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As of around 20 minutes ago, a strike on the London


It means a severely reduced service, station closures and a massive


headache for commuters, particularly during


The walk-out is over jobs and ticket office closures.


With the strike just beginning, let's get the latest


from Emilia Papadopolous. Emilia.


I can tell you that already here at Euston Station, things are much


busier than they normally are on a Sunday with a lot of traffic here,


people coming out from the trains and not being able to get onto the


Tube because of course, this station is going to be closed tomorrow, as


will be Waterloo, King's Cross and a lot of busy stations where people


come to London and go on to take the Tube so we expect a lot of chaos


tomorrow so if travelling, expected to be a lot busier than normal.


Just over 20 minutes ago, this happened.


The doors to almost all central London tube stations


were closed, marking the start of a 24-hour strike.


Both commuters and the Mayor of London had been hoping


it wouldn't come to this, but this morning, unions confirmed they'd


rejected a last-minute offer from Transport for London


While many don't know how or if they'll be able to get to work


tomorrow, what is certain is more chaos and disruption.


Businesses, like this one in Soho, are also worried.


Sundays are normally a fairly quiet day for us anyway.


However, obviously we rely on a lot of walk-ins that I don't believe


Lots of people come in to us after half past


Considering the strike is starting this evening,


I don't think we're going to see any of that any more.


In north London tonight, thousands of football fans


at Tottenham Stadium know that getting home will be tough.


I have to stay at my parent's house and


then they're going to drive me to work.


Uber, black cab, overground, have a walk,


We live in south-west London, so we're just going to go as far


south as we can on a bus, we might walk a bit.


Kind of hoping eventually we get somewhere


we can get another bus and then kind of walk home.


During the strikes, TFL will put on 200 extra buses in


central London, but do expect long queues.


Although it'll be busy, hundreds of extra bikes will be available


at special pop-up hubs at Waterloo, King's Cross and here at Soho Square


There will also be extra staff around to


help people drop off bikes when the docking stations are full.


There are other ways to get into the capital tomorrow, but none


And we certainly won't be seeing many of these.


And in a bit more detail, what disruption can millions


The bad news for commuters is a lot of this disruption that we have been


expecting has already started. When the Tube closed 20 minutes ago. We


can see this year. Tomorrow, all Tube stations in zone one will be


shot, every single Tube station in central London. Also, the Victoria,


Waterloo City lines will not be running. So do make alternative


plans if you take those. There will be a severely reduced service on all


their minds, especially in Outer London.


And even though the strike has officially begun,


I hear the Mayor is still holding out for a breakthrough


Yes, Sadiq Khan called for a last-ditch talks to avert this


action and although the unions rejected the latest offer from


Transport for London, the Mayor has Transport for London, the Mayor has


instructed them to not give up and to continue negotiating with them


and he says that his side will be available around the clock because


he really wants to resolve this dispute and I would imagine that


computers all over London, anyone travelling, will hope that he can


pull this off. Thank you. Well, there's a full Tube strike


guide for you on our website, summarising everything


you need to know. You can access our Twitter travel


page @BBCTravelAlert, our radio travel bulletins


on BBC Radio London and our travel updates from 6.30am tomorrow morning


on BBC One and the News Channel. Hopefully it'll make your journey


a little less stressful. Now let's get the weather


forecast from Elizabeth. It was grey and mild again today


and there won't be very many We'll start the day tomorrow


on a mild note at around seven Celsius and murky conditions,


poor visibility through the morning rush hour and then it will turn wet


and windy through the afternoon. This rain could go on until


we get to the evening. Top temperatures tomorrow,


ten or 11 Celsius. It is still mild tomorrow but it


will gradually get very cold as we head through the rest


of the week and it I'll be back at 10.50pm


with our next update with any


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