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Good afternoon and welcome to BBC London news with me Alice Salfield.


It's well known that London needs thousands of new homes


So could more high-quality flat-packed homes be the answer?


A report by the London Assembly calls on the Mayor to do more


to encourage this kind of prefab house building.


Our Political Editor Tim Donovan has sent this


Experts seem agreed that London needs at least 50,000 new homes to


be built each year and at the moment the rate is less than half that.


Could this be one of the solutions? This development in Dalston, 120


residential units, business units as well. Most of it was constructed


off-site elsewhere and then installed here. The first tenants


have just moved in, it should be completed in the next few weeks and


the architect involved in this project is Andrew Waugh. In simple


terms, how has this come about? The structure is built from solid


timber, six inches thick, 35 feet long, 12 feet high so it is


prefabricated, brought on a truck here and screwed into place. And


it's a factory in Austria? Yes, so we are building about a storey every


month here. No more cement mixers, grinders or jackhammers. Very quiet


and fast, and cost-efficient. But than traditional construction?


Absolutely, it takes about a third of the time off. Are the incentives


for people like you to carry on building this stuff? All of the help


we can get to change the construct of industry is really very


necessary. What is that, subsidy? It is an understanding of the planning


system and the advantages of this way of building. The London Assembly


report is adjusting the mayor should be doing more with his planning


powers, the subsidies and the money he has available to make this sector


expand, build more housing like this.


The jury is considering its verdict at the trial of a man accused


of trying to rob West Ham and England footballer,


He claims a motorbiker pulled up alongside his car,


Well, James Waterhouse is at Basildon Crown Court.


James, this was a really shocking incident.


Andy Carroll told this trial he was driving home from training in


November last year, he stopped at some traffic lights and said a


motorcyclist pulled up alongside him and demanded he hand over his


?22,000 watch. He refused and proceeded to drive on the wrong side


of the road back to the training ground where he presumed he would be


more safe because there were security staff there. During the


journey he made a 999 call and said he was being chased and caught one


of the men was pointing a gun at him. Jack O'Brien was then arrested,


found hiding under a bed in Dagenham and at that house police recovered a


motorbike, a jacket and helmet which was used in a string of burglaries


which Jack O'Brien has admitted to as well as this alleged attempted


burglary which he denies. He hasn't given any evidence during this trial


and the jury are now deciding the verdict.


James Waterhouse at Basildon Crown Court.


As we've been hearing, flowers are being laid and candles


lit close to the Kensington home of Diana, Princess of Wales


Many Londoners clearly remember the news of her death


and are determined to keep her memory alive,


She had wanted to be the queen of people's hearts,


and 20 years on that's still how many see her.


Abdul sent her flowers - a neighbour in Kensington.


He named his cafe after her, with Diana's blessing.


20 years ago, it was while I'm asleep.


I wake up and I heard about the news and the disbelief happened


when I came to the shop and it was about


Suddenly I saw people coming, putting flowers and candles.


20 years ago, people left flowers here, as they did across London.


I was working on that Sunday 20 years ago,


I assumed there was a training day and my editor


There was a reaction of shock and disbelief.


And when I came into London here in Kensington,


I watched other people go through that same reaction.


Looking back, some find it hard to understand why there had been


such an outpouring of emotion for someone most didn't


Ian met Diana many times as a royal photographer,


and said she had a quality of relating to people not known


With Diana, you could just talk to her as a normal person,


Just someone who was normal, who wanted...


and wanted to listen to what you had to say as well.


This is an international milestone marked by people all over the world


for one of the most famous women in a generation.


An image still recognised and a legacy her sons


Next, have you ever experienced sexual harassment in public?


Well plenty of people in London feel they have.


And now a project which is part photo-journalism and part awareness


campaign is documenting some women's stories.


It's been launched by Londoner Eliza Hatch after countless


Let's take a look at some of her work, and the following content does


One of them kept on staring at me, then later he sat next to me


Then he tried to put his hand under my shorts,


at which point I was like, "Can you please leave me alone?"


But then, as I was getting off the bus, he touches me from my back


down to my bum and at that point I obviously shout at him.


Cheer Up Love is a photo-journalism project documenting


women and the accounts of street harassment.


It came about after a conversation I had with all of my female friends


about how often we experienced sexual harassment


Every other story I get seems to be men exposing themselves in public.


A woman on a train, a woman on a bus look over and there's a man


staring directly at them, giving themselves the time of day.


As soon as I launched the project on Instagram,


there's just been almost a constant flow of women who I've


wanting to be involved and wanting to be photographed.


I meet up with them, I talk to them and they share their stories,


and now they are part of the project.


I want to change people's attitude towards sexual harassment.


I want people to know it's unacceptable, it to be a less


That was Eliza Hatch, the photographer campaigning against


Now the weather with Elizabeth Rizzini.


Today is the last day of the meteorological summer and it is


feeling more summary than it did yesterday. The chilly start, 7


degrees here in Kew Gardens. It will feel warmer but there are heavy


showers around as well which are likely to break out just about


anywhere across the capital through the rest of the afternoon. There


could be a rumble of thunder and some of the showers could be


particularly heavy. Your chances of escaping all of them all afternoon


are particularly low. Those showers will fizzle away through the


evening, watch out for them through the rush hour. Overnight tonight it


will be dry with clear skies around, probably missed patches forming.


These are temperatures in many of the towns but in rural spots we will


start off on a chilly note, single figures again. After the early


morning mist clears, lots of sunshine around but there could


still be some showers in the afternoon. The first day of the


meteorological autumn, 21 Celsius so a fairly decent day all in all. On


Saturday this is when we will see the best of the sunshine, dry for


much of the day but we could see some rain edge in from the west as


we head through the evening on Sunday.


We'll be here with our 6:30 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


I took something that didn't belong to me.


and make sure your hands are in the centre of her chest.


One and two and three. One, two, three. Yeah, that's it.


After recent terrorist attacks, how are we really feeling?


Went down to London on my own. It was very, very busy.


Everybody that had a backpack, "Have they got a bomb in there?


And I just started having a real panic attack.


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