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We start this lunchtime with the hunt for a gang behind


Using a sledgehammer, the men smashed their way


through Joya-Lukkas jewellers in Forest Gate in east London


in a raid detectives have described as audacious.


Unsophisticated, but effective, three men crawl into the East London


jewellers and leave with ?1.8 million worth of jewellery.


To get inside, they've smashed a hole big


enough using a sledgehammer and a crowbar in the early hours of the


It is a cruder, less lucrative version of the ?40 million


This is an unusual method to conduct a burglary, and they may have been


inspired by the incident at Hatton Garden that led them to use this


option to gain entrance to the property.


The jewellers specialise in Asian gold


and diamond necklaces, pendants and earrings.


It was unusual because of the value of the property stolen and also


because they were underneath the scope of the alarm system and also


because they have smashed this large hole through the real wall of the


premises. And so they crawled along the floor and managed to evade it?


Yes, it is quite clear by the CCTV that they have not been captured by


the alarm system because they have crawled underneath.


Police are now looking for eight suspects - three who went


inside and five who acted as lookouts in the ten hours running up


As you might have heard, there are big warnings from Rail


companies to anyone travelling over the bank holiday weekend.


Major engineering works are taking place effecting several services


Sarah Harris has more from London Bridge.


So this is the message if you're planning to take the train anywhere


in London over this bank holiday weekend - plan ahead.


And with me for more of those details is Simon from


So there's a lot of work to do, isn't there?


Just take us through some of it, here particularly


Yeah, so here at London Bridge, we have the next stage


of the Thames Link programme, where we are realigning some of the tracks


outside the station, bringing new platform six


into operation for Charing Cross passengers, which will be open


on Sunday the 3rd of September, so we are here for eight days.


There will be an impact on train services,


for which we apologise in advance to customers.


Euston is closed, there is disruption all over London.


Why this particular weekend for all of the...


I mean, it is obvious for the bank holiday people coming here, but why


Why did you decide to have different works going on in the same


Clearly, August bank holiday is a time when


there is lower travel on the network.


A lot of people are away on their holidays, and therefore we


often choose these bank holiday weekends to do our major engineering


We recognise there will be some disruption of our customers.


It is a lower number of people that are


impacted, so hence the amount of work that we're doing over this


weekend, not just here at London Bridge but also at Euston, at


Waterloo and other major centres around the country.


So the main thing is it is not impossible to travel


across London by train this bank holiday weekend, but definitely


Police say a woman who made a string of false sexual assault allegations


cost Scotland Yard more than ?250,000.


25-year-old Jemma Beale from Bedfont has been jailed


She claimed she'd been sexually assaulted or raped


One of the men she accused was jailed for seven years,


The MP for Streatham Chukka Umuna's calling for radical action


to help immigrants integrate into society.


Mr Umunna, who chairs the All-Party-Parliamentary Group


on 'Social Integration' says the anti-immigrant rhetoric of last


year's Brexit campaign is making it harder for new arrivals.


He's renewing calls for the government to make


Councillors in Kensington and Chelsea have agreed


a ?76 million pound package to help people who lost their homes


?40 million will go towards buying homes from private social


while money's also being set aside to compensate people who owned


On the 5th anniversary of the London 2012 Paralympic Games,


there are claims it left no positive legacy for disabled people.


Research from the disability charity Scope shows despite the success


of the games themselves, there's been little change


in the way disabled people feel they're treated by society


In an attempt to make theatre accessible for all,


one company in Wimbledon has developed a production


Using sounds and smells, the show's all about being interactive.


Colin Paterson went for a preview to find out how it all works.


Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Kubla Khan, adapted into a 50 minute


musical show for children who are deaf-blind.


Oily Carts are based in Tooting, and since 1991, they've made


theatre for children with profound learning disabilities.


This is their first for deaf-blind children.


Well, if we can't relate to them by those


There's a sense of movement that they have


come a kinaesthetic sense, so we often use movable seating.


And the cast of Kubla Khan aim to create a


stately pleasure dome by interacting with the children using water, sand,


I mean, it's just an honour to kind of


do it and get to have this communication with these kids,


And music also has a crucial role to play.


People don't just hear with their ears.


Some people say as much as 60% of what you hear you pick up


The vibrations are an essential part and then how you play with those


textures so that you can actually feel dumb and you can almost swim


through them. both on the children


and their parents. What bit did James


particularly like, then? I think he liked the moving


water, definitely Because he loves bath time,


so he can relate to that It's not very often


that she enjoys something that she is part of, and she was


really part of this. Tomorrow, this ground breaking show


will have its official Colin Paterson, BBC


London News, Wimbledon. Now the Weather with


Elizabeth Rizzini. Hello. Good afternoon. Some


beautiful weather ahead for the bank holiday weekend. April start of the


morning with some mist. That did not last long and it is replaced with


blue sky and sunshine and that is what we have for the rest of the


afternoon. It will stay dry. Temperatures will peak at a little


bit higher than they were yesterday at around 25 Celsius. A lovely day


with brightness around and the sun will set around 8pm tonight.


Tonight, we will see some cloud drifting in from the west. Northern


Home Counties may start off on a bit of an overcast no tomorrow. Don't be


to put off by that cloud. For many others, it will be a sunny start as


well. Lows of 15 Celsius, so a mild start to the bank holiday weekend


and it is going to be glorious at times. It will stay dry. There will


be plenty of sunshine around. Perhaps a little more in the way of


cloud on Sunday but we should stay dry and it will feel warm in the


sunshine. Temperatures in the mid-20s. For some of us, a cloudy


start, particularly towards the North on Saturday. It won't take


long before the sunshine break through. A lovely, sunny afternoon.


Highs of around 25 Celsius, perhaps as high as 27 Celsius on Saturday.


Perhaps a little bit cooler on Sunday and more in the way of cloud


by the time we get to Monday we could be looking at 27 Celsius or


even 28 Celsius. Becoming changeable again on Tuesday.


Asad Ahmad will be here with our 6.30 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


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