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The Mayor's ambition to make London the greenest city on the planet has


Up to a third of jobs in London could be at risk from technology


That's according to the financial firm Deloitte.


So what kind of jobs will it affect and what might replace them?


In the latest on our series on Future London we're looking


at how London might be working by 2050.


Not too many sweets? Children here are imagining the world of work, be


it as a dentist or supermarket cashier, they are trying to earn


enough to put in the bank. What they can't account for is how rapid


changes in technology are having an impact on the workforce. Across the


world, two thirds of children entering primary School will end up


working in jobs that don't yet exist. So what types of jobs will


they be, and how will be created? And what impact will it have on the


workforce? Technology has had a big impact on jobs in London, certainly


over the last 15 years. We think that trend will continue. We have


lost two thirds of travel agents and two thirds of librarians due to the


impact of technology. The good news is that it has been more than made


up for by new jobs created by technology, jobs and technology


itself, creative jobs, professional service jobs and a lot of caring


jobs. At Deloitte digital office, they are working with companies to


help them make the most of new technology. One day, you could be


served by a robot like this. Though, like humans, she can also be prone


to an off day. We like to have this technology here so that we can show


it to clients, rather than talk to them about it, because some of


these... Oh, she's dyed! Will the new technology free up our ability


to work wherever, whenever? The shared work space has opened in


Spitalfields, on the fringe of the city, home to the more conventional


workplace. In this building there are 150 different teams, from


charities, all the way through to small teams from big corporations


like Ernst Young, the accounting firm. What we are doing is creating


an environment in which small teams can really flourish. The city right


now makes life really hard for a small business. So how we work and


what we will be doing in 30 years' time could be unrecognisable.


The head of the Metropolitan Police Federation say's it's a disgrace


31 officers were injured at this years Notting Hill carnival.


with bottles and other objects, while others had blood spat at them.


Ken Marsh who leads the Federation says he'll be talking


to the Mayor and Scotland Yard about the incidents.


313 people were arrested over the two day event which was attended


Plenty of sportsmen and women have second thoughts about retirement.


How about making a come back after 38 years?


That's exactly what two synchronised swimmers from Bracknell


Tom Hepworth went to watch Andrea Holland


The world Masters Championships in Budapest. Andrea and Carolyn won


bronze in their age group. My God. I remember the pink costumes and


dreadful headdresses. The last time they were ranked in the top five in


the world was in 1969. It was like going back in time and you just feel


the same. You don't look the same, but you feel exactly the same. After


retiring, they continued coaching. Andrea got back into the water again


to raise money for Cancer research. She persuaded Carolyn to join her


last year. With swimming, it makes me feel young again. I think we swim


better now than we did in 1979. It has been a long time since we


swam together previously, but we got straight back into it. We sort of


know what the other one is thinking. The social life goes out the window.


This becomes our social life. Which perhaps is not fair on our behalf.


But something has to give. Carolyn and Andrea have no intention of


retiring for a second time just yet. They have their eye on the European


Championships in Slovenia next year. It was a private show for supporters


and friends of the Royal Ballet. Prince Charles was going to be


in the audience and she wanted Princess Diana's top


secret performance with Wayne Sleep was


leaked to the tabloids - but it showed the world how


passionate she was about dance. 20 years on from her death,


her support for all forms of dancing is being kept alive,


as Sarah Harris reports. The Royal Academy of dance, in


Battersea Square, where it all started for one of the most famous


ballet stars of his day, Wayne sleep. It was back in his heyday


that he struck up a friendship with the then Princess of Wales, a


closeness he still feels 20 years after her death. I will find it very


sad to remember this, but also I will remember the fun moments we had


together. We had a great time, you know. She used to come over to the


flat, kick off her heels and walk around barefoot. Just completely


zonk out and relax. I thought it was wonderful that she could feel so


comfortable in my presence. Diana famously loved to dance and wanted


to learn to surprise her husband at the Royal Opera house. It was when


she chose to be her partner, despite their dramatic height difference.


Amazingly, what I didn't know, she took to it like a duck to water. I


mean, the performance was as if she had been performing all her life at


Covent Garden. I was worried the nerves would get to her on the


night, 2600 people, complete blackout, Spotlight in your face,


and you've got to do a big routine. Your husband is watching from the


box. You haven't told him about it. You are going to get a rollicking,


probably, but who cares? She just went for gold. Next door to the


Royal Academy and a certain Prince George will be starting this school


in a feud short weeks. And guess what? He will be having ballet


lessons with a Royal Academy accredited teacher. His grandmother


supported by lay until the end of her life, including helping Wayne's


foundation for young artists. He believes she would be delighted that


George is taking lessons and has this advice. Keep at it. It's good


technique, it makes your mind quick and it is very good exercise.


Lets face it, the weather is rubbish today. Let's see if the summer


really is finally over. From the warmth and sunshine


of recent days to something A damp start in


Teddington this morning. The rain's been fairly patchy


over the last few hours. It was dry when this picture


was taken in Heathrow, You can see from the most


recent satellite and radar that there is more rain to come


to the afternoon and this will become more persistent,


brighter colours indicating It's going to take its time


to clear away eastwards. Probably not seeing something drier


until much later that afternoon. Really having an impact


on the temperatures. They won't get much higher than 14


or 15 Celsius, a much cooler feel. Slowly from the West, things


will dry up through this evening. Showers following on behind,


but eventually the night becomes dry on the skies


turn increasingly clear. Temperatures holding up into double


figures in the centre of town, in more rural spots it will get down


to around eight or nine Celsius. We start tomorrow with


plenty of sunshine. Fairly soon there be


some cloud developing. Through the afternoon, that does


bring the chance of some showers. Quite well scattered,


but if you catch one, it could well beyond the sharp side


and fairly slow moving as well. At least in the sunshine,


temperatures perking up again tomorrow with highs of 19 or 20


Celsius. We see this area of high


pressure slowly building Lasting pretty much


all of the weekend. The system eventually


will bring more cloud For Thursday and Friday,


bright starts, maybe a few Plenty of sunshine on Saturday,


but cloud increasing Riz Lateef will be here


with our 6:30 evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. Worth making a


song and dance about - The Big Family Cooking Showdown


continues... There's only ever going to be


room in his heart for one person. You think about everything


that's wrong, it's just Jane.


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