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I am Alex Bushill. so it's goodbye from me.


A 16-year-old has been sentenced to three years in jail.


The court heard he threw a single "superman" punch


which knocked 40-year-old Arek Jozwitz to the ground


The victim's family are said to be disappointed with the sentence.


Alex Dunlop sent this report from outside Chelmsford Crown Court.


The 16-year-old stood impassively in the dock as the judge told him


that whatever sentence she handed down could not make up


for the massive loss the family of Arek Jozwitz had suffered.


When she sentenced the boy to three years in detention for manslaughter,


his family shouted and cried out to him, he gave them a short wave


Arek Jozwitz, who was 40, was a factory worker.


He went to a shopping centre in Harlow late one Saturday


night in August last year with a Polish friend.


They were eating at a pizza in the precinct when they became


embroiled in an argument with a group of teenager boys.


A 15-year-old went up behind him and delivered what the court heard


was a superman punch to the back of his head.


He fell over, never regained consciousness


Now this happened two months after the vote on Brexit


and was seen at the time as a possible race-hate crime.


Hundreds of Polish people in Harlow came out and held vigils.


The Polish ambassador visited the town, followed a few days


The issue was even raised in the European Parliament


However, the evidence did not support that


assertion and the teenager was convicted of manslaughter.


Arek Jozwitz's mother and brother left the court without commenting


but she did say that this was such a cruel death of my child,


A man has been sentenced to 14 years in jail for killing a celebrity


27-year-old Ricky Hayden was set on outside his home after seeing


two youths he thought were about to steal a scooter.


He was attacked with a machete by 20-year-old Tommy Roome,


who was cleared of murder but convicted of manslaughter.


Mr Hayden's family clapped as the sentence was handed down.


It is a national first - driverless buses on the streets of London.


And for the next fortnight, Londoners will be able


to take a ride around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Using sensors, cameras, and GPS mapping - they are powered


Our transport correspondent, Tom Edwards reports.


This is an autonomous bus driven by computer, on trial on a 12-minute


loop around the Olympic Park. Travelling at twomph, there is a


staff member on board. We found two students to join us. I think they're


fantastic. You can see now we are moving incredibly smoothly. At a


decent pace, it's very safe. The technology is there, it's brilliant.


You think computers are better drivers generally than human beings?


From this ten-minute trip, probably, I would say. London is seeing a


number of trials of driverless vehicles. This is the one in


Greenwich. The Government is trying to make it easier to attract


investment in autonomous vehicles. It's all part of a revolution that's


going to change the lives of people across the world. We are going to


see vehicles that can provide better transport options for people with


disabilities, provide better public transport links at odd times of the


day when a vehicle like this can fill a link that wouldn't otherwise


be there. We are on the brink and starting a transport revolution.


How safe is this technology? It uses cameras and lasers to scan the road,


but what if someone walks in front of it? As you can see, it stops.


Some think autonomous vehicles will reduce insurance and congestion.


Others fear it will mean fewer jobs for drivers. These have already been


tested in other cities. Is it safe? Of course it is, it needs to be


developed over time and that's why trials like this are really


important. We will be trialing this alongside pedestrians in a busy


environment. We have had other smaller-scale trials and we are


using that data to constantly improve. These are still early days


in this emerging industry. This bus, which is free to catch, will be


running until the end of the month. Now that's a brave correspondent for


you! It's launched a campaign to crack


down on incidents like this one in basil done. One of the 17,000


clearups recorded by the council last year.


For the first time, Transport for London has been able to track


the movements of people using the tube -


by collecting their wi-fi data. The anonymous data was harnessed


during a four-week trial at the end of last year.


TfL says that no personal information was collected,


and hopes that it will help provide better information


An all-female pro-wrestling outfit in East London says it's seen


Promoters say it's after it was the theme


Mohamed Madi has been to Bethnal Green to spend time


with some real-life wrestlers, to hear their stories behind


You are the wrestler that the fans have come to see.


It's a feminist punk all-female pro-wrestling promotion.


The first response would always be mud, oil, jelly and that really sums


up what those misconceptions were and after Netflix made


the series Glow it made them stop and maybe listen to us for a moment.


For me, wrestlers are like superheroes.


They're like Ironman and Wonder Woman.


They're there to watch you perform and let you entertain them.


I wrestle for pro-wrestling as a heel.


A heel is someone that the fans love to hate.


You surrender yourself to the devil on your shoulder.


Going out there as a heel, it's just as satisfying to hear


people chanting horrible stuff at you and booing you.


It's like a buzz that you can't describe.


And it means that you can pick up on things that you might not


say to people normally because they're too personal.


Fight like a girl is a strength, fight like a girl isn't weak.


It's something that what you're fighting through to prove


against everyone that women can wrestle as good as men,


to fighting against anxiety, depression, eating


fighting like a girl is fighting through that and succeeding.


People who wrestle are such amazing individuals because everyone's


got their own quirks, you have big characters.


But at the same time everyone's humble enough to not take


At the end of the day, we put spandex on and fight each


other at weekends, so we can't take ourselves too seriously.


Looks like to me they're taking them receives seriously, fabulous stuff.


Let's check with the weekend weather.


It looks like someone switched on the autumn nal switch. Today we have


seen rain, a lot of cloud and some of that cloud fairly thick. It's


just been a rather grey day all in all. We will continue this afternoon


with further heavy showers. Heavy outbreaks of rain, all in all,


it's a wet end to the week. A strengthening breeze pushing those


showers, don't be too surprised if you hear thunder mixed in there, as


well. The maximum temperature today struggles a little, 17 so feeling


cool. The showers this evening will gradually start to become fewer and


further between. They'll clear out of the way. The wind will fall light


and the sky will clear. Temperatures on the whole dropping down to ten,


11 in towns. Towards the countryside, perhaps cooler. Looks


like a promising start to the weekend for Saturday. Short-lived I


am afraid. Sunshine and brightness first thing in the morning but


gradually through tomorrow afternoon that wind again will start to


strengthen, blowing through some quite heavy showers for Saturday


afternoon. Again don't be surprised if you hear thunder. The maximum


temperature up to around 19. Sunday, it's a similar start, dry


and bright but then heavy showers in the afternoon and it's going to be


blustery as well. In short, the weather for the next few days is


turning autumnal. That's it from me. Much more on all


our stories on our website at the usual address. Bye, have a great


weekend. Experience the power


of the BBC Proms. Get in the party spirit


and join us for the Last Night. I want a divorce. Talk to my lawyer.


I'm keeping the CDs. In your dreams. I think I love you. I love you too.


Let's move in together.


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