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Police have arrested more than 30 people in a series of dawn


raids across London, ahead of this weekend's


It's part of a crackdown against knife crime,


Officers from the Metropolitan Police were joined by City of London


And watching the raids was our reporter, Ena Miller.


It is dawn, a very different type of a wake-up call. This is opt oration


sceptre and actor -- operation sceptre in action. 21 different


addresses targeted in just under an hour. It is 5:30am and about ten


special police officers have raided this flat in North Kensington. What


we know is that seven people inside, five have been arrested and one of


those has swallowed something. They have called an ambulance and taken


him away. The aim of this is to make sure that those arrested here don't


turn up at the carnival this weekend. What has happened here has


taken two months to plan. Once we have done the dynamic entry, we


secure the people inside, then slowed things down and make sure we


do a methodical search of the promises, looking for the evidence.


On this occasion it will be Class A drugs and items used in the supply


of drugs. Those arrested will be bailed under strict conditions,


which police say will prevent them from coming to this weekend's


festivities. Our endeavours are about keeping the carnival safe and


free from troublemakers who are not welcome. How are you going to


monitor the people you have arrested today? We have a range of tactics


which will enthuse the -- into the use of CCTV, number plate


recognition and there will be plainclothes officers and other


tactics that we will use to keep carnival safe. This recent BBC


documentary gives a behind the scenes insight into the scale and


surveillance at Nottingham carnival -- Notting Hill Carnival. But some


people are still sceptical. I don't understand why they need to be


showing off and saying, this is a big issue and we are going to close


it down and sort it out. If there are criminals operating, they should


be doing this throughout the year and not just on the eve of carnival


when they are making a big show. These are the people police believe


may cause trouble and ruin the spirit of carnival. 18 were arrested


today. With three more days until the party starts, the party is


already over for some. Free Wi-Fi is coming


to residents on the lowest incomes in Tower Hamlets,


courtesy of the council, after it approved a plan


for broadband availability in town Tower Hamlets Council says nearly


a quarter of residents living on low incomes don't have access


to the digital world. So Helen Drew has been finding out


what's being done about it. 50-year-old Mark Lewis has been


out of work for a year. He had a job interview last


night which he only got But he can't afford


the Internet at home. Going to the library,


it's half an hour to get down there, you're not always 100% guaranteed


to get a computer or to get online because sometimes


the machines are down, so I'm sending my CV out


pretty much every day. And getting replies from potential


jobs, as I had a job interview last night,


and that was by sending my CV to the company


and getting a reply that day. What would be most useful to Mark


would be Wi-Fi so he can constantly check job updates at home


and on the go. Tower Hamlets Council


is going to spend ?1.75 million They say lots of their residents


don't have access to Wi-Fi, including 24% of residents living


in low-income households, 40% of residents with disabilities


and 45% of people over 50. We think investing in this free


Wi-Fi for all will help people with day-to-day activities and it


will save them money For example, it will help people


to help their kids to do homework in the evenings,


it will make it easier for people to pay their bills online,


which we know has cost The first place to get free Wi-Fi


will be here at Watney Market, as well as Brick Lane


and Crisp Street. It'll be for local businesses


as well as residents The first phase would be


to the automotive next year. Mark is hoping for good news


after last night's interview so he doesn't have to trek


to the library again. If you're walking through or driving


past Green Park this week, don't be surprised if you see sheep.


They're not lost. They're just helping flowers


to flourish and grow. The rare breed of sheep are part


of a conservation trial taking place And there's a reason why


the rare breed is being used The rare breeds are a bit


lighter-footed and they're more suited to grazing these wildflower


meadows, whereas the commercial sheep need a bit more TLC and a bit


of a less harsh environment. Whereas these breeds have been


created on the wilds on the British countryside,


not that we are in Green Now, to appreciate our next story,


you may need to get out your magnified glass and have a very


small appetite - because a craze which started in the Far East


has made its way here. And it's about making


miniature portions of food Kate Murdoch from Woking is quickly


becoming known for her skills in the Tiny Kitchen,


and Nicola Ford has Well, I'm going to be showing


you how to make French toast, and that is actually really quick


to whip up. Bringing a new meaning


to the word bite-size. This is the Tiny Kitchen,


where the eggs are quail's eggs, the hob is powered by a tealight,


and the food is cooked It is exactly the same


as normal-size cooking and baking. Sometimes even the scaled-down


version is too big so you just do pinches of everything,


then you mix it together, you then pop the things


in the baking tray or the dish it Kate is a cook in the Miniature


Kitchen, which is a craze that started in Japan and is now


on its way to London. So why does she think it


will catch on over here? It's something about tiny things


that everyone loves. If you see miniature versions


of phones or clothes, everyone just thinks it's so cute,


so when people found out that we're producing videos of recipes that


you can actually eat, I think people just


find it so interesting. Some people love it,


some people are confused with it, Kate focuses on British classics


for an internet cookery site, but even she struggles with some


of the finishing touches. Sometimes when things are very


small, that's when it It's just intricate


things like piping. I did some iced gems


and doing the top of those was quite hard, but,


you know, a lot of After it's cooked, she says the food


is eaten, but judging from the portion size,


you might need quite a few It's been a grey old start


to the day but things should be I think this is what most of us have


been seeing this morning. This was taken by our


Weather Watcher grave-digger 100 in Dorking, Surrey,


so thank you for that. Into the afternoon, some brightness


starting to rear its head and even some sunny spells,


with temperatures getting up to 24 or 25, so probably feeling


a bit more pleasant, but as we head through this evening,


a few showers around but many of us Then cloud will be building


with further mist and fog patches developing and a muggy night


with temperatures getting down to about 16 or 17 degrees,


but some spots not dipping below 18. Another misty start to tomorrow


but again that low cloud should break up to give us some brightness


and even sunshine, Temperatures up to 24 or 25


and it is looking mainly dry. It should be feeling a bit fresher


by the time we get to Thursday. A few showers around


as we head into Saturday. They could be on the thundery side


and it does look like it's going to go downhill


for Sunday and Monday. Victoria Hollins is back at 6.30pm


with our next news on BBC One. Until then, I hope you have


a very good afternoon. Frank Lloyd Wright is the


greatest ever American architect. I'm Jonathan Adams. I'm going to


travel across America to get to know Frank Lloyd Wright's


greatest buildings for myself.


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