in Old Street, looking fairly sunny, there. There is a mixture of


sunny spells and showers. Some of those have the potential to be


fairly heavy. There could be the odd rumble of thunder and flash of


lightning. They are moving quickly thanks to a strong, south-westerly


breeze. Temperatures down on yesterday with a maximum of 21.


Yesterday we saw highs of 25. Feeling a bit fresher. This evening


and overnight, one or two showers to look out for in the first half of


the night. Then it will become dry into the early hours. Clear spells


with overnight lows of 12 Celsius. Tomorrow, an improvement on today,


sunny spells to begin with and it will be fairly breezy first thing.


Showers to look out for but you will be fairly unlucky to catch one of


them. Then rain will ease as we go into the afternoon with temperatures


reaching a maximum of perhaps 22 Celsius. As we move into Sunday we


see the remnants of Hurricane GERT pushing in from the South West and


that will introduce humid air so becoming human to start the


beginning of next week and not a bad day tomorrow, a mixture of sunny


spells and showers. Thank you. Victoria Hollins will be here


with our 6:30 evening programme. Until then though,


enjoy your afternoon. # So get yourself ready


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