18/03/2017 London News

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The latest news, sport and weather from London.

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Hundreds of people have marched through Chelsea to campaign


against the closure of children's heart services at the


It's one of the leading centres in the country,


but NHS England says it doesn't conform to new rules.


Liam, here on the right, is eight years old.


His family say that without the Royal Brompton Hospital


Liam's heart condition means he's treated every six months.


When he needs to go for surgery, I can wholeheartedly hand him over,


If that goes, I've got to try and trust somebody else and I just


It's not just campaigners here, doctors, nurses and local


NHS England says the hospital doesn't conform to new rules.


Those here say the new rules don't make sense.


I think the effect on the Royal Brompton's other


And I think NHS England need to go away and rethink their plans.


The march has been organised by Trudy Nichols.


Anyone who has got a sick child, any parent, I think,


you know you'll do anything for your child.


Anything to fight for your child, really.


I personally feel I will do anything to fight for this hospital,


It's not just about a hospital, it's a whole way of life, a community.


Campaigners here think NHS England has already made its mind up


about these closures, but it says there is a consultation


period open now and it's listening to everyone's opinions.


That consultation period runs until the 8th of June.


In Victorian times, Amelia Dyer is believed to have


Now, a family in Reading has made a discovery in their attic,


Peter Cooke has been finding out what it is.


A clearout of a family loft led Richard Anderson


Came across here, and uncovered this bag.


Inside, materials used by Victorian serial killer Amelia Dyer.


Materials which help Richard's relative arrest her.


When I found out that my great, great grandfather was the detective


that arrested Amelia Dyer, we put two and two together


and realised what a sort of grisly thing we had up in the loft.


If you open this up quite gently, because it's very fragile...


He's donated it to Thames Valley Police's Museum.


This here, very macabre, I'm afraid, but this here is the white edging


tape used to actually strangle Helena Fry.


Helena Fry just one of hundreds of victims.


A lack of support for single mothers led to the creation


of baby forming businesses, people acting as fostering agents


There was a trade going on with set rates, they paid a weekly fee,


the child would more than likely survive,


premium, it was pretty much like signing a death sentence.


Amelia Dyer was a mother who became known as a monster.


She was hanged for her baby farming murders in 1896.


A giant "super freezer" is being used by Fulham Football Club


It's called a cryotherapy unit, where players spend two-minutes


standing in temperatures of minus 120 degrees.


This is mainstream practice in Poland for rheumatoid arthritis,


any inflammatory pathology, multiple sclerosis we've seen.


There's no reason, with the reported feedback about sleep,


why this couldn't be used for people with insomnia.


A toddler from Essex, who has Down's syndrome,


has been chosen to be one of the new faces of the high


Lily Beddall from Harlow was approached by a modelling


agency, and her mother says she's very proud because "beauty


comes in all shapes, sizes and abilities".


I just want her to have every possibility in life and never let


There's no limits for our little girl.


We'll make sure she has every opportunity and does everything


Any showers should pass tomorrow morning, leaving a dry afternoon.


Hello, the mild areas going to be with us into next week. Things set


to be cooler with a return to overnight frost for some. This


evening and overnight will be mild across the board, a messy picture,


looks like Scotland Northern Ireland and northern England seeing the fair


share of the rain, some quite heavy at times. A blustery night. Look at


the temperatures, 9-11 C. Tomorrow, mild and windy very windy across


England and Wales and there will be rain in the forecast. It starts off


quite wet Sunday morning across Northern Ireland, much of Scotland,


that band of rain sinking south and east into northern England, North


and West Wales, as we head into the afternoon. Behind it, cooler and


brighter with