28/08/2017 London News


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It's the final day of the Notting Hill Carnival -


and, despite the focus on crime by police and much media


in the run-up to the world's second largest annual street party,


Carnival is being enjoyed for all the right reasons.


The turn-out has been huge, the number of arrests


is significantly down, and the emergency services have been


getting hugs from people wanting to thank them for their work


Dan Freedman is at Carnival this lunchtime, and I'm wondering


about the feeling there after so many recent terror attacks


- because Londoners are known the world over for stoically


Just look behind me. It doesn't look like anybody is worried about any


security threats. More than a million people were on the streets


yesterday and we are expecting the same numbers once again today. Part


of this London events that attracts all comers all of the time. We spoke


to some people earlier about their feelings. I think we might be able


to hear from some of them. Earlier I spoke to the net police Chief


Commissioner about the police action here today.


The extra measures for Carnival this year include a hostile vehicle


We intend to keep this community and Carnival safe, and so obviously,


Please engage with us if you have any concerns.


But in addition to that, CCTV, automatic number plate recognition,


So, Dan, the police seem to be doing their job very effectively, and it


seems like a great atmosphere there. Absolutely. Arrests are down on last


year. The only Carnival bigger than Notting Hill is in Rio. It's


actually hotter in London today than in Rio, and that is why we have seen


all corners come to Carnival today to celebrate. Police put the lower


crime figures down today to what they are calling the grandson of


fact. That has seen minutes of silence silences held here, to


remember the people who were killed in Grenfell Tower. Most people are


focused on having a good time at Carnival this year. It of course,


and so they should. Hotter here than in Rio!


A teenage boy has died at the Reading Music Festival.


Paramedics were called to a tent in one of the campsites -


but the 17-year-old was already dead.


Police say his death is being treated as "unexplained".


A 29-year-old man has been killed in a road crash in Hertfordshire.


He was driving in Welwyn yesterday afternoon -


His passenger, a 30-year-old man, was seriously injured


and is being treated at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.


Hertfordshire Police are appealing for witnesses.


A video posted by the family of a woman who died after taking


a fake MDMA drug in east London - has been viewed nearly


three million times since it was posted on Thursday.


Amy Vigus was at a music festival at the Olympic Park in Stratford


Her family says it was a "moment of madness",


Our Amy. I want to tell you a story about our Amy. She was a beautiful


daughter, sister, cousin and friend. A tribute to Amy Vigus posted on


social media by her family. It describes her as adventurous and


caring, but as well as a tribute, the video acts as a warning. Our Amy


made a mistake. In a moment of madness she took a substance she was


led to believe was the party drug MDMA. Since the video was made


public, millions have been moved by the tragedy. Amy made it home to


Colchester after the music festival in London but collapsed. She was


taken to Colchester General Hospital but doctors couldn't save her. The


corridors of Colchester General Hospital echoed with the cries and


screams of her family Members. Amy made a mistake. The video concludes


with this plea to others tempted to take drugs. If you are in that


situation, please remember our Amy and the consequences of her mistake


on herself and her family she has left behind. Amy's family are now


raising money for Colchester Hospital, their powerful video a


condemnation of the dangers of drugs. Our Amy.


Dogs are being signed up to become blood-donors -


Three practices in Surrey, Hertfordshire and Berkshire run


special donation clinics where people can bring their dogs


along - provided they meet a special criteria.


Hundreds of dogs needed a transfusion last year -


As in human medicine, there is a need, a growing need,


for blood for veterinary patients as veterinary medicine progresses.


So having that service there available is brilliant.


Now let's get a check on the weather forecast with Georgina.


Good afternoon. It is an incredibly warm and sunny bank holiday Monday,


and this stunning scene was captured by a Weather Watcher in Harold would


this morning. More rays of sunshine on the way. A little bit hazy in


places where there is some upper-level cloud, but still a very


pleasant and warm day. Could even scrape 30 Celsius today. With light


winds, really feeling that heat as well. Tonight, clear skies to start,


but this cloud building and some mist and fog patches developing in


the early morning. Stabling drive for many of us, feeling my Devo. --


staying drive for many, though. We are looking at a largely dry day on


Tuesday, temperatures around 27. The further south-east you go, the


warmer it is. This cold front is pushing down from the north-west,


and by Wednesday those temperatures will drop significantly. A damp


start to Thursday, but brightening up as the day goes on. The biggest


changes in the temperatures. Quite high over the next couple of days,


but dropping down to the high teens on Wednesday, then settling where


they should be for the time of year on Thursday and Friday. That's it


from us. Our next news is at 6:20pm. Have a good afternoon.


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