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I'm Alice Salfield. news teams where you are.


The murder of a Palestinian cartoonist, who was shot in London,


a political cartoonist for a Kuwaiti newspaper, was shot in the neck


as he walked to his office in Knightsbridge.


Dan Freedman is in West London where it happened.


Dan, the Met are hoping an image they're releasing will help


Yes. This is the image the Metropolitan Police released today


of the man they believe was responsible for Mr Al-Ali's death.


It has opinion aged 30 years artificially. You can see what they


think he would look like today. Mr Al-Ali, a political cartoonist for a


Kuwaiti newspaper was shot here in Knightsbridge on 22nd July 1987.


No-one's ever been convicted of his myrrhed. The gun used was only found


two years later. His tatter cal cartoons which featured a character,


you can see those on your screen now, poked funity Palestinian regime


which they got quite upset about. He'd received a number of death


threats in the run up to his murder. People who might not have felt


confident at the time, in relation to coming forward, I'd encourage


them now to speak to us. The police in particular do not


close such inquiries. At the time of his death, Middle


East commentators Sir miced this could be the work of Palestinian


liberation organisation, the PLO, who were known to quash anyone who


would condemn their tactics. Of course, the family believe there


might have been Israeli involvement as well, the secret service Mossad


being mentioned. In the eighties, police named a suspect. The family


want to revisit that. What is clear amongst this uncertainty is this was


a political assassination. While they look for that victim, they will


be looking along those lines in terms of who committed this time 30


years ago. Dan, thank you. A cyclist has been killed


after a collision involving a van The driver was arrested


on suspicion of causing death The man, who's believed


to have been in his 30s, was killed in Camden Road in Lower


Holloway just after 6am. Four months after a 14-metre


sinkhole opened up on a high street there's criticism over how long


it's taking to repair. The road is still closed,


affecting buses, access to people's homes


and businesses. Locals say there's also been a lack


of information about what caused it. This is High Street Green in Hemel,


a major road through the town and normally absolutely teeming with


traffic. On May 12th, a small hole appeared. Chen engineers


investigated, they found underneath was a huge tunnel-shaped sinkhole at


least eight metres deep and six metres long. Four months on and no


work's been done to repair it and people round here haven't been told


what caused it or when it will be repaired. They're furious. I pass


here every day on my way into work. At the beginning of the week I walk


down here and over the past go or three months I've seen nothing being


done. The last time was about three months ago when they were putting


the fences up. This is the state of it now. Often enough, you'll see


kids trying to throw sticks into the hole and having a look. It becomes


slightly dangerous. I became seriously worried a couple of weeks


ago To find it is pushing towards the flats. This is a sinkhole that


opened up in Hemel on 2014 on the site of an old mine cavity.


Hertfordshire County Council says it is trying to find out how this


sinkhole appeared and when it will be repaired. They admit nearly four


months on they don't know how the ground sank here or when residents


will have their road open General. A city full of drones, electric


vehicles and under-used roads That's one vision of how


London will look in 2050. As a part of our new series, we're


looking at the future of London. Today, our correspondent


Tom Edwards looks at transport. Could flying cars be the future of


transport in cities? This is the latest sky if I Braid-runners film.


Or could jet packs revolutionise travel? Probably not. There are


plenty of of ideas that don't make it. Remember this conversation in


three or four years' time, every... This is more likely. Mark has an


electric car. The plan is for all vehicles in London to be zero


emissions by 2050. Our kids will not know what an engine sounds like. An


rev in years to come. There is no reason why people won't go electric.


You can see with the upsell of electric cars it will be the way


forward. The big challenge for city planners will be a growing


population and increasing demands on limited space. It is predicted in 25


years' time, the population of London will be 10.5 million. That


will mean increased investment in infrastructure, Crossrail 2,


Crossrail 3, perhaps even Crossrail 4. At the transport museum there are


all kinds of concepts of the future. These are T bottoms. They designate


road space. This car stores while in the in use. Could drones play a


part? In the 1900s they thought commutes would be be done by air.


Mobility by a service means you use apps and smartphones to call up


vehicles to where you are. Some people say that means in the future


we won't need to vetty own cars. The question is, what does that mean for


the capital's streets? We are already seeing trials of driverless


vehicles in the capital. Will autumnation make the roads, buses


and trains run safer and quicker? What would that mean if there are


fewer vehicles? One interesting statistic is the average car today


is parked for 95% of its lifetime. Most cars are hardly ever used. You


see that in London. The streets are filled with parked cars. In the


future, if we stop buying the cars we don't need and only use mobility


as a service, it could be we free up a lot of road space for other uses


whether that's walking, cycling, more cafes, shops, restaurants. You


foment it. There's room on board for a passenger. This is another idea


that didn't make it. Nonetheless, innovation and investment will be


key for the future of London's transport. It would certainly make


the morning comUtah bit more interesting. After a warm but not to


sunny start, let's check on the weather.


Another very warm day today. We are seeing a bit more in the way of


cloud. A stunning picture here captured by one of our weather


watchers in plum stead. You can see there is quite a lot of cloud


through the next few hours. Some breaks for brightness and sunshine


but the odd outbreak of rain. Temperatures getting up to 27


Celsius for South East London. But the further north-west you go, the


lower those temperatures are. Still up to about 24 degrees. We may see a


bit of thundery activity later on as well. Through the night, further


outbreaks of rain. More in the way of cloud. A northerly breeze picking


up. Temperatures about 13 or 14 Celsius. Tomorrow will feel very


different. Quite a lot of cloud around. There will be some


brightness. Even some sunny spells A fair bit of rain as well. It will be


fairly heavy at types. Temperatures only up to 16 Celsius in some spots


and 14 in other areas. It will feel very different. By Thursday morning,


we'll see the back of that rain. It should brighten up to sunny spells.


A largely dry day with a few showers around. Friday a similar picture.


Looking like a fairly fine weekend. Those temperatures where they should


be for the time of year, closer to 20 Celsius.


That's all we've got time for this lunchtime.


But hopefully you can join Asad at 6.30pm this evening.


Until then, as always, you can stay up to date through our website.


For now though, from all of us on the team,


thanks for watching and have a lovely day.


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