21/01/2017 London News


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So tens of thousands of women - and a number of men including


the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan - have taken part in an anti-Trump


It was to specifically express fears over women's rights being eroded


And also among the marchers, were relatives of one


of the original suffragettes - who campaigned for women's votes


Protesters gathered at the American Embassy


in Grosvenpor Square with a single message about defending


For Cathy Marsh from Essex there was a real fear that


sacrifices made by her family in the suffragette movement could be


I wanted to come here in memory of my great aunt who stood shoulder


to shoulder with her dear Mrs Pankhurst.


I wanted to come here to show my son, my young son,


that it is important to stand up for what you believe


in and I came here for myself, because there is nothing


so empowering as been surrounded by thousands of others


At the beginning of the 20th century, marches by women


through the streets of London were commonplace in


Cathy's mum says she has experienced that kind


When I was a young woman, there was a lot of discrimination


still against women, it was difficult to get a job


People asked about childcare, you could not get a mortgage


without the signature of a man and all the rest.


I feel like people like Trump want that the clock turned back.


The march to Trafalgar was peaceful and friendly.


Women of all ages were there and men, too.


We wanted to support the women who came here.


Trump made so many appalling comments about so many minority


groups, the disabled, LGBT, we wanted to come


On the first full day of Donald Trump's Presidency,


no one knows whether his policy will affect women's rights,


but these protesters wanted to make their views known


from the start, a message from the streets of the capital


Police officers were punched and had cigarettes poked in their faces -


as they tried to stop an 'illegal' rave in south-east


London last night. They were called to Deptford High


Street after people were spotted entering a disused bank.


Five officers were injured, with some taken to not


A couple from Surrey, have met the call handler -


who just a few weeks ago talked them through delivering their baby -


They couldn't get to the hospital in time, so Simon Williams -


who was answering the phone for the emergency services


hundreds of miles away - found himself having to tell


Hello. He has come with a present but Simon has already helped this


family from Surrey deliver the greatest gift of all over the phone.


He said that the baby was coming. That was it. You think that. The


baby was coming out. You are through to the NHS 111 service. When Simon


picked up the call in Newcastle he quickly realised things were not


quite right. The question he answered yes to which hurried things


up, it was that the waters were stained, it means the baby was


stressed. Simon said an ambulance and a taxi was called. The car


arrived first and were more signs that their baby would not wait. He


was standing there and saying, are you guys coming with us? What was on


your dress? There was blood and everything on my shirt, because the


baby came with the pressure, the blood was all around. I told the


taxi to go now. In the end, the baby was born under the stairs of the


family home. She is alive and she is healthy. That is your hard work.


Daniel Henry, BBC London News. Congratulations to the family and


credit to Simon as well. The weather, and after a sunny


but cold day, there'll be more widespread frost tonight -


with some possible fog patches. Tomorrow, London will be


glistening, but chilly. There's more on our Facebook,


Twitter and website. Good evening. It does not get


warmer. If you check the UK as a whole, it has been one of the


coldest days so far. The hard frost to come in areas where it stays


clear, parts of East Anglia, the south-east, fog across Scotland, at


West, a change, showers and parts of Wales and England, some snow on high


ground as well. Meanwhile, down under through the early hours, Andy


Murray will be getting ready for his next match in the Australian


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