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Welcome to BBC London News. I'm Alice Salfield.


The body in charge of running Grenfell Tower before the fire,


has been stripped of its power over the local estate.


The decision comes as the Prime Minister met victims of the fire,


and the local council unveiled some of the new homes it's bought


for Grenfell survivors. Here's Karl Mercer.


From the chandeliers shop across Kings Road, these early flats chose


-- Kensington and Chelsea cancel as bored as new homes for victims of


the Grenfell Tower fires. There are 30 homes here, bought for around ?20


million. Three families from Grenfell have said they want to live


here. Today, the leader of Kensington and Chelsea visited the


site. The morning after Grenfell residents had met the Prime Minister


to tell her I were unhappy they were with the council response to the


fire. I spoke to the Prime Minister this morning. I accept there is a


legacy of lack of trust left over from how the council performed after


the fire. But look here, look at what we are doing today. Look at the


flats, the quality of the offer, the fact so many people have engaged


with us. We getting there. I accept it is slow but we're getting here.


The Prime Minister revealed she told residents that the body that rend


Grenfell Tower for the council would be stripped of its power over the


estate. I was able to tell them that the tenant management organisation


will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster West housing


estate. People were pleased to hear that. What we were also able to do


was to hear from some specific issues that individuals had at that


meeting. The council said it will eventually take over all of the


stock from the organisation but will do so in stages. So far, only nine


of 180 families that need rehousing have accepted permanent new homes.


A man from Hertfordshire says his pregnant wife faces


They met in the UK while she was studying here.


The Home Office refused her visa on the grounds that they could live


together in China - something they say is impractical.


Sarah Harris has been to meet the couple.


Precious moments studying every detail of their final scan. Their


first child is due next month. But this married couple, living in their


own comfortable home in Saint Alden 's, have been told by the Home


Office there is no reason after their baby is born they shouldn't


move to China. I just burst into tears. I couldn't even tell her what


had happened I was that distressed. I really thought it would go through


this time. It is so heartbreaking it has not gone through. I was waiting


for my husband to come back. It has destroyed our world, hasn't it? Yes.


The couple married in November after falling in love earlier in the year.


When they applied to extend Wanwan pots Visa, it was refused. They are


rejecting her application on the grounds that they want us to move to


China. My wife has been going to classes. She has a good support


group. It is heartbreaking. In a statement, the Home Office says the


Visa has been refused because it didn't meet immigration rules.


However, she can remain in the UK to have her baby. This immigration


expert says rules are rules. Before entering into relationships


with migrants, you need to know whether they have the correct amount


of leave. Especially having children. You are supposed to plan a


Visa application. It would have been prudent if they had the Visa sorted


first and then decided to make a family. The couple deny any rules


have been broken and will keep fighting to stay here in the home


they have created further young family.


A 10-year-old girl has managed to fight off a sex attacker,


after he assaulted her as she walked in woodland.


Surrey Police have released this computer generated


It happened in Claygate early last Thursday evening.


Police say the victim escaped by kicking the man, who then ran off.


Police say they're making every effort to identify the man,


and have stepped up patrols in the area.


The Royal Surrey Hospital in Guildford is going to charge


disabled people for parking from next month.


It'll cost Blue Badge holders ?4 a visit.


The hospital has apologised, but says it's had to "make difficult


decisions when budgets are under pressure".


Disability campaigners say the charge is unfair.


Lots of disabled people are unable to use public transport. They have


to use a card to get it. There is no choice. What disabled people have


fought for over the last 20, 30 years, are being pared away, and we


are moving back to a situation where macro we were the lowest and poorest


in society. Designs being considered


for the rebuilding of an 18th Century mansion in Surrey


which was destroyed by fire Clandon Park House was left


as a burning shell nearly Now six teams of architects


from across the globe have put forward their plans to restore


the site, as Matt Treacy explains. An electrical fire has quickly


spread through the grade one A treasured mansion


reduced to a shell. Today sitting under 30


miles of scaffolding, the inside of the house is ready


to be rebuilt. Doing the right thing


is incredibly important. And what we do today and how


that is viewed in 50, Teams of architects from around


the world have reimagined how the inside and surroundings


could look. The aim is to open more


of the house than ever before. Six have been short listed


and all have been asked to bring This is the marble Hall, the most


significant room in the house. We would be looking


for a like-for-like It was just a wonderful space,


twin height, Baroque, and with the magnificent room that


would form the entrance to Clandon Refurbishment on this


scale do not come cheap. But it is hoped some


materials salvaged from A panel of experts and locals will


select the winners in the autumn. The winning design will not


necessarily be the final design but that team will work


with the National Trust to create Looking forward to seeing it


restored. A warm start to the day. Time now to find out


what the weather's up Good afternoon. A cloudy few hours.


The sunshine did tease us first thing. One of a Weather Watchers was


out and about and captured this picture. Thank you for all your


pictures. We should see more sunshine as we head into the next


few hours. A very pleasant afternoon. A light westerly breeze.


Temperatures getting up to 25 Celsius. Still feeling moggy. If you


are not a fan of humidity, pressure conditions tonight. It will not be


as warm as it was last night. Temperatures dipping down to 1213


degrees. Looking try with clear spells overnight. Into tomorrow, it


will be feeling fresh from the start. And still a lot of sunny


spells around. A lot of dry weather on the cards. Varying amounts of


cloud. Temperatures quite a lot lower than they have been in recent


days. It is a similar day for Friday. A lot of dry weather over


the next few days. And always some sunny spells. On Saturday and Sunday


we take in some warmer air. That could trigger some thundery showers.


However, if you escape those showers, you could get away with a


very pleasant bank holiday weekend. But Alice Bhandhukravi will be back


with all the latest at 6.30 tonight. For now though, from all of us


on the lunchtime team, have a lovely afternoon.


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