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A woman from west Hampstead, who's serving a prison sentence


in Iran, has had her appeal against a five-year sentence rejected.


Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe - was working for a charity


based in Canary Wharf - belonging to a mass-media company.


She was arrested with her baby in Tehran in April


on allegations of "security offences".


Her husband, Richard - who the Iranians accuse


of being a spy - spoke to our Correspondent Nick Higham,


about how he felt on hearing today's decision.


There was a sinking feeling when today, the bad news came.


Have you managed to talk to her and if so, what was her reaction?


Certainly her mum and dad are devastated.


What about the suggestion that she worked for BBC Farsi.


The BBC's Persian television service which she is supposed to have


So before she worked for Thompson Reuters Foundation,


way back when she first finished uni, she worked for a year for BBC


Media Action, the BBC charity, they did a training project


She would have been the admin assistant on that, so booking


tickets and chasing kids to do their homework


That's obviously bigged up hugely, so that now she is the head


Given that in this most recent court hearing,


the fact of your campaign and the coverage it's generated


was adduced of evidence of her, or implied evidence of her guilt,


I think, if I'm honest, it's what she would have wanted.


I think it's obviously nonsense the idea because someone


is protesting their innocence, they must be guilty.


Now it feels like, gosh, there is a whole new phase


and I need to find some new energy and a new strategy to go forward


A charity based in east London, believes health officials aren't


doing enough to encourage women to have smear tests.


Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust says over the past five years -


there's been a small but significant drop in the number of


A smear of lipstick to encourage women to get their smear test.


These selfies are part of the campaign highlighting


the importance of cervical screening in preventing screening


The tests are offered to women aged 25 to 64,


but the numbers attending have been falling.


There are a lot of people that perhaps don't know my history...


Ros from Guildford knows more than most how important


I had been going for my smears as I should have been,


and luckily for me an abnormality was picked up and that turned out


So, I think it's so important for other women to go


when they are called up, or just to keep an eye


I was very lucky. and to make an apartment and go.


If that had not been picked up than I might not be here today.


Results from the latest survey by the charity Jo's Cervical


Cancer Trust, suggests half of women aged 25 to 39


More than a quarter said they were too embarrassed.


A similar number said they were worried about pain,


and almost one in ten said they had never had a test.


At the moment in England for example, the numbers of women


It is dropping across the UK, that is hugely concerning


because if it carries on with the more women diagnosed,


and sadly see more women passing away and we just


NHS England says it is particularly worried about the fall in young


women getting smears in the last few years because that has been linked


with a rise in the number of women under 35 getting cervical cancer.


It says it's working on projects to encourage more


women to take the test, that could prove to be life-saving.


Now the weather forecast from Elizabeth.


Good evening. Another widespread sharp frost forming overnight, along


with breezing fog. We have at Met Office weather


warning out. It could be dense, widespread and slow to lift and


clear tomorrow morning. Poor visibility on many roads may lead to


travel problems T should slowly brighten up into the afternoon. Top


temperatures only between 3 and 5. There maybe more problems with fog


on Tuesday morning, staying dry and chilly for the rest of the week.


Let me remind you there's a Southern Rail strike - tomorrow only.


The company hopes 70% of trains will run.


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Good evening. If you are dreading the trudge back to work in the


morning I'm not going to help matters. There is the prospect of


nasty, freezing fog over the next couple of days. Quite localised but


tricky out there on the roads. Disruption possible. Check out your


BBC local radio station, go online for the latest updates where you


are. The fog thickening up as I subpoenaing, particularly across


southern parts of the UK. There are warnings in force with some patches


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