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I'm Claudia-Liza Armah. so it's goodbye from me,


Teenagers across London are receiving their GCSE results,


in a year that saw tougher exams introduced in English and Maths.


A free school in Feltham, which only opened five years ago,


hoped to raise standards in the area.


This is Reach Academy's first Poloz set of GCSE results and Helen Drew


has been finding out if their work is paid off.


Getting exam results is a familiar sight, but not reach Academy,


Feltham. They only opened in 2012, so this is the very first group to


have that GCSEs. It's also the first year under the new grading system,


where some subjects are awarded numbers nine, 21, the other is the


traditional Eight, B and C. I got six Eight stars. I got a nine in


maths, I wasn't expecting it at all. I passed English and maths. I got


Bs, I'm proud of that because I didn't think I would do well. I was


nervous. Reached Academy is a free School, meaning its government


funded but not controlled by the local authority. It was set up by a


group of teachers who are delighted with today's results. Nationally and


in the area it's better than perhaps would have been expected of a school


that serve the community like ours, but it goes to show that when you


work hard and every person in the building comes to work everyday


loving their job and working really diligently towards a common goal,


what can be achieved. One student who has overcome lots of


difficulties is Nikhita Shaunak. She barely spoke at primary school and


was incredibly shy when she came here. I got an A in history and our


e-commerce A star in English language and B in physics and I


thought I was terrible! Are you really proud of yourself? Yes. And


say her mum is proud is an understatement. Yes, she's gone from


the bottom right up to the top. It's amazing, absolutely fantastic. I


think you're going to treat her today? Absolutely. This year's


results have shown the biggest year decline across the country, here


Feltham, tears of joy. Now as part of our series


looking at how we deal with waste in the capital,


today we're focusing on food waste, which costs


London ?50 million a year. Dan Freedman is at a food recycling


centre, which says only 18 out of 33 councils collect


food waste separately. I'm at Bio Collectors


in Mitcham in Surrey, the largest collector and recycler


of food waste in London. Have a look at what they've


collected already today. This is about ten


tonnes of food waste. They'll be collecting 150 tonnes


by the close of play today, and they'll turn it into fertiliser,


into electricity, and into gas. Paul, you have some of this


fertiliser to have a look at. How does it get from this food


waste, to this fertiliser? So what we do here is a process


called anaerobic digestion, where we take the raw food waste


and we take all the nasty things from it, like packaging


and plastics and things. We put it through a process


which includes our anaerobic digestion tanks, where we create


methane gas, and the methane gas we purify and we use that


to generate electricity and bio methane, which we inject


into the gas grid. The local houses can use that


gas in their cookers. The smell, as you'd expect,


is quite overpowering. The smell is what you'd typically


expect from your bin. Paul, thank you, fascinating to find


out what they do with food Dan Friedman reporting from Mitcham


earlier. An 800-year-old stone coffin


was damaged when visitors to a museum in Essex put


a child inside it. Part of it tumbled over


and a chunk fell off at Prittlewell Priory Museum in


Southend. A spokesperson says staff


were "shocked and upset" Those responsible were caught


on CCTV, but ran off The weighing scales are being


brought out and take measures at London zoo today, as the animals


prepare for their annual way. Home to more than 700 different species,


zookeepers regularly record the heights and weights of all the


creatures at the zoo was a way of monitoring their overall well-being.


This month, the BBC has been marking 70 years since India


But what does the anniversary mean for those of Indian descent


Rajindar Singh Dhatt, who is 95, was a freedom fighter


He later joined the British army during World War two.


Rajindar and his family have been speaking to BBC


When I hear my grandad's story, it doesn't feel real to me,


I can't put him being in a war and him being my grandad


But when I do hear, it makes me feel quite emotional, to be honest.


I can't comprehend how he went through what he went through.


Rajindar Singh Dhatt joined the British Army


in 1941, when he lived in Punjab, pre-partition India.


But before he fought with the British, he saw


Before you joined the British Army you were a freedom fighter.


India gained independence in 1947, but with it came division


and the biggest mass migration of all time, which Rajindar Singh


What happened at that time is quite sad.


Bloodshed, killings on both sides, and it's heartbreaking.


What does independence mean to British-born Amrit?


Personally I don't know what it means to me.


I don't think I've really thought about it too much.


Obviously he's done what he's done so we can have a better life


and so he could come here and give us what we have now,


Now the weather, with Elizabeth Rizzini.


It was a slightly cooler start to this morning and we also


patches around as well, but they lifted nice


replaced by blue sky and a bit of high cloud.


A vineyard in Stratford as captured by our weather watcher here.


Sunny spells for the rest of the afternoon with more cloud


developing, but it should stay dry, feeling pleasantly


warm in the brightness and the sunshine and


the westerly breeze, temperatures peaking


at around 22 or maybe 23 degrees Celsius.


Any showers will be largely confined to the West and will be


very light in nature, most of us will stay dry.


Some late brightness this evening, the sun setting and


And then overnight tonight, not a lot to


There should be lots of clear spells around, temperatures possibly


dipping a touch lower than they were last night down


to about 12 or 13 Celsius in most areas.


And again some mist and fog patches forming


into tomorrow morning, with even lighter winds.


But again they are going to lift very quickly,


Light winds, so feeling pretty good in the


sunshine, lots of that through the morning and then more cloud


developing as we would expect to see to the afternoon.


Top temperatures peaking tomorrow at 25, maybe even


And then that leads us to the bank holiday weekend.


I think at the moment it's looking mostly dry, with


sunshine, nice and warm, temperatures generally between low


But still quite a lot of uncertainty around the


It could still change and there may well be some showers


Otherwise, temperatures up to 24 degrees.


Feeling a touch fresher I think as we head into Monday.


That westerly breeze will start to pick up too.


Asad Ahmad will be here with our 6:30pm evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


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