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Irma, keep up-to-date on the Twitter feed, and there is an explanation of


how a hurricane forms. That is Welcome to BBC London News -


I'm Katharine Carpenter. The mayor says he'll spend


?250 million buying up land It's a key part of City Hall's


strategy to tackle the capital's housing crisis, which was


unveiled this morning. Our Political correspondent


Karl Mercer spoke to the Mayor while on a visit to a council estate


in East London. One of the things I'm announcing


today is a new fund, the first time City Hall has done


this, of a revolving money, ?250 million, which we will use


to bring forward land, purchase the land and sell it


on to councils and housing associations so they can build


genuinely affordable homes. We get the money back


and buy more land. We need to make sure we recognise


that actually we need to build more homes and they have to be the right


sort of homes as well. In the last year your administration


has built no homes for social rent. That's because we used the money


given by the previous So for the next year as well,


there will be very, very few council homes being built because the last


mayor didn't give any money. You can understand, can't you,


why people will be frustrated. Somebody coming in saying,


this is affordable housing, I'm a mayor for all people,


and actually for those at the bottom, they can see nothing


delivered in the first That's why I have always said it's


a marathon and not a sprint. I'm afraid it will take some time


for Londoners to see some How many are you going


to build do you think? I haven't set a target


in my manifesto about the number of homes I will build


for one simple reason. If it is the case the government


wants to get rid of EU workers, who are so important on construction


sites, if that's the case then developers will lack confidence


because of a hard Brexit planned by the government, that will lead


to all sort of issues in relation I'm doing my bit in relation


to making sure I negotiate a good I'm doing my bit to make sure


that we have, for the first time ever, a revolving sum of money


so we can buy land. Parents in Croydon are the latest


to be threatened with a ?130 fine for dropping their children off


at school by car. Croydon Council hopes the six month


trial will cut congestion Half eight this morning


and the school run is well under way Parents and children


arriving on foot. The road outside the school


free from congestion. But things haven't


always been like this. When you come out on a morning


it's chock-a-block. So there's cars coming


up, cars coming down. Another occasion they mounted


the pavement and drove They wouldn't check properly


so they could have little We had probably about four or five


incidences where they nearly This week, a pilot scheme has


been launched at three primary schools in Croydon,


including St Chad's, which bans parents from dropping


off their kids by cars at certain If they are caught,


they could face a fine of ?130. Woodcote Primary is one of three


that is part of the pilot. The chairman of governors says


the changes are primarily We lobbied the local council


and police and this is their scheme I don't think it's


unique to Croydon. I don't think it's just to do


with parking and fining parents. It's to do with some wider issues,


pollution and child health. Back at St Chad's, not all parents


are obeying the rules. I got a baby in the car


which is screaming. I need to rush and get home


to feed him, so I think it's a bad idea for them not to allow someone


to park the car here. You're rushing to bring your


children, you have to park all the way out there and rush up


with them and then end up getting We are all struggling parents out


here so we don't have that But the majority of those I spoke


to were in support of the changes, including Blansford


and his granddaughter. It's a good idea for us to park


and then we walk in. I think it's fun and


it's good exercise. Those who are physically unable


to walk can apply for permits. The council says if the six-month


pilot is successful, it could be rolled out at other


schools in the borough. A council in Surrey has approved


plans to introduce parking charges Campaigners had argued that some pay


and display machines aren't accessible to wheelchair users


but the council says Blue badge holders will still get


an extra hour free, and those with the most serious disabilities


won't be charged. A leading Polish fashion chain has


opened its first London store, admitting there are worries about


Brexit. "Reserved" has started


up in Oxford Street, as a leaked Home Office document


suggested future restrictions Our political editor


Tim Donovan has this. This is the grand opening of


Reserved, which is the first venture of this big Polish brand into


London. They have 1700 stores currently across eastern and central


Europe. Kate Moss was here opening the store earlier this morning. I'm


joined by their chief finance officer. Why opening here now in


Oxford Street in London at a time when we are moving away from Europe?


London is the capital city of fashion. We are here with our brand,


to show our product, our marketing to people in the UK and Londoners,


but also to all the tourists coming to London from all across the world.


Because it's about brand awareness and brand recognition. We want our


brands to become global. When you see the signs that there might be


restrictions on people, low skilled workers, perhaps for two years, how


worried are you? It wasn't a big problem to find people to work for


us in London. I think it will continue that still lots of people


will be available in the market. It is worrying for us because probably


wages will go up. But on the other hand, when wages go up, people have


more money to spend, which we like. So you're not feeling too


pessimistic at the moment but there are still answers you need? Yes, I


would say we are very excited about this place, about Oxford Street and


our store here. But there are some challenges in business. We have


passed many others, we have 1700 stores across Europe, in different


countries. So in the long term we believe in the UK market. Thanks


very much. And this is the first Reserved store in London, and they


are promising to be here at least ten years.


From the glamorous world of fashion to the downright ugly.


An office block in Victoria has received the dubious


honour of being named the Uk's worst building.


Its architects described the Nova Victoria as "distinct


and architecturally daring" but the judges disagreed,


referring to it instead as a "bright red hideous mess".


It is the sixth consecutive time a London building has scooped award


Not as windy as we are seeing elsewhere?


Certainly not, quite a quiet and calm day in London. A bit of cloud


and sunshine around, but we are starting to see and maybe even feel


just a little bit more autumnal. The leaves are starting to change a


little bit. Conkers starting to appear. The temperature is a little


cooler than yesterday. We have lost humidity. Bright and sunny spells


this afternoon, similar to the morning we've had. The wind is


starting to freshen a little bit. In overexposed areas it might start to


feel a little bit fresher. In the sunshine and sheltered spots, it


will feel quite pleasant, a maximum of 20 Celsius. Overnight tonight, a


bit of cloud around at first, but it should clear through the night.


Towards dawn, clear skies and the wind will be lighter, allowing the


temperature to drop, maybe feeling than it was this morning tomorrow.


11 or 12 that the minimum. A promising start to tomorrow. Some


practice and sunshine, but the cloud will move in quickly and we will see


showers arriving in the latter stages tomorrow afternoon and into


the evening. Wind also starting to strengthen tomorrow afternoon.


Temperatures staying at around 20. This deep area of low pressure to


the north of the UK brings in some fairly persistent rain as we had


overnight Thursday into Friday. It will stay unsettled through the


weekend. A chance of showers on Saturday and more wind and rain


through Sunday. Riz will be here with our


6:30pm evening programme. But for now, from us all,


a very good afternoon. He's gone off before,


only this time it's been ten days. I'm an investigator.


His wife's very worried for him. Owen has written a very thinly


disguised slandering of the people who've tried


to help him. Quine knew a lot of damaging


stuff... You're going to have to


take on a new investigator. I don't want your boss


anywhere near our wedding. I'm not going to ask you to


ruin your marriage over a job.


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