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cells still alive. There has been a collision of a warship in South East


Good afternoon, I'm Asad Ahmad. Asia.


The Prime Minister has been warned by the London Fire Brigade,


that more people will die from fires started by faulty white goods


like tumble driers and fridges - if ministers don't act and introduce


The Grenfell Tower fire in June is believed to have started


And a year ago, a fire at a tower block in Shephard's Bush


I'm joined now by Thomas Jervis, a lawyer representing people


affected by the fire around a year-a-go to the day.


You are familiar with the issues surrounding white goods come could


do know that isn't being done? The government needs to listen to


messages coming from all quarters, London Fire Brigade, we need a


complete shake-up of the product recall system, we are talking about


the risk of fire equalling a potential risk of death, this is an


important issue for consumers and needs action now. But fire last year


affected many people, let's hear from a resident affected by the fire


last year in Shepherd's Bush. I live on the floor for the fire escapes to


and couldn't get home for three and a half months, I work in the blog


next or to four I live and saw the fire on hold at yes, I was pretty


traumatised. Cannot believe it was a year on these machines have not been


recalled, nothing legally has been done, to prevent this kind of thing


happening again. People are dying, in these fires and we are really


lucky it wasn't one of us. She says she can't believe nothing has been


done, London Fire Brigade said they put out a fight good fire once every


day, I do you think nothing is changing? It's the same old, you


have manufacturers who are putting these products onto the market in


the first place and it's all about the business they have carte blanche


to effectively continue operating in this way. I'm astounded that you


have institutions like a switch, the London Fire Brigade, consumer rights


activists like Lynne Falls Road, singing from the same hymn sheet,


saying there needs to be an overhaul of the system yet we have government


protect the interests of big business. That's what you believe.


What happens if you have a machine and the manufacturer gets in touch


because perhaps they have safety issues like Whirlpool did, they said


last year at the Shepherd's Bush fire, don't leave your dryer


unattended. Legally, are you right to use it or should you start using


it? Consumers are left in an impossible situation, they have


bought a product in their homes and they are getting conflicting


messages, you have London Fire Brigade saying don't use it, stop,


unplug it, Whirlpool for a certain amount of time were saying for


consumers to continue using it. What are consumers supposed to do? I


think those who put the products on the market in the first place need


to lead from the front and it's their responsibility to give a clear


message to consumers so... More needs to be done. And I am sure we


will hear more about it. Thank you for your time.


Transport for London says it'll investigate footage which BBC London


has brought to their attention, of a bus appearing to move


It was all caught on the dashcam which our


Transport Correspondent, Tom Edwards has been watching.


Marla Boehm Road early on Sunday morning, it this is the footage from


a dashboard camera, you can hear him talking to his passenger, a bus


man's curve and all side onto the road, no driver at the wheel. Then


from the side driver jumps behind the steering wheel and stopped the


bus. He then reverses at off the road and waves at the cab. He wasn't


in the driving seat. The whole incident in total last five seconds,


it looks like there is one other passenger on board and the driver


stopped the bus just before it hit the central reservation. Buses and


bus driving had been under the spotlight recently after a number of


incidents. This was a crash on Lavender Hill in Battersea. A London


assembly report found high levels of stress and long shifts amongst


drivers and London's bus safety record does not compare well to


other world cities. It's not clear yet why this incident involving the


453 bus happened, Transport for London have asked the bus operator


go-ahead to urgently investigate, no one was hurt in the incident and


this will again focus attention on the safety of London's buses. Tom


Edwards, BBC London news. So Big Ben has Bonged


for the last time this decade. It happened at midday -


and now it'll be silent It could be 2021 before


we here it again - It could be 2021 before


we hear it again - and listening to it earlier


was Emma Vardy who joins It'll certainly be quieter there -


at least for a few years. It is, such an iconic landmark, the


sound of the bonds such a familiar part of life here in Westminster,


hundreds of people gathered here in Parliament Square at noon to mark


the moment, there was a round of applause when the final bong rang


out at noon today. In this news was announced last week it caused


considerable shock amongst MPs because this work, renovation work


had been signed off by three Parliamentary committees and yet MPs


said they weren't actually told the real indications, the fact it would


mean disconnecting the Bell for four years, except for special occasions.


Head of a question over this now because of the MPs concerns,


Parliamentary officials have said they will go back and review the


length of time the bells will need to be silent on the Prime Minister


Theresa May, she has asked the House of Commons Speaker whether there is


any way during this period of renovation work that the bells can


continue to be heard. There were a cute MPs down here on Parliament


Square to hear the chimes ringing out at noon, they said to me MPs


feel they want to have a bit of a say on this, I expect when house


returns in September we will see some questions tabled, they beat we


will see some debate in the chamber about this. Whether that pressure


from politicians will make a difference to the engineering plans


we will have to wait and see but for now, the bells you heard at noon at


the last ones for a file. They will be sadly missed, Emma, thank you.


It's not the name of a new film - it is actually what it says it is.


A chance to go to the cinema with your dog - and some popcorn -


PictureHouse Central in Piccadilly has started welcoming


canines and their owners and they say its going quite well.


They've even got the issue of dog hairs sorted.


We all sat down at a marketing meeting and decided this was a fun


idea, London is open to dogs, why not ring your dog to the cinema? We


want the dogs to sit next to their owners, I put out blankets so they


can sit on the seat, we take them away so there is no fluff. If you


are a dog owner and you have thoughts about what don't you would


like to see, get in touch with us. Good afternoon. A cloudy, day and


cramped day, even the most summary flowers can make it feel like the


particular time of year. Moving through this afternoon a fair amount


of cloud, some outbreaks of light rain and drizzle for cloud as they


can up, less in the way of low cloud are seeing more brightness,


temperatures reaching a maximum of 21 degrees, feeling fairly humid.


Going through this evening and overnight, 20 of cloud around, some


patches of mist and health of developing as we move through the


night, temperatures not falling too far, overnight low of 16-18d.


Starting the day fairly murky, plenty of cloud around, some patches


of mist and fog first thing. They will lift quite quickly, we start to


see brightness developing as we move into the afternoon, club thinning


and breaking to allow for sunny spells, the risk of an odd isolated


shower, more in the way of brightness, temperatures a touch


warmer, highs of 24-25d. A cold front moving into Wednesday, we see


something fresher as we move through the week, Mr Sunny spells and


showers. I'll be back at the


same time tomorrow. Victoria Hollins will be


here at 6.30 this evening. The latest of our Premier League


commentaries for you this season, the whole game in full


here on 5 Live. It's been a knockout day


in the Premier League. One of the most sensational


Premier League games in history. This is Daniel Sturridge,


round the goalkeeper, and scores for Liverpool


what could be a crucial goal. The next batch of celebs


are about to reach boiling point. I don't know how people do this,


like, eight hours a day, I really don't.


I'm just a bit like, ahhh!


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