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I'm Claudia-Liza Amah. the BBC's news teams where you are.


Two teenage boys are being treated in hospital after a double shooting


No arrests have been made and police are appealing for witnesses.


Tolu Adeoye sent us this from Forest Gate.


A 14-year-old is in a critical condition in hospital,


and a 17-year-old has suffered what have been described


as life changing injuries after yesterday's double shooting.


We understand police were called here to Moore Walk in Forest Gate


They found the two teenagers suffering gunshot wounds.


Both were taken to an East London hospital where they are still


Police still investigating but they spoke yesterday of serious


There are now extra police officers on patrol in this area.


These shootings came as the most recent Met police figures published


Crimes in the capital were up from around 1700


Four teenagers have already lost their lives this year


One of them was here in Newham at the end of August.


The police have said there is no place for violence on our streets.


They are appealing for people to come forward if they have


information about this crime or any information about people carrying


A man from Surrey whose brother was shot dead while on a family


holiday in the French Alps five years ago today,


says he's frustrated with the lack of progress in the investigation.


The bodies of his brother, his wife, mother-in-law and a French cyclist


Zaid al-Hilli described the French investigation into the murders


Our Home Affairs Correspondent Nick Beake is here with more on this.


And this is a story that shocked many people here in the UK.


Lots of people might remember this, the family holiday that ended in


brutal murder. Five years on it remains a mystery. The bodies of


Saad al-Hilli, his wife and her mother were found in a deserted road


in a forest near Annecy in France. Also a cyclist was killed during the


attack. One of the daughters, just four years old at the time, was


discovered hiding under her mother's body in the car and an older sister


was found with serious head injuries after being shot and beaten, but she


survived. We are now hearing that Saad al-Hilli, his brother from


Surrey has been talking about the French police investigation and says


he is deeply frustrated by it. From the beginning, they handled


the whole case very badly. The investigation itself was based


on conjecture rather And that's why the whole


thing has failed. Zaid al-Hilli himself was treated as


a suspect for a time by police before being told he wasn't going to


be charged because there was no evidence. There was speculation


about a family feud, was it something to do with Mr al-Hilli's


work as a satellite engineer? Five years on we are no closer to finding


out who was behind these dreadful murders five years ago.


Police are searching for a cyclist they believe could help


in their investigation after a man was stabbed to death in Camden.


The 20-year-old was killed on Hampstead Road yesterday.


Incredibly, a man who was cycling in the area helped an officer arrest


who's now been arrested on suspicion of murder.


Police say the cyclist is not a suspect.


A woman's appeared in court charged with making fraudulent claims to get


support offered to survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.


46-year-old Joyce Msokeri from Sutton is charged


At least 80 people died in the high rise in June.


She's the second person to be charged with fraud


Wheel clamping is being reintroduced at several train station


Govia Thameslink, which runs Southern Rail, operates several car


parks in the south east, and says it is only "targetting


But transport groups say the practice is illogical.


They say the best way to stop them is through the courts and not


clamping. 20 youth clubs in the capital


are set to get funding of more It's hoped the government money


will help youngsters from disadvantaged areas build


confidence through improved sports, The money's part of a ?40 million


pot going to groups But other clubs not receiving


funding say the scheme is unfair. Now, you've probably seen


the London Duck Tours' yellow Well, in a few weeks,


after 15 years they're Making way for the construction


the Thames Tideway Tunnel, otherwise known


as the Super Highway. Sonja Jessop hopped on board


for a final goodbye. These bright yellow Duck Tours


have been turning heads We do regard ourselves with being


an iconic product of London. One of the great benefits we bring


to London is that other So they don't have it in Paris


or in other European countries. The tours will stop


because they won't be Thames Water is taking it over


to build a new super sewer. It says it's vital to remove tens


of millions of tonnes I'm afraid we have looked


at lots of alternatives. We have worked collaboratively


with Duck Tours. We have tried to push back the time


as long as possible until such time as they had to stop their operations


but there is really no practical, safe alternative


to the one we have now. These amphibious trucks were first


made in the US in the 1940s. Many of them actually


served on D-Day and in You can tell a bit of its American


history because, look, the driver is actually sitting


on the wrong side. More than 1.8 million passengers


have travelled on London Duck Tours Although services were suspended


for a time in 2013 when one For many passengers this


was a special trip, especially for Emma and her son Oliver,


who has cancer. We had a big fund-raising effort


to raise money for Oliver's bucket list and this is the first thing


we have been able to do When we found out it was closing,


we moved his treatment around and the doctors made it possible


for us to come to London John hopes the Duck Tours


might return one day. But in the meantime,


what will become of the vehicles? We are considering


working in Portugal. We have also been looking, we've


been asked to look at Loch Ness. But they set sail on the Thames


for the final time later this month. Kate Kinsella's here with rest


of the day's weather. It's quite warm, surprisingly,


despite the cloud we have today. This was earlier this morning. A bit


of low cloud, murky out there with light and patchy rain, but overall a


dry morning. It has been rather humid. At six o'clock this morning


we started at 17 Celsius in central London. Very mild. Some patches of


blue sky and a bit of sunshine, heating things up a bit more. This


afternoon, more of the same, dry and rather cloudy. But we are hanging


onto the humidity. You might get a little bit of rain, one or two


showers ahead of a cold front head in our direction. If you get the


brightest spell, that could spark off a heavy shower here or there,


but not everywhere will see them. Temperatures likely to reach 20 or


21 Celsius. Feeling quite sticky, as it did overnight. The cold front


moves across us this evening. That will introduce cooler and fresher


air behind it. It will not be as sticky tonight as it was last night.


11 or 12 is the minimum temperature. It leads the way to a chilly start


tomorrow morning, but a brighter one. We will have spells of sunshine


with cloud bubbling up as we head further through. The temperature


tomorrow is similar, but it will feel fresher, we will lose the


humidity and looking at a maximum of around 20 Celsius. Similar on


Thursday, before turning more unsettled and rainy on Friday.


Riz Lateef will be here with our 6:30 evening programme.


But for now, from us all, a very good afternoon.


I don't take well to people who lie to me.


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