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People have brought their families up here, people have got memories


for stop it is not just a house, it is a home, it is where you have got


memories. You have got old people who want to actually come you know,


die where they feel safe. You have got young people who feel safe here.


But that is not the concern of the council, it is just pure profit.


Residents are concerned that the changes that will be made will mean


that property prices go up for people who have lived there for 30


odd years will now on the vehicle to afford to live there. Can you give


them any guarantees that is not the case? We have been very clear with


residents that affordable housing would be re-provided. People would


be given a new home in the same area or be given a new home at the same


rent. The government says they welcome this type of approach, with


a slight reservation. It makes great sense to try and bring in private


money, you get more done. The problem here, it seems to me, is


making sure that you take the local residents that live there with you.


I have no idea what's going to happen. Where I might have to go. If


I'll be able to afford it. I am very, very scared, very scared.


Sam Leggatt speaking to Dan Freedman.


Southern Rail says it hopes to run more than 70%


of services tomorrow, despite a strike by conductors


The 24-hour stoppage is about whether conductors


Three further strikes by the Aslef Union this week,


A charity, based in east London, believe health officials aren't


doing enough to encourage women to have smear tests.


'Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust' says over the past five years -


there's been a small but significant drop in the number of


A smear of lipstick to encourage women to get their smear test. These


selfies are part of the campaign highlighting the importance of


cervical screening in preventing screening. The tests are offered to


women aged 25 to 64, but the numbers attending have been falling. There


are a lot of people that perhaps don't know my history... Roars from


Guildford knows more than most how important early detection can be. I


had been going for my smears as I should have been, and luckily for me


an abnormality was picked up, and that turned out to be cervical


cancer. So I think it is so important for other women to go when


they are called up, or just to keep an eye on when your smear test is


June and to make an apartment and go. I was very lucky. If that had


not been picked up than I might not be here today. Results from the


latest survey by the charity Jo's cervical cancer charity trust,


suggests half of women aged 25 to 39 have put off getting a smear test.


More than a quarter said they were too embarrassed, a similar number


said they were worried about pain, and almost one in ten said they had


never had a test. At the moment in England for example, the numbers of


women attending is that a 19 year low. It is dropping across the UK,


that is hugely concerning because if it carries on with the more women


diagnosed, sadly see more women passing away and we just want that


to happen. NHS England says it is particularly worried about the foil


in young women getting smears in the last few years because that has been


linked with a rise in the number of women under 35 getting cervical


cancer. It says it's working on projects to encourage more women to


take the test, that could prove to be life-saving. After a cold but


sunny day, let's get the forecast now from Elizabeth. Some of our rule


spots early on this morning got down to a very chilly -7, minus eight


Celsius. Overnight tonight there will be another widespread sharp


frost forming, along with some fog. A Met Office with a warning out for


this fog tomorrow, it could be very slow to lift and quite dense and


widespread too, maybe leading to some travel problems on the road. If


you're flying someone tomorrow morning you might want to check


before you travel too. You can do all of that by joining in to BBC


London tomorrow morning. It will slowly lift and clear, things should


brighten up, and in the top the bridges between three and five


Celsius. There might be more fog problems around on Tuesday morning


but it should stay dry for the rest of the week. It will still feel


rather cold. That is it for now, more on the website but I will be


back with the next news at 10:20pm on BBC One. Whatever you are doing,


have a very good evening. of freezing fog. Already warnings in


place from the Met office. I will concentrate on the fog as we go


through the night. It will become quite dense late on in the night.


When you have cloud cover you so much fog and that emojis .4 solo but


as you saw last night potentially we could see values are a lot lower


than this where the skies remain clear. Tomorrow morning could be a


bit of a pea soup. Including the London


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