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A London MP is calling for a change in passport regulations,


after being stopped with her daughter at UK border control,


because they didn't share the same surname.


Tulip Siddiq, the Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn,


says she's since found hundreds of thousands of other women have


been asked to produce marriage or birth certificates,


Just tell us briefly what happened to use. I was coming back from


holiday with my husband and my daughter and as we came through the


Eurostar border checks, the French ones separated me from my husband,


who does not have the same surname as me and my daughter has my


husband's surname. We went through the first set of control checks but


when we came to the UK border control they said, who was this


girl? I was very taken aback because I didn't expect that kind of


question. The truth is, my daughter doesn't share my last name or look


like me, to be honest. They repeated, and I said this is my


daughter. They said, where is your marriage certificate and birth


certificate? I wasn't carrying either. I said, my husband is in the


queue. There was intense questioning to try and figure out who this child


was, when my daughter was sitting there saying mama the whole time.


You discovered since then many women experience this because many women


don't take the husband's surname? Yes, 600,000 women have been stopped


since 2010 precisely for this reason, that they don't share the


same surname as the husband. But it is a growing trend. A lot of women


don't take their husband's surname after marriage. It looks like this


problem won't go away. The Home Office have told us it does have a


duty to prevent possible child trafficking and border force staff


do need to carry out those checks. It is very important we protect


vulnerable children, that is my number one priority. But I think if


we had the names of both parents on a passport for a child under the age


of 16 that it would probably save time at the borders, so they could


concentrate on actually catching real criminals, instead of making


parents feel like criminals when all they are doing is going on holiday


with their child. Thank you very much for joining us.


Detectives investigating an attack on an 82-year-old cancer patient


in east London have described it as "beyond comprehension".


Ahmet Dobran suffered a broken back, after being dragged to the floor,


beaten, and having his watch and gold bracelet stolen


Police have released a picture of three men they want to speak


Prosecutors are considering charging the man - known only as Nick -


who claimed a paedophile ring operated at the


Scotland Yard spent almost 18 months examining claims that senior


politicians and other public figures sexually assaulted children,


The case has since been dropped and police have now passed a file


to the Crown Prosecution Service, which will decide whether "Nick"


should be charged with perverting the course of justice.


Well, of course, pupils across the capital have been heading


It could mean a new uniform, new class,


Yvonne Hall has been meeting students at the Nightingale


Academy in Edmonton, who've been acting as translators


for classmates who can't yet speak English.


Well, starting secondary school can be a scary enough experience anyway,


but if you don't speak any English, it can be really daunting.


Here at Nightingale Academy in Edmonton, they are taking part


in a scheme to train pupils from different countries


as interpreters, to help new pupils arriving from those countries.


So far, 21 students have taken part in the interpreter


Asen, you have been here for two years now.


Why are you training to be an interpreter?


Because I know what the feeling is like.


When I came here two years ago in Year 8,


I didn't know enough English to talk to other people and I just


Plus, you do other activities like you go to trips


and you have afternoon parties, you watch maybe some stuff.


Well, the scheme has been co-ordinated by Dagmara Fieldler.


Why did you bring the scheme in here at Nightingale Academy?


We have quite a lot of new students arriving at our school


I thought they would benefit from having someone who could


translate in their own language and explain how everything works.


Well, so far pupils from nine different countries are helping


fellow pupils who arrive here, but 44 languages are spoken at this


school and there are plans now to expand the scheme to train more


A group of London firefighters who were among those


who risked their lives responding to the Grenfell Tower tragedy


have been enjoying a break in Cornwall this week,


North Kensington Station's blue watch searched the building while it


They've been treated to the trip to the coast


by Penzance Community Fire Station, as Tamsin Melville reports.


For these London firefighters, a bit of light relief is very welcome.


They're from North Kensington blue watch, and were involved in tackling


No one wants to see that, a disaster of that scale.


But we were down there to do a job and I think we did what we could.


This week, Cornish colleagues are keen to show solidarity


and are treating them to break full of sand, surf and even a bit of sun.


We offered to raise money within the community,


so did that by a charity ladder climb, a Just Giving page,


and help from the local community all round,


really, that have been very kind to donate stuff.


It's just enabled us, and for them to enjoy Cornwall


and sort of open up and be able to chat and feel rewarded


Things like this prove that the human support is amazing, it is.


It's, you know, the support and love that we've felt


Penzance firefighters aren't the only ones


Last week, another community effort - Cornwall Hugs Grenfell -


saw a group, including survivors of the blaze, enjoy


There are plans for both to repeat the invitations.


The former Sutton United goalkeeper Wayne Shaw has been fined almost


?400 and banned for two months for breaching FA betting rules.


He was seen eating a pie during February's FA


Cup loss to Arsenal, after a bookmaker had offered odds


of 8/1 that he would eat a pie on camera.


It was alleged he intentionally influenced a football


Time for the weather - Elizabeth Rizzini is here.


I hear it's not looking good over the next few days?


No, unsettled for the rest of the week and it will feel a lot more


autumnal than today. A lovely start to this morning, very promising


indeed, as you can see from this weather watcher's picture. Some


sunshine coming through the trees. The sunshine has largely disappeared


because we have this band of cloud working its way in from the west and


we have even seen some showers. I think much of the rest of this


afternoon is likely to be dry, maybe even some brighter spells at times.


The westerly breeze will pick up by the end of the day. Temperature is


nothing special, 19 or maybe 20 Celsius in central London. Showers


never too far away. Particularly through this evening and overnight,


a band of showers pushing their way down from the north-west. It is a


cold front, but we won't be into the cold air until Saturday. Still a


mild night, 14-15 to start tomorrow. As you can see, it will be quite wet


tomorrow morning. Wet for your journey into work, particularly in


southern areas of the capital, where we expect the heaviest of the brain.


No matter where you are across the London area, some outbreaks of rain


on and off through the course of the day. Most likely for Northern areas


in the afternoon, the heavier burst or even a thunderstorm. Quite windy


and temperatures largely academic, 17-18. That is not the end of the


bad weather. On Saturday we are also expecting some heavy showers to


develop. There will also be some sunny spells around as well.


Probably a dry and bright start to the day on Sunday, but as we head


into the afternoon and evening it will turn wet and windy from the


West, a blustery will turn wet and windy from the


West, a blustery start from next week. Umbrellas at the ready! Thank


you. That is all from us. We will be back at 6:30pm. And on our website


you can get much more. Bye-bye for


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