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As families prepare to go back to school after the holidays,


there are warnings that the capital faces a shortfall of thousands


of secondary school places within the next five years.


Councils are calling for new powers to force academies


to take on more pupils - to make sure the demand is met.


Our political editor Tim Donovan has the details.


This is the latest warning to emerge about a looming lack


According to the Local Government Association, by 2022,


London could be facing a shortfall of 34,000 places, and 20 of London's


boroughs are reporting that they will face a shortfall.


The Local Government Association is saying what needs to happen


is the councils should be able to open their own schools


and direct academies to expand to meet the need.


Often these deals are done to increase the size of schools,


but when push comes to shove and the school refuses to do that,


with a council maintained school we can force them to ensure all kids


have a school place, but with an academy, we can't.


That is leading to problems across London and the rest of the country.


We are worried that not every child will have a school


The Department for Education says these figures are misleading


and points out that nearly ?6 billion across the country


has been made available for councils until 2020,


to cater for the projected increase in need for school places.


And it points out that that money has been based on councils'


A man has been found guilty of attempting to rob West Ham


Police in Aldershot have launched a murder enquiry after a baby girl's


body was found in bushes. She was discovered in Manor Park on the 19th


of May. Police are trying to identify her mother and anyone else


who may be connected to the death. It's believed she died and was left


in the earlier in the week. A man has been jailed for 11 years


for a number of offences. footballer Andy Carroll


of his ?22,000 watch. The court heard the player


was in north east London, driving home from his team's


training ground, when Jack O'Brien pulled up beside him


on a motorbike last year. He was then pursued by two


suspects on motorbikes - forcing him onto the wrong side


of the road. What do Mo Farah, Olly Murs


and Alan Shearer have in common? Well, they'll all be playing


football at Queens Park The celebrity match is to raise


money for those affected But it's not the only initiative


from the club to help locals in the aftermath of the disaster -


as Emma Jones reports. The Westway Sports Centre sits


in the shadow of Grenfell Tower. Tyler lost his


grandfather in the fire. Mahmoud also knew people


who lost their lives. Both have been taking part in a free


summer football programme setup for children affected


by the disaster, using coaches from Queens Park Rangers


as well as Chelsea, We're here from ten o'clock


until four o'clock, every day, It was because I want to feel how


it is in the community and have good support and know that people


are there for me. They talk about it and I can


talk about it to them. We've got a lot of young people


here that unfortunately know people Some of our young people were in the


block on the morning of the fire. We are giving them an opportunity


to get away from being in their hotel room,


from spending the summer holidays maybe thinking about things that


are going to cause them distress, It's a community that


means so much to so many, including QPR's director


of football, who grew up Under the Grenfell Tower is where


the football pitch was outside. I played football


with my mates out there. It's whatever we can do to help


these kids, is what we will do. The plan was to put on the programme


for six weeks, but that that is now going to be extended and it's hoped


it will be here for at least another three years to these


children and many more, Reading Buses has apologised


after an "attack alarm" sounded in the town centre from one


of its vehicles. This bus is under attack, please


dial 999. The alarms are only supposed to be


used in emergencies, but a driver accidently set it off


in a busy part of town earlier in the week,


worrying passers-by. It was right near the station


and you think, oh my gosh, that bus is about to go down that


route right into the station, where it could possibly


hurt a lot of people. I'm sorry if it's caused anybody


concern or caused a stir, but it sounds like everybody has


done exactly what they were supposed to do, which is wake up,


pay attention, and make contact You'd be hard-pressed to find


a more colourful life Moving from Wales to Willesden


during the Second World War, she was a successful painter before


becoming an award-winning fashion editor, TV personality


and erotic novelist. Her party lifestyle was notorious,


but now, at 85, she's mellowed - So this is your garden. Yes. This


bohemian nomad has put down roots in the last 15 years at the worlds and


estate on the Kings Road in Chelsea, a long way from the Welsh mining


village where she was born. There was nothing here when I came here,


absolutely nothing, and I was so frightened. Well, it was a rough


part of town in the late 1980s and Molly Parkin had been more used to


living in arty corners and rock and roll mansions. She had to move here


when alcohol made her bankrupt and homeless. I'm fearless and full of


beans! UR! Fearless and full of beans, and with many friends,


wherever I go. This is where I paint, because this is where the


water is an these are all my brushes and everything. But it down. Put it


down. This is how I start, you see what I mean. The first step is


getting rid of the white. See, that's a good start, isn't it? It is


a good start. That's what I think. She never paints on cue for the


cameras, but she did for us! We've lost her to this canvas! But for 30


years we lost her as an artist. She lost her muse. Instead, she became


an award -- award-winning fashion editor. Very pink gallery. But art


is her passion now but over the road at the 508 Kings Rd Gallery, a


retrospective of her work which has talks on her life in colour and


maybe a new edition started just for others in that vibrantly decorated


flat. Somebody somewhere would like to have this. Wendy Hurrell, BBC


London News. LAUGHTER


What a wonderful life. Now here's Lizzie with


the weekend weather. Good afternoon. A chilly start, the


first day of meteorological autumn. Some early mist patches around, but


lots of sunshine, which we'll see for the rest of the afternoon. There


will be more cloud building here and there, probably more like sunny


spells. One or two showers towards the east, but for the vast majority


for as it's a dry day and it will feel pleasantly warm in the sunshine


with a light breeze and top temperatures of 20-21. Some late


sunny spells around this evening. More cloud the further east you are


but overnight tonight we'll see the sky is clear. Where we get clear


spells, temperatures will drop off. These are the values we'll probably


get in many of the towns as we head into tomorrow morning but where we


get the clear skies in the rural spots we could be as low as 7-8.


Quite a chilly start to the day tomorrow. A nice bright one. What's


more sunshine. The emphasis must be on the dry day tomorrow. But that


could be one or two light showers, it's worth a mention. Pleasantly


warm in the sunshine. Highs of 21-22. It's not looking very


promising for Sunday. This weather front is making very slow progress.


Probably a bright start to the day on Sunday, then gradually it will


cloud over further. Winds will pick up and it will start to feel damp


and we'll probably get outbreaks of rain in the evening. We are keeping


an eye on that one because it keeps changing. Next week, a cloudy, damp


start but with any brightness we'll see temperatures rising to the low


20s again. But Riz will be here


with all the latest on our


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